Ken Griffey Jr Wantlist

I finally on December 10th 2016 have acquired the entire Ken Griffey Jr checklist so I will have the most complete checklist after collecting Jr for 23 years.

It will take me a bit to highlight what I have and what I need. I will occasionally put a few cards on here of ones I want the most right here, maybe a Top 10 list, but if you are looking at cards I need and they are not on the Top 10 list, it's best to ask by commenting or emailing so I can check my master list.

I usually only trade with those I know and will not ship outside the U.S. due to shipping costs.

Top Griffey Jr Wants Right Now
1995 Select Certified Gold Team
1995 Pinnacle Zenith Z-Team
1996 Pinnacle Zenith Z-Team Sample And Regular
1996 Zenith Diamond Club
1996 Zenith Diamond Club w/diamond
1997 Pinnacle Zenith Z-Team
1998 Pinnacle Zenith Z-Team
1997 Pinnacle Dress For Success
1997 Pinnacle X-Press Metal Works
1997 Spx Bound For Glory
1997 Totally Certified (any)
1997 Flair Showcase Row 0
1998 Epix Orange (all and any other color)
1998 Pacific Revolution Foul Pole
1998 Team Pinnacle
1998 Topps Gallery Of Heroes
1999 Topps Gallery Of Heroes
2000 Topps Gallery Of Heroes
1999 Pacific Revolution Foul Pole
2000 Pacific Revolution Foul Pole
2001 Upper Deck Sluggers Choice
2001 Upper Deck Leather Bound


  1. I have the 1996 Z Team 661-865-3054 my name is Shawn

  2. I may have a bunch of those on your list, just give me a call when you can 661-865-3054