Basketball Card Discussion

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Leave your thoughts, opinions (clean of language please), and questions here for the sport chosen.

Things like, How do you feel about the company(ies) providing the cards for the sport? How's your PC going? Who do you collect? Missing cards (white whales)? What needs to be improved or what brand are you missing in the hobby? Etc, Etc, Etc.

The point is to have fun with it and have others hit the REPLY button to join in on the convo!


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  2. I collect former Providence Friar and Boston Celtic Ryan Gomes. He retired this off season after playing in the D-League last year. As far as I know, I have the most comprehensive collection in the world. I almost exclusively need 1 of 1s and short printed cards. I have only been able to amass the collection because he is an obscure player so his stuff is usually affordable. He hasn't had any cards produced for a few years so his stuff doesn't really show up for sale very often.
    Since I started collecting him, I have pretty much stuck to buying singles. Since Panini took over I have not even bought a pack of anything new. I'm not anti-Panini per se, but I miss Topps and UD. I've sort of grown out of touch with the newest products. As I have gotten older and my card budget has shrunk, my card goals have changed. This has made me sway towards stuff that's a little older as a lot of today's stuff is expensive (to me). I get (somewhat) the attraction to high end stuff like Exquisite and NT but its not really for me. I used to learn team rosters down to the 12th man through buying cards but today's card checklists seem almost entirely made up of All-stars, rookies, retired stars and hall of famers.