Trade Bait

Here are cards I have available for trade up to this point. I will keep adding as I go along.
  1. You must be someone I have traded with before 
  2. Or someone that comes backed by someone who I have traded with before in order to initiate a trade. Sorry but I don't normally take on newbies as so many have been ripped off
  3. You must also have a U.S. address for shipping. Sorry, but I can't afford to ship elsewhere.
Here is what I would be looking for in return in no order though some preferences are higher than others,

***my highest preference is set help for Ghostbusters and Psych autographs***
  • Celebrity Autographs
  • Celebrity Relics/Wardrobes
  • Ghostbuster Autograph set help
  • Rodney Hampton Needs
  • Psych Autograph set help
  • Psych Insert Set Help
  • Ghostbusters Slime Cards
  • Ghostbusters Patch Cards
  • NY Giants cards (Vintage, 90's Inserts, Numbered inserts, autograph or relic cards or printing plates)
  • Want list Items (toys too!!!)
  • Sets From My Childhood help
Some cards I know are worth more than others in my selection. I hope to get the same value in return. For the cards worth a tad bit more I would kinda prefer Psych or Ghostbuster autograph help for those.

If you have a way to help with my wants and the below cards interest you, just comment which ones interest you and then email me at to initiate a trade. Once we agree, I will put your name under the card and it will be "claimed"

Some things to keep in mind when trading with me or before start trading with me.
  • It may take awhile for me to ship depending on when you inquire and when I have money to ship. So you have to be patient but know I will ship it out when I get the chance to. This time frame could range from immediately to three weeks
  • I also do and accept PWE trades as well for single card or multiple cards. This is the fastest way you will get your cards.


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