Saturday, February 24, 2018

Face 2 Face

Football has always been my passion. I grew up collecting it, watching it, been to a couple of games of it

and even played it for five years split between high school and Pop Warner.

Football has brought both joyful moments for me like when I got my first NY Giants jersey from my best friend,

And has also brought me some bad memories like my senior year in high school when I tore my right ACL in the fourth game of the season. It's a moment I will never forget.

When it comes to football cards, that brings me joy even if the card features a saddening moment.

Today's acquisition is just that.

When I saw this card featuring facemask swatches, I knew I had to have it. I was a huge fan of Kerry Collins-especially his time for the Giants-for his entire career and Ray Lewis is a Hall Of Famer. So I made a $2 offer and the seller gladly accepted and I snatched this up around Christmas time. That was a pretty good deal knowing the rest of these were listing for much more than that. There are other Giants in the set I will need at some point.

After purchasing the card, I started to think more about it and those deep down hurt emotions from Super Bowl 35 started to surface. The game where Ray Lewis and that vaunted Baltimore defense trampled my Giants to a 5 turnover, 152 total yard, 34-7 thrashing.

Kerry Collins to Ray Lewis was a big connection in the game. Lewis knocked down many passes from Collins and caused disruption throughtout. I was starting to think they were teammates and had to close my eyes every time Kerry went to throw.

I quickly started thinking positive about the past two Super Bowl visits and pushed those deep sad emotions from Super Bowl 35 game back down and started to enjoy the card again as a card.

Another cool thing about this card was the back and seeing the helmets they got the swatches from,

I miss the days of seeing the actual memorabilia. I think a lot more of this in today's collecting would help collectors feel better about the relics they pull in packs and lead to less questioning if they are authentic.

It's sometimes funny how a card can bring back some good and bad memories just by seeing the players or the actual photo scene on a card. What's one of your greatest or saddest moments that cardboard has brought back to life for you?

Friday, February 23, 2018

Guess The Autograph #2

Before I announce the latest Guess The Autograph, let's reveal the last one I posted....

Yup. Jermaine Gresham. One of you at least had it right and some knew it was Bengals.

Now onto the next which I hope gets a better turnout than the first.

Guess the autograph is as easy as it goes. I will throw up an autograph "swatch" and you guys have to simply guess whose autograph it is. There are no prizes involved, it's just for fun to test your autograph knowledge and give you bragging rights.

The autographs will spread across multiple sports and non sports so it should be fun to see the challenge it presents and see how many of you can correctly guess it. If you really want to take it a step further, try guessing the brand of card as well.

I will reveal the "answer card" and the autograph in the next post of this series.

So here is the next autograph to this series,

Can you guess it? Good luck. Unless you have been to the rockies, you may not know this name.
Let me know in comments!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Past, The Present, And The Future!

The final part of my trade mail day with @90sNicheFBCard is simply a hits gallery with many different Giants from The Past, The Present and The Future!

So let's get this party started!

Paul Perkins didn't seem to live up to the hype last year as Darkwa and Gallman seemed to provide the Giants more on the ground than Perkins could even provide. He actually ended up fourth on the depth chart at one point and played special teams. Jerrel I don't think the Giants gave enough time to. He could have done so much more and showed spots of big time talent when he got out there.

Odighizuwa had off the field issues and was gone. Which is sad because he had an upside. Of course, no bigger upside than Odell Beckham Jr. If he comes back completely healthy next year, I think defenses better watch out. He will want revenge.

Another Perkins. I do like the design and the swatches on this one. His auto could use some work.

The star of the defense. Landon Collins was the only Giants Pro Bowler in 2017 and is continuing to impress me. I am so glad that the Giants moved up and snagged him. He will continue to have a bright future down the road.

Speaking of Pro Bowlers, this guy was certainly a snub. I don't worry too much about this yet, he will definitely prove them wrong next year. Just gotta work on his hands a little more as he had a few key drops in 2017 but also made some incredible plays.

Davis Webb. Why, oh why won't the Giants give you a shot. I loaded up on his autographs in preparation that he was the next QB for them. So far, it's sounding like a 2nd overall pick of a QB which means Webb could drop to third on depth or be cut. This could be some serious untapped talent waiting. Either way, I now own this beaut.

Another Odell memorabilia card. I still don't have much for him in terms of memorabilia cards.

Absolutely love this card. Nice swatch and Shockey was the man.

Michael Cox, well, was a Giant too long. I would guess they didn't like his signature.

Janoris had a rough 2017. He was exposed a few times and even looked to had given up on plays especially in the game vs the 49ers. I still think that all stemmed from Coach Mcapoop. I think we see the real Janoris shutdown corner Jenkins in 2018.

Only my second memorabilia card of the great LT. This one is a VS with Jim Kelly who was a great QB who simply couldn't win the big game. I think a Joe Theismann vs LT dual relic card would have been quite interesting one for those of us who remember that game.

I know this isn't a hit, but it's not an easy Rodney Hampton card to have and I am glad to have it off from the checklist. It's the oldest Rodney Hampton card out there. Now I just need to locate the 1989 Police card and I will have most of the early stuff he has.
And speaking of tough Rodney cards, I spotted this co-signer auto I needed on eBay and Bryan was great enough to snag it for me. I am currently only missing one more in my search of Rodney.

This co-signer is with the great Herschel Walker who once played a short time for the Giants.

And if all of that wasn't enough, he also sent along some custom made card standees. I will have to take some pictures for another day with them in use. But I will say he did one great job.
A big thanks goes out to @90sNicheFBCard for yet another epic trade. I look forward to our next trade.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Shepard Tends The Black Gold

Onto Part 2 of my trade mail day from @90sNicheFBCard.

Today's is a lot of Sterling Shepard and some beautiful Black Gold cards.

Sterling put up his best numbers yet for the Giants in 2017 stepping in as the teams leading Wide Out. I believe the best numbers went to Evan Engram but that's because Sterling was hurt for a few weeks.

The Giants are expecting a lot more from Shepard in his third season which is coming up in 2018. And boy do I hope so after adding more and more of his cards in 2017.

Monumental Memorabilia is one big swatch. Really awesome.
One sick cool trippy Draft Picks autograph

Not sure why they considered him a Modern Day Hero after his first year, but I like the full color photo used on this memorabilia card.

Now onto some really nice Black Gold adds. Mainly Sterling Shepard.

The combo of Giants blue against the Black Gold design and gold signature makes the Sizeable Signature card like look like no other. So, so happy to add that one.

A couple of cards with multiple memorabilia pieces. The Rookie Tetrad even has Michael Thomas who had a big year for the Saints. The Gold Prospecting has a football swatch.

And to finish it all up. a no Shepard card but a sick Black Gold one featuring Odell and Andre Williams rookie years. A nice Team Symbols card. Panini puts out a ton of products, but none are even close to as elegant as Black Gold.
Two parts of my mail day one with one more left to go. That one is just one massive hit-fest and is being posted tomorrow.

Thoughts on today's mail day welcomed in comments!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Judge And The Giants

Trading has become a big part of my collecting this the past couple of years especially with funds so low. I will touch base on this in my next Low Budget Collector series.

So I have really expanded my trading circle over the past couple of years, but there are still my main guys I trade big time with. One of them is @90sNicheFBCards. Good guy and very easy to deal with. That's why I keep going back for more trades.

Most of our trades heavily are football related, but some baseball can be found as well. I am currently trying to help him build his baseball collection up. We will get there.

In the meantime, let's show off what was apart of our last trade.

Like I said some baseball and this time some guy named Aaron Judge. Not sure if he can come close to the magic he had last year, but we will see.

A sweet swirly Yankee blue parallel.

Gleyber! I have started growing a small PC of him. So if you have any to throw my way, feel free to.

Another Judge!

Some older Yankee faithful here including a couple of Ruths.

Now onto some major football. Over the next few posts, yes, I had to split this up, there will be some really cool stuff to see but it's all football. Even if you don't like football, I suggest you tune in anyways.

Kicking it off with a couple of cool refractor parallels. Yes, I call Prizm parallels refractors even though it's not the technical term. I am really hoping the Giants give Webb a shot and not draft a QB this year but I have a feeling QB is at the top of their list.

A bunch of Gmen including some legends and some young guys. Eli Apple is a guy I don't mind the Giants unloading. Terrible on the field, worse off of it.

My man Odell. Say what you want about the guy, but he is easily a Top 3 WR in the league. I do wish he would grow up some. My favorite card of the group is that Clear Vision. Really nice layout and design.

Eli. So glad the Giants decided to retain him. It wasn't his fault what he was dragged through last year and he put up solid numbers for what he had to work with.

Engram and Taylor. Will Evan live up to his high expectations and be a Giants legend like LT some day, we will see.

Now we are going high tek!

Eli and some variations. Kinda makes you want to collect them all. Hmmm.....

Cruuuuuuuuuuz. Some variations for him as well.

OBJ again. This time with a purple parallel.

And a couple of new Andre's for that PC. I have kinda dropped off die hard collecting guys like Andre Williams and Rueben Randle. Not only are they not Giants anymore, but they don't seem to have a future in the NFL either. I will still gladly accept cards of them in a Giants uni but not searching anymore.

This is just part one and I haven't even gotten to the hits in our trade. There will be plenty to see there starting tomorrow.

Monday, February 19, 2018

REVIEW:2018 Topps Stars Wars Black&White

"Welcome to the Black And White Side."

Topps recently released it's latest Star Wars product this time without any color. Ever wonder what it would have been like if your grandparents had watched Star Wars on TV when they were kids? Well, worry no more! Let's just say I feel like we would have missed out. The black and white version is pretty stinkin' cool.
Every box of 2018 Star Wars Black&White A New Hope come with 7 packs of 8 cards each. Each pack will come with a base card parallel, one insert and each box has one hit. That hit is either a sketch or autograph card. Boxes are currently $65 and under. So not a bad price.

The base set is 150 cards and features base cine-photography from A New Hope. Even though A New Hope has seen plenty of exposure on cards over the years, you haven't seen anything like this base set that focuses on images you don't see too often in black and white. 
The black and white really brings out the full bleed photos and gives you a feel like no other. Some of them even might bring shivers down your spine. It's quite amazing.

One of the card backs here to give you an idea,
The base set also has some parallels that add an even newer dimension to the cards.

This is sepia parallel, the most common one to find, that falls 1:2 packs.
This is the blue hue shift parallel that falls 1:4 packs
And this is a green hue shift parallel that is /99 and falls 1:7 packs or one per box. There is just something about this photo with that touch of green that just gives you a whole new feel and appreciation of the film. Do you not agree?
Other parallels include,
• Purple Hue Shift that's /25 and falls 1:27 packs
• Red Hue Shift that's /10 and falls 1:67 packs
• Metal, these have gotta look cool, are 1/1 and fall 1:655 packs

Now onto the inserts.

Behind The Scenes takes a look at just that. I always appreciate looking at what happens before and during filming. These fall 1:2 packs and there is 41 of them to collect.

Iconic Characters has 12 of the most important ones from A New Hope. None of which are as important as my Obi-Wan find. These are 1:12 pack finds. So one in almost two boxes.
Concept Art checklist. Takes a look at the art side of Star Wars. There are 12 in the set to collect and they fall 1:4 packs.
Posters. I feel I got the best one.  These fall one per box or 1:6 packs.
And the hit.....

A sketch card. These fall 1:17 packs while autographs fall 1:18. I love the details of the Storm Troopers on the card. Many of the sketches are very impressive.
Card is signed by the artist on the back
You can also find autographed cards with single and multiple autographs and die cut sketch cards too.
OVERALL: I like the overall appeal of the product. I actually like the fact it's either a 1/1 sketch or an autograph as your hits choices instead of having a manu relic. I feel the box prices are not to shabby for the offerings within as well. The autograph checklist is pretty impressive with all of the big names including Fisher.
This includes, Harrison Ford (Han Solo), Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) and Kenny Baker (R2-D2) among many others.
Please take a minute out to thank Topps for providing the box to review. Some of the cards you see above will be included in the Fantasy Baseball contest! Follow Topps on all social media sites and check out their website HERE for cards and more!