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  1. Hi there, I'm @OldTimeHockey29 on the Twitter if anyone wants to @ me :D

    I've been collecting hockey cards off & on since 1974, seriously since 2011. Currently the hobby is being served by two companies, Upper Deck & ITG/Leaf. Of the two, only Upper Deck is licensed by the NHL/NHLPA, they're the only company with access to all of the current players, logos, etc, meaning ITG, who mainly produces cards of vintage players, has to go with head-shots or airbrushed body-shots or even worse, jersey-backs.

    Upper Deck on the other hand, has no clue that the NHL even existed before the 1960's, and even then they seem to think that the only players who ever played from that era were Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr, Gordie Howe and more recently, Doug Harvey. Most of their attention is geared towards the rookies - Connor McDavid, Patrick Laine, Auston Matthews - which leaves me cold.

    My PC is going pretty well. I've stopped buying for the most part and am busy scanning and entering my cards into an inventory, I'm up to 9,286 so far. My main PC player is Ryan Kesler, I have 1,123 of 1600+ cards.and am chipping away at the rest, even tho he's a Duck now boooooo! There's a bunch of 1/1's that I'm missing but the whole 1/1 thing is no longer what it once was, including plates I have 100+........

    For me personally, I'd like to see Upper Deck pay some more attention to the old-timey players. Guys like George Hainsworth & Toe Blake & Elmer Lach are all but forgotten names in the hobby, while Topps & Panini are celebrating the likes of Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig & Hank Aaron......

    Ok, that's it :)

  2. I don't collect hockey as much as I used to. I don't like the Upper Deck monopoly.

  3. can anyone tell me how to trade upper deck ecards