Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mail Day Saturday:@JGfan24ever Strikes Again!

One of the nicest and most generous collectors there is, @JGfan24ever on Twitter, struck my mail box again with some PWE awesomeness.

Up first are some Red, White, Blue Prizm basketball parallels including Alonzo Mourning that brings me back to those Heat/Knick rivalry games. There was no rivalry like that in the 90's.

Then a nice G-Men surprise was within this Donruss Optic Prototype Eli Manning that is the red parallel numbered to 99 and very shiny. Right up my alley.
A big thanks goes out to @JGfan24ever for this sweet surprise mail day. Just make sure you watch your mail box as well, you never know when I may strike back!

Mail Day Saturday: Project Pedro Blog Trade PT 2

Time for Part 2 of my latest trade with Project Pedro blog. As always, our trades are big and can't ever really fit into one post.

Instead of stretching this post out into five parts since I am so far behind on mail day postings, I decided a straight-up Top 5 post suits it.

Once again, this trade was made up of a lot of basketball cards since he was unloading and I was curious.

So here are the Top 5.

Number 5. Avery Johnson Skybox Autographics. I am a fan of the autographics line, I liked watching Avery and it has a bible verse. It was a winner in my books.

Number 4 is a sick looking PMG from Upper Deck's Fleer Retro line /99

Number 3. Being a Duke fan most of my life the thought I would want to own a piece of Tarheel history should shame me, but it doesn't. These Floor Authentics cards are some of the coolest memorabilia cards out there. I would take these time and time again.

Number 2. Like I stated a few weeks ago with my not watching NBA but still collecting it post, I am chasing down Knicks I loved to watch. Well, Houston was right at the top. I already owned his auto but it was with his college uni. This time it's all about the Knicks.

Number 1 is probably by far my most valuable 90's card that will look awesome in my 90's PC. It's a very tough to find 98-99 Flair Legacy parallel /99 of Gary Payton. This was a basketball card I knew he had and one I had wanted for awhile. It took me awhile to pull the trigger, but finally I did and it's mine. ALL MINE!

 A big thanks goes out to Shane over at Project Pedro for the trade again. I look forward to our next.

If you haven't checked out his blog and his Cheap Wax Wednesday posts, do so. They rock. Also, if you have any unwanted Pedro Martinez cards, go check him out for a trade. Highly recommended.

Thoughts on my mail day are welcomed below!

Friday, February 24, 2017


This card is crying out for a Caption.
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Mine would be....
"That feeling when you are facing Hideki Irabu on the mound."

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Collectin' Griffey:2010 Upper Deck

My Ken Griffey Jr segment makes it's return and this time will showcase some cards I got from the Junior Junkie's Griffey Generosity Project. Today's card I was surprisingly missing even though I busted at least 3 hobby boxes of this stuff back in 2010. Not like this card was an Sp or anything.

It was also possibly the last time we will ever see Upper Deck in baseball card form. It to me was a bit of a sad ending for a company that made the most iconic Griffey cards cause they weren't allowed to use MLB logos since they weren't licensed by them and only by MLBPA.

Even though some images slipped showing some logos causing a stir of trouble. No need to dwell on that however as I want to think as positive as I can of the product.

I think the design for 2010 was as solid as past UD designs showing little border and full of action. Something Upper Deck always strived for.
Thoughts on today's card are welcomed in comments!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hobby Topic:Upper Deck's e-Pack

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Today's Topic is
Upper Deck e-Pack

We are over a year into the e-pack craze, how many online e-packs have you opened? Do you like this platform? Is there any way to improve it? Or is it great already? What's your best hit? Do you open free packs daily?

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Nuttin' But The Hits:1996 Spx Baseball Box

With 1997 Spx baseball set done off from my Spx Project want list, I now take a turn at a need in 1996 Spx baseball.

What better way to try and build a set then breaking a box of the product?? Also what better way to try and land the needed Griffey autograph as well with the low box price vs the cost of the auto. I knew my odds were against me with that part, but was hopeful to get a good start on the set need.
Each box of 1996 Spx baseball has 36 packs and has one card per pack so I knew it wouldn't be a full set type of box. I think back in the day packs ran $6.99 per pack. Today, they are cheaper, but not by much as this product is still pretty popular especially for those chasing down those elusive autographs. This box however was on sale for $49.99 so it felt like a steal.

Why am I so crazy about this product...IT'S THE HOLOGRAMS! They just blend so well in the design of the product. It's nothing that the hobby has seen or will ever see again after it died off in the '98 card season. Upper Deck produced one big bomb-diggity with this products run like this.

Here are my gold parallel finds in the box. BIG UNIT!

When busting the packs, I somehow missed this card the first time around. A 1:24 pack Bound For Glory pull of Chipper. I knew a girl in my younger years who would had killed for this card. She was Chipper everything. Her LL Bean backpack had the name of Chipper on it.

And I didn't pull the 1:2000 odd auto, but did get for the third time the 1:75 commemorative card.
Overall, can't complain about the break. Some nice insert pulls and I found myself with 30/60 cards n the set. I plan on posting those set needs once I hear back from another trader on what cards they found for it.

Thoughts on today's break are welcomed in comments!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Reminiscing 90's:1996 TY Beanie Baby Scoop The Pelican

As promised, the winning return of Reminiscing 90's is back.

This time around for the segment, I decided to do away with the card portion and just focus on the featured item at hand and what memorable moments were happening in the 90's on this day and based on the year of the item.

There were many trends and fads in the 90's but none bigger to me than collecting TY Beanie Babies. Card shops, card shows and even roadside setups had them for sale or trade. They had actually become so popular, that even card collectors like myself had to take a little dive and find some.

The plastic pellet stuffed animals came out in 1993 but didn't begin to get hot til 1995 where they took over til 1999 when the trend died down some. They did come back in 2000 due to some demand and still are continuing today. However, it's not even close to as popular as it was from 95-99.

Just like with cards, the made some of these tough to find and rare variations to others which made the toy even more popular as collectors were looking to chase down those one-of-a kinds. One of the supposed most valuable bears is the Princess The Bear that commemorated Princess Diana and had the proceeds from each sale donated to her fund.

The TY I present you today comes from 1996. It's not rare and can be found pretty easily. I acquired it a few summers ago in a yard sale that came with a bunch of them for $5. I saw the price and couldn't say no. You know, helps reminisce.
Alright, let's take a look back to 1996 near February 20th and see what else was hot.
Day Of The Week:Tuesday
President:Bill Clinton
Popular Song:One Sweet Day By Mariah Carey
Popular Movie: Bottle Rocket
Popular Book:The Rain Maker By John Grisham
Popular TV Show: Remember WENN 
Popular Video Game:Alien Breed 3D II: The Killing Grounds
Thoughts on today's item or any of the memorable things listed above are welcomed in comments!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday's With Rodney:1991 Pinnacle

Today, we take a bit of a trip back to Rodney's sophomore year with the Giants after coming off a decent rookie one.

This 1991 Pinnacle card is brought to you by Project Pedro Blog who I just traded with to bring in this need. There isn't a whole lot spectacular with the card and the design is quite dark and filled, but is another one crossed off the list and brings me to Hampton #440
Thoughts on today's card are welcomed below.