Saturday, April 23, 2016

Mail Day Saturday BONUS: A "Custom" Breakdown Cards PWE

I don't know how many times I have said this, but the blogging world is full of great collectors and is a community like no other. Bloggers appreciate the small things in collecting and it's not all about the big hits and money making. We like actually collecting and collecting the stuff that many collectors today may not including base cards. Yes, I said base cards.

I can definitely include myself in that group of unique collecting and collecting things others may not. I mean, what other collector do you know PC's Rodney Hampton in today's world??? Yeah, exactly.

Anyways, Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown who I have gotten to know better over the past year, sent me a surprise PWE. I consider Gavin as one of the greater minds in the blogging world right now. He has really creative post ideas such as Wallet Card, Pull Tab Awareness Week, combining dog toys and/or beer with cards and most recently, Handwritten Blog Post challenge. I always look forward to seeing what he comes up with next.

He also has some incredible customs that he does. So that leads me to the next part, what the contents of my PWE contained.

Up first, Eli, Rodney and an Andre Brown rookie card. Gotta check my checklist on the Rodney.
Next, a gallery of Customs. Absolutely huge fan of The Simpsons ones. I grew up watching the show and this was one of my favorite and more memorable episodes. Also helps pad my Griffey PC some more with a unique card most collectors won't have. So Griffey #784.

Speaking of custom Griffey and unique ones, here is a pretty sweet mini custom and Griffey #785.

Remember above how I stated Gavin is one of the greater minds and that he makes incredible customs, he can also do art pretty well to and used a creative "card stock" for it. This one-of-a-kind Rodney Hampton for my PC was creatively done on the back of one of those fake credit cards you get in mailers. Pretty cool and creative.
A big thanks goes out to Gavin for this sweet mail day.  If you haven't checked out his blog yet, I suggest you do so. You never know what you are going to find next.

Mail Day Saturday:TTM Chevy Chase (DNA too?)

Once again, another part of my epic Monday mail day. This time it comes in the form of a TTM that I sent out about two weeks ago to the one and only, Chevy Chase. Chevy has always been a fan favorite in my household and someone I have followed since my younger years. Of course if you followed this blog, you would know I am also a National Lampoons Christmas Vacation fanatic. Still the best movie ever made.

I think doing TTM's are fun and I used to do a ton, but after failing time and time again I started to give up. However, recently, I have started to mail a few out and was 2/2 before going 3/3 with this one. It's a good streak I hope to continue.

The one problem I have with sending TTM autographs to actors/actresses is figuring out if they are legit or not. This one is my first attempt to my favorite actor and it came back a bit different than others I have received in the past from sports players. So I want to lean towards legit.

The back of the envelope was actually sealed and sealed well with tape as if they didn't want someone in it. I have never seen this before.

Inside, Chevy not only signed my index card I sent, but he also included another index card to keep the autograph from smudging on the inside of the envelope and probably to keep it from being seen from the outside. He also stamped his address on the outside.

I thought that was pretty cool.

When it comes to the autograph itself, it appears to be signed the way he has always signed most of his items, XO Chevy Chase. I also compared the autograph on the Steiner Sports website HERE. Looks legit.

Another thing I thought was really cool if you didn't notice it above on the back of the envelope is the  "DNA" that was left in the tape. Looks like a piece of sweater. Bonus win for a collector! Just hope it doesn't come across creepy that I noticed that because I wasn't trying to sound that way.

A big thanks to Chevy for taking time out for his fans. From SNL to the National Lampoon movies to Community to Hot Tub Time Machine to the latest Vacation movie, I have seen it all and look for more from you in the future. 

What's the coolest TTM you have ever gotten and how legit do you think this autograph or others are getting them this way?

Friday, April 22, 2016

JBF Drops 2 Bombs:Bomb 2-Hit-cular Explosion!

Here is the second part of my two-part mail day from Jaybarkerfan's Junk blog. Words cannot express how great and generous of a guy Wes is. I was blown away by my mail day.

Today's portion of the epic mail day is all about the hits. An explosion of them with a good focus on my G-Men among other fun items.

Here we go!

Sweet looking Sinorice Moss jersey card with the huge Giants logo in the background and I was an even bigger fan of the Rookie Retro threads of Jessie Palmer.

New Andre Williams PC piece and a sick looking Nassib with 4 swatches.

Some "older" jersey cards back when most were numbered. I felt they were more significant that way. Now they are never ending by the millions and most aren't numbered. The Tim Carter is the X's parallel numbered to 25.

Up next are a couple of non-main-sport autographs and loaded basketball autograph gallery. I like these because they were late 90's early 2000's.

The Rasual Butler is from Fleer Authentix which embedded a "ticket" into their rookie cards. I thought it was a really cool concept so was glad to add my first basketball version like this.

And to end the mail day, a 90's relic from a player I enjoyed watching from Duke. I wished they had a logo, but the design looks nice either way.

Overall, like I said, I am blown away. Thanks again so much Wes and I hope you enjoyed what I mailed you as well.

Alright guys, thoughts on my mail day?

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Today Sport Card Collectors blog reached yet another milestone, it surpassed 500,000 total views.

I just want to thank everyone who has come by to check out a review, opinion article, a mail day or contest on here the past 4 years.

This is a milestone I could only dream of years ago being a small time blogger and now I have accomplished it. It makes all of these years of hard work feel like they have paid off.

I hope everyone has a great rest of their week and hope to see you continue to come back and read my blog. I have plenty more fun posts ahead!

Take care,

JBF Drops 2 Bombs:Bomb 1-The Numbered Bunch

In what was an epic Monday mail day, I showed off the Leaf blaster yesterday, I also found myself staring at not one, but two Jaybarkerfan's Junk blog packages and knew I would soon be in heaven.
I don't think I made it through my house door before I started ripping those open. So just as I thought, I was soon drifting off into heaven.
To kick it off, some great numbered finds. None of these I have (and this goes for overall) so completely new Giants additions here. David Wilson back-flip blue wave refractor is pretty cool and the Brandon Jacobs gold on the bottom is numbered to 99.
JPP! A few more rookies and some more shiny finds.
The Shockey Titanium rookie is a great addition. I was a huge fan of Jeremy. A couple of new Andre Williams for that growing PC and my first ever Red Zone parallel of a Giant. I will always consider Tuck a Giant and ignore his couple of years with the Raiders. G-Men got him the bling!

Odell, what a find! Love these Crusade designs Panini does. Would love a full blown Crusade product.

A numbered Cox (sounds a little wrong) and die cut Nassib.

A few basketball cards and some numbered Non-Sport. Wes knows I am a huge non sport fan.
Another thing he knows I am a huge fan of, unopened 90s packs for any sport. Especially between the years of 94-99. I will be showing off their contents in a upcoming Nuttin But The Hits segment!
Once again, like we all know, JBF is the man. The thing to remember is, this is only Part 1. Tomorrow the bomb really explodes..WITH HITS! 
Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A RUTHian Contest Win

Last week I found out I was the lucky random winner of a 2016 Leaf Babe Ruth Collection blaster box from @TopShelfBreaks on Twitter. The prize arrived on Monday (I am a few days behind) and I thought I would show some of the cards off.

Being a Yanks fan, I was pretty stoked about this contest win especially after passing on a box at Walmart due to finances.
 Each box of 2016 Leaf Babe Ruth Collection comes with 20 packs of cards with 5 cards per pack. I believe that the boxes are $30 each which is a bit steep in my opinion. You do have chances at pulling authentic bat cards, Yankee seat cards and 1 of 1 cut signature cards. But I figured you probably had better odds of being struck by lightning dancing to Freeze Frame then you would pulling one of those three.
The base cards look nice and capture fun Ruth moments on and off the field.

Wonder if this fan is alive today? Would be fun to hear their story...

Punting or ballet.....
If I still had a Caption This segment, this card would be fitting. If you want to, take your shot at it in comments.

There are two forms of inserts you can find as well and you will find one if not two of them per pack. These look good too.
Overall, I like collecting base cards and inserts don't get me wrong, but I felt there was just something lacking here. It was basically 20 packs of base cards in my opinion. I just wished there was some other form of draw in here. Numbered parallel per box, a chrome-type of card, a pennant, something. This box was probably my only bust of this as from what I read there should be a base set and possibly one or both insert sets per blaster. If I can get all that the product offers in one blaster, why buy more??

A big thanks to @TopShelfBreaks for the box and if you guys are not following them, please do so. They do countless giveaways and have some creative/nice breaks as well.

You heard my thoughts so I pass it onto you, what do you guys think of this product?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Uniform Versus:San Diego Padres

Today's match up was a simple one for me. Some of you may agree, some may not.

The San Diego Padres have a long history of uniform changes. They started out in 1969 with a plain jersey with Padres across it, changed it in 1972 to mustard yellow, 74, 78, 79 (just took out the San Diego part), 80, 85,92 (changed color of jersey and writing), 2001, 2004, and now 2016. Crazy and that's not even counting all of the alternates!!

It was such a long list I had a hard time picking a match up to use for this segment. So what I ended up doing is randomly grabbing two cards from my Padres pile to use today. I could have easily done a Uniform vs vs vs vs vs vs as you see above, but decided two was enough. So I have one from 1994 and one from 2012. 

Up first, the 1994 that they wore from 1992-2000. I think the uniform, despite being basic, is one I mostly associate with the Padres as it's the one saw the most in my prime of watching tons of baseball. So simply put, I would choose this as the winner just because of that. I also like the pinstripes (must be the Yankee fan in me) that were used. Something now they seemed to be completely away from.
It's wasn't that I hated this design as it fits with today's times and it was one they wore for a long time til this year,
But, I just give edge to the one I have seen them in the most.

Since this is a card blog and card segment, when it comes to cardboard for these uniforms, I would say base card wise, that the new jerseys look better, but when it comes to memorabilia, there is no denying that fans including myself would rather see pinstripes and some color on their jersey cards.

Now I gotta pose this question to the readers and Padre fanatics, which of these two jerseys would you choose and the even tougher question, which jersey OVERALL do you prefer? 
Let me know in comments and why!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Nuttin But The Hits:2015 Score Football Box

Score has always been my go-to just for fun cheap break. Not to mention, this years product I have bought a decent handful of and trying to fill in the some set gap needs. For me, it's easier and more fun doing it through busting packs. Probably not the cheapest way but, sometimes the itch is there to open and with the decent price and amount of cards, I just do it.
  • 24 packs per box, 12 cards per pack
  • 1 Autograph or Memorabilia card per box
  • $25 per box
Base card Sp of Lesean McCoy. It's also the gold version.

My other photo variation from the box. Non-paralleled.

I don't think I have pulled one of these yet from Score 2015 til now. Cool design and theme. I am not a Patriots fan or one of Vinatieri, but I like the card none-the-less.
And my hit from the box. First time I have pulled an auto from 2015. It's also a Showcase parallel numbered to 99. Not bad either to find Dorsett who could have a breakout year with the Colts next season. I plan on holding onto this being my first Dorsett auto pull.
Overall, not bad at all. I also added 22 cards to my set (which I posted about in my handwritten post) and pulled a nice autograph. I also landed tons of inserts which didn't help any of my insert sets but I may use in a future giveaway on here. 

What are your thoughts on busting boxes to fill set needs? Do you prefer singles? Or if the boxes are cheap enough do you go this route?

Random Card On My Desk:2014-2015 Upper Deck Artifacts Tundra Tandems Dual Jersey Gerry Cheevers/Phil Esposito

Year: 2014-2015
Brand:Upper Deck
Team: Boston Bruins
Card Type: Jersey Card
Card Numbered:N/A
Sorting: Will be placed in a snap case and put into a jersey card box/hockey section

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday's With Rodney:1994 Pacific Prism

Prisms not to be confused with Panini Prizm, were some of the coolest looking cards on the market in the early to mid 90's. They had borderless fronts (you know I dig that) with a color player photo cut out and impressed on a prism-patterned background. The blend looks great and I tried my best to capture the appeal.

Production was a bit down on these as supposedly on 16,000 of each card was produced in silver foil like the Hampton below and 1,138 of each of the gold parallel were made. I featured the gold parallel of Hampton in a previous feature.

With only one card per pack, it wasn't always easy finding your favorites which drove up Marshall Faulk's gold parallel rookie card in value as they were very hard to find.

However, luckily for me, Jammin JDcards helped me bring this Hampton home for the PC.

The back is the actual photo they cut the player out of to put on the front with a blurred background.
If you would like to help out the Rodney Hampton Cardboard Craze and have some unneeded Rodney Hampton cards that are collecting dust, check out my major want list right HERE and support the cause.
What are your thoughts on 1994 Pacific Prism?