Saturday, November 25, 2017

REVIEW:Babe's Long Ball Licorice

I have always been a big fan of licorice, so when I started seeing tweets from a new company called Long Ball Licorice, I clicked the follow button.

What they were posting was a new form of licorice that I hadn't ever seen before. No it wasn't long twisty straws like Twizzlers or a black jelly bean, it was simply a brick. A brick of licorice. Now that sounded up my alley.

Fortunately, they held a contest and I was a winner to give it a try. So I wanted to let you guys know my thoughts on this new product.

First up, they are officially licensed by the Ruth family to use Babe in their packaging and promoting. Here is their story on when they began their business, read it HERE.

Now onto the product.
Let's take a look at this packaging, it's so cool and old school.I really dig it and liked it so much that I kept it after I ate the candy. This is Red Licorice and it's name is Round Tripper Red Licorice. Of course a baseball theme.

My favorite, Black Licorice and called Long Ball Black Licorice. Yes, I am the guy every kid or adult gives the black jelly beans to. It's the only jelly bean I like.

After ripping the easy tear tab at the top, you pull this out. It sort of looks like one of those Little Debbie party brownies you would take to school. At least I took them to school.

(sorry forgot to take a picture of the red but just picture this one as being red)
The texture was the same as well but that's because it's very pliable licorice and not like the tough hard-to-chew sometimes like Twizzlers. By also being pliable, you can take as little or as lot as you want.

From what I have been reading about this product, it's best to suck on the product or if your a baseball player, use it as a replacement for chew unless you just want to eat it. I did it both ways to see what the difference was.
Chewing: Because it's a food product, it goes in and down easy with a subtle good flavor. Not bad.
Sucking On It: Much better choice. You don't need a big piece as it lasts awhile and you unlock a ton more flavor as well. This is how I ate the rest.

By the way, another tip is to take a small amount at a time. Makes it last longer and too much is too
much at once.

OVERALL, I liked the product. Something I may use while playing Madden so I can feel like a real coach trying to yell at the players instead of a nerd doing it. I found myself liking the red more than the black, not saying anything against the black as it was excellent, but that red raspberry flavor was quite sharp and delicious. I even gave a few samples to family members as well which all enjoyed it but liked the red more.

You can score a bag or box of your own by visiting them on their site, HERE.

Friday, November 24, 2017

SCOREd Another Artist Proof!!

Yeah, yeah, I know. Another day, another Hampton.

I didn't realize how far behind I was on doing these posts. So many more left in drafts!! I do hope you guys are enjoying these or they are helping you bring back memories of collecting past.

Today's card is a parallel from 1996 Score. The typical Artists Proof. This version fell 1:36 packs or one per box. So not an easy find especially for a product with a deep checklist. Luckily my buddy Jammin JD Sports Cards was helpful in the search.

Nothing too spectacular about this card. The photography was even poor. But, a need is a need and here is to another Hampton being crossed off.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

It's Thanksgiving and it's that time of year to remember things you are thankful for. I try to remember these things on a daily basis but don't post them until today.

I know first and foremost, I am thankful for a loving and forgiving God. I am also thankful for family. I am thankful for the doctors who were able to help me through a very stressful year. I am thankful for a hobby that is always there when I need to take things off my mind. You never realize how relaxing sorting can be sometimes. I am thankful for this blog for giving me the outlet to share my hobby with you guys. I am thankful for the companies who help supply prizes for contests. I am thankful for you guys coming to read my ramblings everyday. I am thankful for all of the big and little things in my life that I may not think of on a daily basis but realize them in my mind.

So today, as you are reading this, I am most likely making my popular mashed potatoes and putting together a green bean casserole for our big family meal.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Eat lots of food, enjoy the friendships and don't forget the meaning of Thanksgiving. Also don't forget the Giants take on the Redskins today as well  in the nightcap :)

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Marshall, Marshall, Marshall

Recently I scored a pretty cool card in a contest from @TrueNE_79 on Twitter.

He held a guess the drink contest and I was the closest guess.

In return for my good guess, I scored this pretty slick Classics patch of Marshall Faulk /25. I love the design, patch and overall appeal of the card. I also liked Marshall running in the greatest show on turf.

He not only sent the Faulk, but threw in a bonus as well. My first card from 2017 Goodwin Champions. I think these manu-relics are pretty cool.
A big thanks goes out to @TrueNE_79  for the mail day. Both cards are not going anywhere but my PC. Go give him a follow if you haven't yet. Pretty cool generous guy. Even this Yankee fan follows him despite his Red Sox love.

Thoughts on the Goodwin Champions manu relics welcomed in comments or my mail day!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

WINNERS Of The Player Of The Day Finale Contest

Well, the 2017 edition of Player Of The Day promo here on Sport Card Collectors has come to a close. It was a slow ride up until the last couple of weeks in the main promo but it finally picked up some and actually gave me more contestants that the previous promo I ran on here in 2015. I will take that.

Now with 9 contestants and some with multiple entries, let's see which 3 are taking home a box of goodies similar to this. The order of the contestants will be the order of which box I send. I have had these sealed for awhile now so I don't remember what's in each one. Should be fun to see you guys post your results!

Here we go.....

There were 20 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Grady M.
  2. Tracy L
  3. Tracy L
  4. Mike McMannis
  5. Grady M.
  6. Tracy L
  7. Tracy L
  8. Jacob Smith
  9. Nick Frank
  10. Nick Frank
  11. Grady M.
  12. Tracy L
  13. Nick Frank
  14. Jacob Smith
  15. Nate
  16. Tracy L
  17. @KhevaKHEV
  18. Tracy L
  19. Nick Frank
  20. Ben Hong
Timestamp: 2017-11-21 15:13:31 UTC

You have randomized this list 3 times.

Congrats goes out to, Grady M., Tracy L and Michael McMannis! The three of you please message me on Twitter @sportcardcollec with your address or email it to me at You guys will have 72 hours from today to claim your prizes. Remember, I am paying to ship these for free so there may be a slight delay in shipping due to costs.

A big thanks to everyone who entered this contest. I really wished I could send you all something but after I changed up the promo I put all of the remaining prizes in these boxes. But, it's much appreciated and hopefully we can do this again next year and all of you will come back again.

Auction Lot:Guess What Was Paid...

My mother in law, yup, I have spoken a lot about her on the blog this year in helping my cardboard obsession, went to an auction this summer for something she wanted but saw some football cards and knew she would have to wait around to bid on those as well.

What she didn't know was that it would take 3 hours of waiting for her to snag em.

I am not going to tell you what she paid for them as I think it would be fun for you guys to guess. On top of what is pictured, there was also roughly 100 base cards from football as well. It seems the former owner must have been a big 49ers fan.

These cards are all from 1999 and seem to have the Beckett book value on some.

First auto is Ray Barker. I honestly don't remember him.

This card looks great. I miss UD in the game. Garrison Hearst played for the Cardinals before he tore it up in SF.

Steve Young rookie card! So weird to see him in a Buc's uni.

Jeff Garcia who played well in SF before leaving, then bounced around the league till he was 100 years old before he finally retired. Cool on-card rookie auto.

Terrell Owens on another one of these sharp Retro cards. On-card too. Remember those days.

And to finish it up, another Terrell Owens autograph on-card.
So now it's your turn to guess what she paid for them. I won't tell you if she overpaid or got a deal. I will give this a week and then will comment with the answer and you can tell me if she did or didn't

Monday, November 20, 2017

WINNER Of The Arrow Wardrobe Relic

Another contest over and time for another winner.

This time our contest came thanks to Cryptozoic with my review of Arrow. Please remember to tell them thanks again for the contest.

Now to see who won this cool piece....


There were 15 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Katelyn Masure
  2. Dion's IP Autos only
  3. Ant
  4. hudsonfan15
  5. Tommtomm Scheiterle
  6. Scott N.
  7. Fuji
  8. @JGfan24ever
  10. Collecting Cutch
  11. Justin S
  12. Bulldog
  13. Tracy LeVeaux
  14. James Baurle
  15. Jafronius
Timestamp: 2017-11-20 11:01:40 UTC

You have randomized this list 3 times.

Congrats to Katelyn Masure for the win. Please email with your address within the next 48 hours to claim or the card will be re-given away.

Thanks again to all that entered and thanks again to Cryptozoic.

Another Webb

@JGfan24ever is one of the most generous collectors I have seen and I know I keep repeating this time and time again.

He regularly now sends me cards for my collection without asking for a single thing in return. He recently busted some boxes, posted some pics on Twitter and a card fell in his break he immediately said was mine.

Not only did he send that card, but he sent extras. That has definitely brightened what has been a horrifying football season as a Giants fan.

Some bonuses in 2 Eli's and a Cruz.

Odell! Love this picture. I miss the good Giants days of last year.

And finally the Davis Webb. Love the shine. My first Prizm card of 2017 as well. It's really tough not being able to buy product or bust stuff when I want to. Glad to have such good friends to help me fill in my gaps.
Another huge thanks to @JGfan24ever for his generosity. I truly appreciate it! I hope you enjoyed your little surprise as well. There is more to come :)

Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Force Is Strong With This Mail Day

I have been following voice actor Stephen Stanton for some time now on Twitter. He has done voices, visual effects and has been a voicematch artist for about a million things in TV, Film and Video Games and even Theme Parks. Very talented all around.

I have watched or seen including some of his involvement in these things including Family Guy characters, King Of The Hill, The 7D, and more. However, the one I may have seen him in the most comes from the Star Wars franchise in Star Wars:The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.

Last week, I had received a DM that I had won one of his latest contests in support of his awareness for Starlight. Starlight is an organization that helps create moments of joy and comfort for seriously ill children. You can check them out on Twitter, @StarlightUS and on their website HERE.

I had no problem RTing his awareness even without a prize. I believe strongly in organizations who are out there to help children especially ones that supports kids with illnesses.

Anyways, Stephen had messaged me that I had one and I could have had a thrill of a lifetime by actually talking to him on the phone. My only problem, I am very shy on the phone especially around people I don't know. This would have been even tougher knowing who I would have been talking to. So I politely declined, even though deep down I didn't want to, and he said that was more than fine and that I would still have a prize package coming to me.

On Thursday, the package arrived and it was so, so awesome.

Up first, a signed photo of the man himself.

Next another signed pic of Admiral Raddus and it's inscribed.
Next, the man himself Ben Kenobi signed picture. Like I said this mail day was really awesome.

Then to finish it up, a signed figure!!!! This one is of Admiral Raddus.
All of these signed items have an authentication sticker as well. By far the coolest items I own in my Star Wars collection.
If you haven't yet, please go give Stephen a follow on Twitter @Stephen_Stanton and definitely check out  @StarlightUS and what they do. 
A big thanks goes out to Stephen for his generosity and I will continue to retweet those posts.