Saturday, November 4, 2017

A Running Dual

What happens when I have a PC need that combines two of my favorite running backs from the 90's??? I go get it!

There were two versions put out of the 1996 Upper Deck Hot Properties insert. There was a base silver and a Gold. Today's card is the much tougher to pull gold parallel that were found at 1:71 packs.

The card is printed with dufex metallic technology and really stands out. It combines two of the NFL's "hottest" players.

The front of the card features my boy Rodney while the back...

Features another running back I was fond of in the 90's in TD, Terrell Davis.
This was a pretty solid addition to my Hampton PC. Just need to get the base version of this now.

Thoughts on today's Hampton add is welcomed in comments

Follow link HERE to see if you have any Hampton cards you have that I don't that you wanna help donate to the Rodney Hampton Project. Thanks for reading!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Wes' Drops The Giantshammer

I know I have said this on here a few times, but this guy ↓↓↓↓↓

Is pretty awesome.

Awhile back I finished 4th place in his World Cup Of Trading landing me some cards for my PC. Earlier this week, I received the following....

Three new Odells

A shiny Dre. Can't remember if I have this or not, either way it's chrome and it's staying.

Three memorabilia cards. One of Super Bowl 46 hero, yes hero, Mario Manningham. Also ones of Amukamara and Jernigan. Surprisingly didn't have any of these.

One player who has lived up to hype and another who hasn't. Engram will be a Pro Bowl TE by years end being the only reliable weapon on the Giants offense right now. Love the Perkins card, just wished he panned out.

A name I am not spelling out but will say it's spectacular shiny and Thomas autographs.

Here's that Pro Bowl TE again. So glad the Giants drafted him. The only bright spot in a dark year.

And he finish it up with one of my favorites from the mail day, this metal card of Justin Tuck. Now he was a guy that was never a disappointment. Super Cool add. I also had to turn the card to the side to capture this as it has a real unique metal shine.
A big thanks goes out to Wes, formerly of Willinghammer Rising blog, for yet another amazing mail day. I hope to send you a surprise one down the road. If you're not following Wes on Twitter @realwesmoore, please do so. Also if you have any Josh Willingham's collecting dust, send them his way. I know he would appreciate it!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

REVIEW:2017 Topps Archives Signature Series Active Player Edition Baseball Cards

As the 2017 MLB season comes to an end, we are also coming to the end of 2017 baseball card releases. I know it's a sad time.

Today's featured product is part one of the Topps Archives Signature series as the Postseason Edition comes out later on. Both products look very intriguing.

This years 2017 Topps Archives Signature Active Player Series mixes things up from last years release. Unlike last year, which focused on players of the past, this years focuses on active players around the MLB.

So why don't we take a dive in and see what's in this one card box.

Every box of 2017 Topps Archives Signature Series Active Player Edition Baseball Cards comes with one card. That card will be signed on-card of an active player and is encased. Boxes run $70 per.  This is also a limited release.
Each card in the product is encased original cards from a Topps or Bowman product of active MLB ballplayers. These buyback cards have been signed on-card by the player and each card is numbered and contains an gold Archives stamp.

The checklist has a mixed choice of players from superstars to low-end collector favorites. I assume like the rest of the 2017 baseball card season there will be a focus on landing Aaron Judge.

My pull from this box was Sonny Gray /99.
The Gray is an Opening Day base card from 2016.

You can find the overall player checklist, HERE.
OVERALL, Personally, I am not a fan of one hit boxes and finding Sonny Gray in a $70 box for my one hit is a big reason why. I know many collectors like to roll the dice, I am just not one of those type.
I do like the approach Topps is trying with this product but I just wished it had all strong names in it but I also know we can't have that either or the prices would really soar. Like with any product however, there is always a risk involved no matter if it's one card or three hundred.

Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review as they help provide prizes for me to giveaway in the MLB Pick Em Promotion! Follow Topps on all social media sites and visit their SITE, as well 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

P-Town Drops The Hamp! (extensive gallery)

P-Town from Waiting 'til Next Year fame, recently needed some 2017 Topps Fire set wants and I was able to help him out. In return, he hit up my Rodney Hampton Want List and did a great job filling in some more of my wants.

Up first, a double diamond from 1998 UD Black Diamond. I remember chasing the parallels down and still have one of my best in a quad diamond of Kerry Collins.

Up next, a Printers Proof parallel from 1996 Classic NFL Experience. This is numbered to 495.

Sportscall phone card. I haven't seen one of these before. They are not like the Proline phone cards that are printed on plastic. These are more cardboard.

One of the weirdest parallels of the 90's, Advantage 50 pt. It's simply just a thick card. I remember when Bowman used to do that with their Gold parallels.

Speaking of 1998, only a handful left of cards I need of Rodney that year.

Collecting Cutch snagged me the blue parallel from Invincible, now I have the bronze as well. Still have more to go on these.

Wild Card! There seems to be a million needs for these. This is a gold and silver Stat Smasher.

 More Wild Card action. First stripe parallel I own.

Another odd parallel were these 1995 Topps inaugural parallels that were exclusively to factory sets of the expansion teams Jags and Panthers. Here are both of the Panthers....

Still missing #24, the 1,000 yard club for the Jags.

These NSCC parallels are always numbered and not easy finds sometimes. So I was glad to get this 1995 Pro Line Classic one knocked off my list.

Then we finish it up with these two that ended up being doubles. The Phone Card needed to be the Printers Proof parallel of it.

A big thanks goes out P-Town for padding my Rodney PC some more and knocking off more of my wants. My total Rodney Hampton count is now at 475 which puts me at 58% owned of all of his cards. I would love to get to 500 before the year ends.

Speaking of my wants and if you want to trade with me or get me an early Christmas present, here is my Rodney Hampton Want List. There are still plenty of cheap pick up options anyone could trade to me and my want list is always up-to-date. Especially if you hit up where there are a ton of needs and they are so, so cheap. I even linked you directly to Rodney's options on there, right HERE.

What I like to personally see is my Excel Checklist of Hampton. It shows all of my progress and not just a list of needs. Yellow are the ones I have, white are needs. There are definitely much more yellow than white just take a look. (you probably can't read these screen pics because they are done with print preview so these are just a yellow vs white comparison)

I can't believe I only started collecting him a couple of years ago! I am also on the lookout for Starting Lineups, replica jerseys and other odds and end items of Rodney I can find. If I am going to super collect someone, I want to go all out!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tex Carleton Visits Me On Halloween

Despite my love of vintage and vintage items, my collection is very, very weak with them. I don't know why it just is.

One of my favorite vintage follows recently has been @prewarcards on Twitter. He posts some really cool items and is full of knowledge and information about them. He also gives away some of the items which is where today's post comes in.

For a simple RT, I won this super cool Tex Carleton 1930s Diamond Matchbook cover.
I didn't know a lot about them til I read about them on his site HERE.  Like I said, my vintage collection is small and my knowledge of it is even smaller.

A big thanks goes out to @prewarcards for the mail day. I really appreciate adding this unique piece to my collection. I suggest you guys go check him out and his site. Lot's of useful information on there and cool items you may or may not have seen before.

Monday, October 30, 2017

REVIEW:2017 Topps Heritage Minors Baseball

For the prospectors in us, there is a great line of Bowman products but there is also a Topps minors line. Today's review is of one of those products and it's from everyone's favorite throwback product, Heritage.

Let's see how this break went.
In every hobby box of 2017 Topps Heritage Minors is 18 Packs with 8 Cards Per Pack. Boxes come with one autograph and one relic per. Boxes run around $50 currently.
Today's stars of Minor League Baseball are featured on the 1968 Topps base card design with the burlap bag look just like with the MLB version. 

There are 220 cards in the base set.

Some of the Key Prospects you will find in here are, Amed Rosario, Micker Adolfo, Leody Taveras, Mickey Moniak, Luis Alexander Basabe, Greg Allen, Chance Adams, Alex Kiriloff, Nick Senzel, Bobby Dalbec, Clint Frazier, Estevan Florial, Ryan Mountcastle, Zack Collins, Jake Bauers, Bobby Bradley, Fernando Tatis Jr., Gleyber Torres, Ozzie Albies, Austin Hays, Eloy Jimenez, Chance Sisco, Forrest Whitley, Kyle Tucker, Willie Calhoun, Michael Kopech, Walker Buehler, Rhys Hoskins, Bo Bichette, and Rafael Devers.

Just like the 2017 Topps Heritage MLB product, the minor leagues also have tough-to-pull variation short prints. There is Facsimile Signature Variations that fall 1:328 packs and Error Variations fall 1:82. You can confirm if you have one once again by using the code system in the small print at the bottom corner of the card. Base cards have two different endings this time around. Some end in 08, others in 13.  Short prints that run 201-220 end in 18. Facsimile Signature variations cards end in 19 while Errors end in 20.

There are also parallels to find in the product. Seems like they fall one-per-box. I pulled this Blue Border Parallel

There is also, Gray Border Parallel that are numbered to 25 and Orange Border Parallel  Numbered 1/1.

Insert time!

Baseball America All-Stars showcase top prospects across all levels of Minor League Baseball using the Baseball America name like a cover. These fall 1:6 packs.

1968 perimeter-cut cards pay homage to the originals in 1968 with today's top Minor League stars. These fall 1:5 packs.

I dig these. 1968 Topps Game Mascots. They fall 1:9 packs.

Every box also comes with two code cards, mine didn't upload into this post for some reason, that gives you a chance at the Make Your Pro Debut promotion. That promo allows you to get a full day experience of the minor leagues including your own baseball card. Really cool! Wished there was a MLB version.

Now onto the hits! 

Real One Autographs are simply just on-card autos featured on the 1968 design. They have parallels of, Blue Border Parallel, Gray Border Parallel and Orange Border Parallel.

'68 Mint Relics was my next pull. First time I have seen one of these. It's a nickel minted in 1968.I think it's a cool relic but don't think everyone will agree. Sometimes not finding a plain jersey swatch is a good thing.

There is also Gray Quarter Parallel, Black Quarter Parallel and Autograph Relic Parallel.
Other hits not found in my box are, Fantastic Feats Autographs, Looming Legacy Autographs
and Clubhouse Collection Relics

OVERALL, price is pretty solid for a prospecting product. Some big names mixed in with some lesser names which makes prospecting even more fun. If you are a fan of minor league collecting or like prospecting I can't see why you wouldn't want to dig into a box of this.

Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review as they help provide prizes for me to giveaway in the MLB Pick Em Promotion! Follow Topps on all social media sites and visit their SITE, as well