Non-Sport Card Discussion

Comment below and treat this like a forum.

Leave your thoughts, opinions (clean of language please), and questions here for the sport chosen.

Things like, How do you feel about the company(ies) providing the cards for the sport? How's your PC going? Who do you collect? Missing cards (white whales)? What needs to be improved or what brand are you missing in the hobby? Etc, Etc, Etc.

The point is to have fun with it and have others hit the REPLY button to join in on the convo!

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  1. My biggest issue with the companies at this point is their license exclusivity. I love Donruss and would like to see them have licensed product in baseball. And even with my love for Donruss, I think Topps needs to be in football too. Panini is churning out waaay to many products for football. As for PC, I'm a Ron Gant collector. Recently received several of the lesser known cards from Steve Cornell, which was a huge help!