Saturday, April 9, 2016

Bloggers, Do I have You?

Hey guys,
This morning I was looking around at my traffic sources and noticed that one of the places I got traffic from was a blog called Pack War written by Corky. Then I realized, man, I don't have him on my blog list yet and he comments all of the time on mine! That can't happen!!! So Corky, you are now on my blog read list. I have checked out your blog, cool stuff and I look forward to new reads.

Now, I am wondering, how many of you am I missing that have me on yours? If I have missed you, please comment below with a link to your blog. If you are new to my blog and haven't added me, please do so and I will do the same. Please put that in comments as well along with your link. I am always looking for new reads and we are all one in this hobby.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and if you have any other thoughts to add, the floor is open to those as well.


Mail Day Saturday:Reader's Mail Day Part 3:Football Giants

We are closing in to the final part of this latest mail day from reader Grady M, I promise that one will be Shine-tacular.

Today's, well, we are showcasing those who play on the gridiron.

A nice group of rookies and inserts from a variety of products here. Best rookie of the group is Ha Ha Clinton-Dix who also has one of the best names in football.

Oh no! Just realized one of the shiny objects found their way into this group, well, that is an early preview. Some good stars here in Aaron Rodgers, Steve Young and Eric Dickerson.

NY Giants! Lots of Eli, some rookies and Cruuuuuuuuuuuuz

My first cards from 2015 Topps Fire. Such a sharp looking product. It's too bad we won't see this ever again on the football market with Panini's exclusive taking over.

This was a very nice looking product too. It's another one I didn't get the chance to open yet but glad to add a few key Giants of.

Two things about this card, one, yes I know it's shiny but I intentionally put it here with the rest of my Giants. Two, how do you make Topps Heritage look even better, you rainbow foil it. These are so sharp in person.

I also like that it's Collins rookie to. This guy will be a beast next season just wait and see.
Some nice additions in here. I should try to put some of those 2015 Topps flagship insert sets together with my purchases and with the additions from Grady. Its trying to gather them all into one place that will be the challenge since I have multiple insert binders.

Thoughts on today's mail day are welcomed!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Redeeming Gurley:A Quick Redemption Story

The title of this post is very creative I must say.

One, I pulled this SICK 2015 Contenders Todd Gurley Rookie Ticket Auto variation redemption card a few months ago.
Two, I redeemed it.

Three, I am way behind on posting it due to some changes I made on the blog . So this is the little story you

Four, when it comes to redemptions, I will say this card arrived very quickly to me as it was within three weeks after redeeming.

By far my nicest card from Contenders after 18 years of buying it. I wished Todd would work on his signature a bit more but overall I am not complaining.

Speaking of complaining, I know a lot of that is usually about redemptions, so I gotta ask, what was your fastest redemption turnaround?

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Reminiscing 90's:1999 McDonalds Doug's First Movie, Doug Pen

Key notes for April 7th 1999:

April 7th was a Wednesday
Bill Clinton was President
Most Popular Movie released in April of 1999 was Never Been Kissed
Most Popular Book around this time was All Too Human by George Stephanopoulos
Billboard Hot 100 number-one single on April 7th 1999 was No Scrubs by TLC 

Most of us who grew up in the 90's knew who Doug was. If not, here is a quick recap on the show that came out around the same time as classics Ren&Stimpy and Rugrats.

The show focuses on growing up with its title character, Doug Funnie, who had just moved into a new town and school in Bluffington. The show covered many topics of trying to fit in. Whether it was bullying to rumors to romance which was a big focus on the show with his classmate and main crush, Patti Mayonnaise.
Doug aired from August 11, 1991-January 2, 1994 On Nickelodeon before they decided to not continue on with it. It was then picked up by ABC that was bought by Disney and they played the new episodes on One Saturday Morning (man that theme is now in my head) from September 7, 1996-June 26, 1999. Luckily before the show ended, they were able to release theatrical feature-length film, Doug's 1st Movie which is what this toy is from.

I picked up this fine memory piece from a free box at a yard sale.The pen even still works and the toy is basically mint.

Doug, even though the main character, seemed to always be under the radar when it came to character placement. I guess that's what you get when you move to a new town and learn life lessons of growing up.

I thought I would choose a few players cards from the 90's that I always thought were great, but never seemed to get the spotlight.

John Stockton seemed to always have Karl Malone over his shoulder "delivering". Even though John was always dishing it around and especially to Karl. Allan Houston was always under the radar for the Knicks, even though he made a key shot many times. But, when you have Patrick Ewing....
Chris Warren and Cris Carter were both BEASTS for their respective teams. But, it always seemed like when it came to the hobby or in popularity contests, they would never finish at the top.
Same could always be said for McGriff. He was a truly seasoned veteran that played for many teams but never truly stood out despite how well the "Crime Dog" played. Edgar was teammates with Ken Griffey Jr, Randy Johnson and Alex Rodriguez. That alone should be enough said, even though this guy could truly hit with the best.

So who do you guys have as your player(s) that were great but always felt like they were in the "shadows" of others?

(By the way, after this episode, we are going on a complete Ghostbusters streak to get ready for the new movie!)

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Hitless Product Could Survive

Back in 2014, I wrote a piece asking if Upper Deck's Series 1 And 2 Hockey is the Ideal Product, and broke down why I thought it was. After busting yesterday's 2015-2016 Series 2 box, I can also tell you, Upper Deck has built this product so well, that it would even survive as a hitless product.

Not since the 90's has a product made such an impact on the hobby with such little "hits" as Upper Deck's flagship hockey product. Collectors are buying this left and right and even through the e-pack system chasing their favorite players and the most sought after non-autographed rookie cards on the market, Young Guns.

I think this product has such a solid foundation, that if Upper Deck decided, "hey, let's make the hits even tougher to pull or let's get rid of them all together" that this product would easily survive. It's not the main focus here and collectors who have opened this product in the past I am sure strongly agree.

Here is why I think this product would work.

The base cards are a great starter. They capture incredible scenes and sometimes heartwarming moments like no other product on cardboard. There is also a big checklist which makes set and team collectors happy.

The Young Guns hold/increase value despite not being signed or numbered. It's the nice checklist and limited amount of these per box that have collectors chasing them down as the top rookie cards of their favorite players. It's been this way for years. However, the value and want of these would drastically change if they were per pack so I am glad that Upper Deck did it this way instead.

Also challenges us set collectors to chase them down. As we all know, it's all about the chase!

Even the simplest parallels are collectible/valuable in this product. There is usually only one per box and they are numbered to 100 or less. None of this 25 parallels per box stuff like some companies pile on. Upper Deck keeps it simple and worthwhile.

Sharp looking inserts that don't fall per pack help too. I know a few collectors who poured their hearts out into putting this particular insert set together. And this is just one of a few inserts you can find as Upper Deck adds new ones every year. Canvas cards shown below are unique and the Young Gun versions are tough-valuable pulls. Another, win-win.

The final and most important part of why I believe this product would work as a hitless one, the price of the product is very reasonable for both young and old collectors. All I can say is if you pay $3.99 per pack and pull one of the key Young Guns in a pack or two, I am pretty sure you will celebrating and it doesn't even need a swatch of jersey or be signed to bring such excitement. Even if you don't, you will still feel like a winner with what you do get I feel.

There is currently one jersey card in every box and I think it works right now and adds value when it comes to the top tier players, but I still think it's not needed here. I find myself immersed so deeply in the other aspects I sometimes forget you pull one per box until I stumble upon it. As for the autographs, since I have never pulled one with the astronomical odds, I already know I wouldn't miss that aspect.

There you have it on why I think this product would be set without hits. Upper Deck has built a great product from the bottom up without many hits already, I think removing what's there for hits wouldn't change the outlook on how collectors feel about it.
So what do you guys think? Do you agree with me? Would this product survive without all of the bells and whistles of hits? What other products do you think would/could survive? Or do you think every collector is so set on hits that it would be silly to take them out at this point?

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Nuttin But The Hits:2015-2016 Upper Deck Series 2 Hobby Box (Eichel Sighting/100)

BLOGGERS NOTE: This is a new segment. One thing about my Breakin Wax series was that it was supposed to be a quick breakdown of a box break but instead turned into a full review every time. Yes, I do have reviews but those are specifically for newer releases. So to separate confusion, Nuttin But The Hits will literally be what it says. It's still enjoyable and gets everyone straight to what they wanna see.
  • 2015-2016 Upper Deck Series 2 Hobby Box
  • 24 Packs Per Box, 8 Cards Per Pack
  • One Memorabilia Card Per Box
  • Six Young Guns Rookies Per Box
  • Four UD Canvas Cards Per Box
  • Four UD Portraits Per Box
  • Five O-Pee-Chee Update Per Box
  • One O-Pee-Chee Rainbow Foil Parallel Per Box
  • Two O-Pee-Chee Retro Updates Per Box
  • $70 Per Box

My Young Gun finds:
Like my usual Young Gun pulls, nothing too big here.

My rainbow foil O-Pee-Chee update rookie find

My Canvas pulls weren't great so I didn't bother posting those this time same as my UD Portraits. Not sure if in the future of this segment if I will post all of my hits or just key ones.

My jersey card wasn't that great either. I have never pulled anyone big on these. However, I set my new best on a Series 1 and 2 best pull on the next card....

This O-Pee-Chee Update Rookie Black Border #'d 51/100 of hot rookie Jack Eichel. Sharp looking card all around with the throwback design and touch of rainbow foil. Of course as everyone knows, I like shiny things.

Overall, not a horrible break with Eichel saving it in terms of hits. But, with the Young Guns you just never know which rookie will up their game later on. That has happened to me before.

This has always been a product I never mind digging into more than once.

What are your thoughts on this years Upper Deck Series 2? What was your best hit of all time from the product?

Monday, April 4, 2016

Opening Day..... Gallery Of Fun

To celebrate Opening Day in baseball, here are a bunch of random baseball cards I found in my blogger albums. Most of these you may have seen, but say you may have not.

Let's get this gallery on and hope everyone enjoys a great day of baseball!
Pack pulled this a couple of years ago
Cool card, player I don't respect however. Sorry Bonds fans.

Miss this guy playing. Yankees do to.
I never did finish my rainbow of him...
Always liked his signature

He was better in pinstripes.....
Always the type of players I pull in Bowman....
 Found this in a mystery box

Obvious card had to be here.

90's! Don't make inserts like this anymore.

Yard Sale pickups a couple of years ago

Wished this was in a Yanks uni, but I still like it
This is actually a picture, but still awesome and was a must post

There is nothing wrong with posting extra Yankees today...

One of my favorite 2015 pickups...

So good luck to your MLB team if they play today, unless you are an Astros fan, cause I am just going to leave you with this image...

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday's With Rodney:1996 Topps Laser

Die cut and unique, yes please!

Today's Rodney Hampton card is just that.

1996 Topps Laser football cards were issued in one series which was made up of 128 cards. The cards are all etch foil stamped and die cut. The players name and team are etched in foil down the side of the card while the other 2/3rds of the card is the featured player.

The back of the card has the etching from the front and lots of red and a small player photo. There isn't much in terms of on-the-field stats, but does breakdown other stats.