Saturday, June 17, 2017

90's Bowman Shines

In the second part of my mail day from @imqualifying, I focus on some shiny items from Bowman's Best. The 1997 base card designs with the added football outer appeal adds an extra special appeal to the refractor.

Refractors for 1997 fell 1:12 packs.

I start out really well with two players I loved watching in the 90's. If you didn't know, when my Giants weren't on or were out of the playoffs, the Jags were my team. I loved Brunell and McCardell.
Pretty cool shot of Tony Martin with the rainbow shine.

The final refractor is from 1999 Bowman's Best, is a NY Giant and is numbered. I don't have any odds on these except that they were #d to 499.

If you liked these, well, you will wanna come back tomorrow where I roll out the rest of the 90's goodness from the box.

Random Card On My Desk:1991 Bowman Gary Sheffield

Friday, June 16, 2017

The 90's Are Here

Last week, I was sent a big box full of 90's goodness from the great @imqualifying who knows how much of a 90's card geek I am. I don't care what sport, what team or what players it is. I love it all. Even the non sport stuff. I mainly enjoy the 95-99 stuff the most but a few of the older inserts are nice as well.

The 90's as I have stated many times is still my favorite era to collect from. So many cool cards and designs and one company line that continuously put out great stuff was Playoff. Just look at these 1998 Absolute rookie cards. I like the McQuarters who was a big player in the Giants Super Bowl 42 run.

Draft Pick inserts from 1998 Playoff Prestige. The regular version of these is silver and fell 1:9 packs while the parallels that are shown here, were found in retail and special retail pack and boxes. I think the colored are much more impressive looking. Speaking of looking, it seems I have a start of a Shehee rainbow....

Mr. Ryan Leaf. Everyone's favorite bad draft pick example.

And Germane Crowell. I dig the minor embossing on these as well.

My final card to show off today, is a 1998 Playoff Momentum End zone Xpress Ryan Leaf which is cool in many ways. It's printed on plastic card stock with lots of rainbow foil and team color blended in. These were found in retail packs at a rate of 1:13 packs. It's not something I ever found in packs so a nice addition to my 90's PC in my opinion.
Well, I said this was a box of goodies so I can only say this is the start of something good. There is more to come in the next few days so stay tuned!

Random Card On My Desk:1983 Fleer George Brett

Thursday, June 15, 2017

My First Of 2017

Recently I was in another break by Top Shelf Breaks and this time I wanted to feel a tad Majestic so I got a couple of spots in their 2017 Majestic football break.

The bad part was, I missed the break video with all of my recent ER visits and wasn't sure if I had landed anything in the break. However, a few days later this beauty very first Evan Engram autograph. Oh, and Chad Kelly is on here to.
If you don't know that name, he was the NY Giants 1st round draft pick and an autograph I have sought after. The guy has been an absolute beast during OTA's.
This is by far my best hit from Top Shelf Breaks. I just can't wait to see what I can get next!
If you wanna pull some hits like I did or even bigger "monsters" as they have pulled plenty, check out Top Shelf Breaks, HERE. You can also follow them on Twitter for break updates and for giveaways. Good people who look out for collectors and trying to make breaking affordable and fun.
Thoughts on my mail day is welcomed below!

Random Card On My Desk:1992 Post Ryne Sandberg

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Buzz McNab Auto!

As most readers of this blog should know by now,

1. I really like Psych
2. I collected the entire Seasons 5-8 Autograph card set
3. I am attempting slowly for Seasons 1-4 set

So when I can find an add to that set for $3, no doubt in my mind I am going to swoop it up.

Sage Brocklebank was mainly known for his role on Psych. A role he played for all 8 seasons.
Here are the ones I am missing for that Seasons 1-4 set. The lined out ones mean I have.
James Roday
Dulé Hill
Corbin Bernsen
Kirsten Nelsen
Timothy Omundson
Rachael Leigh Cook
Sage Brocklebank
Ally Sheedy
Robert Patrick
George Takei
Jaleel White

I still have a ways to go and some of these are not easy finds. 
This one will be a bit more of a monetary challenge then anything as Seasons 1-4 autos were much tougher finds falling at 1 per box vs seasons 5-8 that fell 3 per.

Wrappers Of Collecting Past:1995-1996 Topps Basketball Series 2

Well, this is the finale of the Wrappers Of Collecting Past segment. I hope you have enjoyed its place here on Sport Card Collectors over the past 6 months. But, as I stated in an earlier one of these, I have decided to let go of segments and free blog.

I felt this was a product I wanted to save for the finale as I busted so much Topps that year it wasn't funny.

I wanted the rookies, I wanted the MJ inserts and I definitely loved the Mystery Finest cards. I even opened a box a couple of years ago. The design was catchy, the rookie class was solid but it was those darn inserts that drew me in. Because of my never ending love of this brand, I own at least 3 base sets of Series 2-not much of Series 1- and still have most of my inserts today.


I look forward to hearing how you guys did with this product and if you ever hit a nice MJ or insert from a pack of it. Let me know in comments!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

REVIEW:2017 Finest Baseball (CASE HIT)

Topps is always at it's Finest with Finest. Yes, that was a very corny opening but it's true. Since the mid to late 90's Finest along with Chrome has always brought their A-Game.

This product comes packing with on-card autos and lots of shiny goodness.

So let's take a quick glance at how the 2017 edition pans out.

In every hobby box of 2017 Topps Finest are two mini boxes. Each mini box comes 6 packs of 5 cards and with one autograph. Hobby boxes are running currently $140. I think baseball products are running a bit high right now due to the hot bat of one Aaron Judge among other impressive 2017 rookies as collectors are chasing down these guys.

The base card design for this years is similar to the past few. It's a player focused set meaning it's all about the featured player. It's printed on chrome technology like past years. I will admit I miss the days of the peel off. Sometimes surfaces like these are prone to scratching.

There are 100 cards in the base set, plus 25 more that are short prints.So you would need to collect all 125 cards to get the complete set if you chose to do so.

Like I stated earlier, rookies in this years class are HOT. I pulled most of the key ones in my box including a moment where I had to rise....

Cause the Judge was coming in! Judge base cards are fetching a lot right now just like the Yankee faithful catching his home runs.
Overall, key rookies in this product are, Yoan Moncada, Alex Bregman, Dansby Swanson, Andrew Benintendi, David Dahl, Aaron Judge, Tyler Austin, Orlando Arcia, Alex Reyes, and Tyler Glasnow.
Couldn't be a chromed product without some refractor goodness. There was plenty of variety to find but not an overabundance. Which is also good for value per box. These are my base refractors. I pulled a couple of good ones with Verlander and Turner.

I also found a purple refractor of Beltre /250 and a green one of Segura /99.
Here is an overall look at the parallels: Purple Refractor /250, Blue Refractor /150, Green Refractor /99, Gold Refractor /50, Orange Refractor /25, Red Refractor /5, and SuperFractor 1/1.

Finest Firsts inserts look like the base cards, but with just a tad change in design. I kinda wished they had just a bit more of a different look. But, they seem to only fall one-per-box. There are 10 to collect and they also have parallels of Orange Refractor /25, Red Refractor /5, and SuperFractor 1/1.

Break Through is a pretty awesome looking insert set as the players are "breaking through". The checklist is 20 cards deep of upcoming MLB Stars. There are also more stunning looking parallels of Orange Refractor /25, Red Refractor /5, and SuperFractor 1/1.

This has got to be one of the coolest ideas ever. Taking one of the most iconic, in my opinion, designs from the 90's of Finest basketball and turning it to a baseball insert set. Kudos Topps! These are based off from 94-95 Finest basketball and run 20 cards deep of players past and present. I know I totally need a Griffey one!!!!!!!!

These as well have parallels of Orange Refractor /25, Red Refractor /5, and SuperFractor 1/1.

Other inserts not found in my box include, 
Finest Careers Die-Cut that is based this year on David Ortiz. These are only found 2 per case and have parallels of Orange Refractor / 25, Red Refractor /5 and of course SuperFractor numbered 1/1.
Now onto the autographs,

My first is a base card one of Nationals soon to be superstar Trea Turner. This is a blue /150 parallel. There are other autograph parallels to find as well including Green Refractor /99, Gold Refractor /50, Blue Wave Refractor /25, Red Wave Refractor /25, Orange Refractor /25, Red Refractor /5, and SuperFractor 1/1.

And to my surprise, I pulled a case-hit auto in Finest Finishes Omar Vizquel which is based off from Game 4 of the '97 ALDS. The checklist for these is amazing from Griffey to Jeter and more.

These are not numbered, but do have parallels of Orange Refractor /25, Red Refractor /5, and SuperFractor 1/1.
Other hits not found in my box are, Finest Originals Autograph (buyback autograph set), Finest Firsts, 94-94 basketball design autographs and rare Finest Career Ortiz autographs.

OVERALL, I was pretty satisfied with this box break. I pulled top rookies, a case hit and a solid base autograph. Can't guarantee all breaks will do that but that's the same with any product. There is a really nice overall autograph checklist in the product and plenty of big names to find not to mention tough to chase parallels of inserts and base. I think if you can't afford a two-box mini break just try breaking one mini box if you can find them sold that way. I think you will be pleased.

The designs in the product are well done and with the added throwbacks and the 94-95 throwback design it adds some of that nostalgic factor we all strive for as well.

Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review and to be able to add cards to the MLB Pick Em promotion. Follow Topps on all social media sites and visit their SITE, as well

Griffey Gallery Of Heroes

For months I have been in the hunt for a Gallery Of Heroes card of Jr. Actually, I have been on the prowl for all of them.

The one I have wanted the most is the 1998 version that has one sweet design. However, the card three times slipped though my fingers on eBay when I was bidding on it. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. However, at the same time I was bidding on the 1998 version, I also put a bid in for 1997, 1999 and 2000 and hoped I would land at least one. 

1997 and 1999 got too far for me however, 2000 fell into my hands for $5 so I took it.

These cards are printed on acetate plastic and have a stained glass appeal. These fell 1:24 packs or one per box in 2000. So finding the players you wanted wasn't always an easy task.

I am glad to have one of the 4 I wanted knocked off my list. I haven't decided if I want the 1998 jumbo version yet or not, but I definitely hope to add the regular version to the PC someday. 

Thoughts on my newest Griffey Jr add are welcomed in comments.

Monday, June 12, 2017


This card is crying out for a Caption.
Leave a caption below for this card. Please keep it free of language and clean please for our younger audience  
Mine would be....
"I did it. I touched Michael. I am never washing this hand again."

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Too Many Giants

Here is the second part of my mail day from Too Many Verlanders. Today's showcases some new NY Giants additions and some hits.

In this first group, we have a good handful of numbered cards and rookies. Also a very shiny Odell Beckham Jr.

The next group gives me a couple new Eli's, a sweet Ike Hilliard 90's Rated Rookie, and a few new Brandon Jacobs. The talk is Wayne Gallman could be the next Jacobs this year for them. We will see.

Pink refractors. I am not sure how far I am with Williams, but I have decent Victor Cruz rainbow started and this is a newbie to it. Think I have 5 of the cards I need towards a rainbow now. However, the Super would probably be impossible to find.

Tools Of The Trade. I loved everything about these. The breakdown where the pieces came from on the card, the layout, the color and design.

A new letterman auto. I collect those and Giants ones are a bonus!
And to finish it up, a Austin Romine auto. I assume this was done TTM or in-person. I am sure Too Many Verlanders could clarify.
A HUGE thanks goes out to Too Many Verlanders for this awesome mail day and for thinking of me for your Yankees. I hope to get a return mail day out to you in the next few weeks.

MLB Pick Em Week 11

Below are the picks for this weeks MLB Pick Em challenge!

The rules are simple, pick a winner, earn a point. Pick a loser, earn nothing.

The only other rule is you must be a U.S. Resident to enter or have an address in the U.S.

You will play 4 weeks like this and person with the most right at the end of June will win a prize!

Here are this weeks games to pick winners of:
StL @ Balt
Ari @ Phil
TB @ Det
Seattle @ Tex
SD @ Milw

Here are my picks for the games

Leave your picks in comments below. You will have til 6:30 pm Friday, June 16th 2017 to enter. Any entries after that will be disqualified for this week. If you missed Week 1, don't fret! You can enter Week 2 starting on Sunday. Even if you miss Week 2, enter Week 3. So on and so forth. I will slot those who enter in late even Week 20 in divisions that give them the best chance to win. Just remember even if you enter later in the contest and miss many weeks, there is still a monthly prize to win.

Standings should be updated Saturday!

Good Luck to all that enter!