Saturday, February 13, 2016

Steiner Sports Browns Promo Gift Card Arrived! What Did I Buy...

I am not sure how many of you either read my post or knew of the amazing promotion that Steiner Sports was running, but my gift card arrived earlier this week for joining in on it.

To quickly recap their promo, you had to send in a Cleveland Browns QB's autographed item (cards count too) in the past 20 years and in exchange, if you followed Steiner's simple rules, they would take that item and trade you a $100 gift card to their site.

The items that Steiners recieved in the promo would be auctioned off for a good cause. So it's a double win. From what I hear, plenty of collectors and Browns fans took advantage of the promo. Like thousands.

It didn't take me long to find a couple of items to buy with the gift card. I bought one NY Yankees item and one item for the NY Giants.

Can anyone take a stab at what they were? Remember they have to combine to $100.

You can check out their site to take your guess, here:

(I will hopefully be posting those items next week)

Breakin Wax: 2013 Panini USA Champions Baseball Hobby Box (BRYANT!!)

Mucho fun and value! That's what I consider 2013 USA Champions to be. Lots of hits, fun inserts and surprises around every corner. I could buy this again and again. Probably why this is my third go.

Here is a quick Box Break Down. I didn't get a box picture. I am getting bad at that lol. There are 24 Packs Per Box and 8 Cards Per Pack. You will find Two Autographs and Three Game Gear Memorabilia Cards Per Box on average. I have gotten extra hits in my breaks. Boxes average......$32. Crazy!!!!

I didn't post the base, well, I have plenty of other times. I would like to note that I haven't yet got a Bryant base card in three tries.

My inserts.I like the design on these. Everything balances out nicely and it fits the theme.

SHINY!!!! Gotta love the Certified inserts included. Not to mention, Die Cuts.

My autographs were okay. Mulder the best of the two.

My memorabilia could have been better if I had pulled a....

Oh wait...I DID!! By far my best Kris Bryant card. Can't go wrong finding this in a $32 box.
Overall, I want more. The price is so good, the cards look great and the chance at pulling a top tier autograph including Kris Bryant makes this product a top choice when I go shopping online. Hopefully with my birthday up next month I can look into another box then.

What are your thoughts on this product and Panini baseball products?

Friday, February 12, 2016

Breakin Wax:2014 Panini Certified Football Hobby Box

Certified is another favorite of mine. I like the all-foil product it is. They look really exceptional when they are done in rainbow foil too.

Sorry I don't have a box picture, but here is the lowdown. You get 10 packs per box with 5 cards per pack. There is four autographs/memorabilia cards per box along with three rookie cards and four parallels. You can find most boxes for under $50.

The base set is simple. Player focused and lots of foil. I think the balance of player and the writing on the card works out beautifully.

Pulled three rookies in this box. Not too much to brag about. Verrett is pretty good.

My Parallels. Two good players. I love the Favre.


Can't argue with finding anything Freeman in my box with the season he had.

New Generation fabric. I dig the design big time. I just wished the gold had been Derek Carr and not Logan Thomas.

My other hit was a 150 Panini point card that I didn't bother showing.

This was the final hit of the box. Not too shabby with it being numbered to 10. However, it wasn't a player I had heard of so I had to Google him.

Vai was a running back/kickoff returner who played in the league from 86-93 and played mainly for the Cardinals. He also made appearances on the Packers and Eagles. He was in two Pro Bowls. He now is an announcer in Philly.
Overall, nothing too big but a few decent cards. I might have gotten my money worth depending on how much Vai is. But didn't feel great about the break overall.

Have any of you heard of Vai?

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Breakin Wax:2015 Panini USA Stars And Stripes Longevity Baseball Part 2

Even though my first break was weak, I decided to give this stuff another go. Great price lured me in.

In every box of 2015 Panini Stars and Stripes baseball is 10 packs with 5 cards per pack. Most of these boxes can be found at $25 and comes with 4, yes 4, hits! You can find Kris Bryant hidden within as well.

Best of my base...

My cool parallels. Love the shine! Both /49.

Still digging these..


And crazy enough, the same autograph I pulled in the first box. This one isn't a parallel however.
Overall, another bleh kinda break but price and hit quantity hooked me in. May be another product I try again. I feel somewhere there has got to be a gem hiding...

What are your thoughts on this product?

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My First Digital Experience

For those that have read my blog, followed me on Twitter or liked me on Facebook, you have seen many times my thoughts on collecting digital cards. I don't care for it. I am one who would rather prefer the real physical card that you can hold. So when Upper Deck announced their new digital card idea in the e-pack, it actually offers collectors a chance to do more than just stare at their computer screen or mobile device. You can actually claim cards to physically hold.

I am a bit behind in posting about this on here and to be honest, up until today I still had no interest in trying it. I guess it's the ole fashion collector has me still stuck in the days before the internet. Well, before I discovered the internet.

After watching a buddy of mine pull yet another autograph from an e-pack today, he has also hit a Bobby Orr autograph and the much sought after Connor McDavid Young Gun, I thought that maybe it was time I gave it a try. I suppose at some point I need to check these things out, right?

So I went to to check it out. First thing you need to do is to sign in or sign up like I did.  

After I submitted my info, BOOM, this came on like I had scored a goal. I hit a first achievement just for signing up. 

Up next, it brought to the home page with many options to click on.......

Of course I went straight for the FREE pack. You can get one three card FREE pack per day.

Up next the wrapper pops up. Man I could smell that fresh pack scent...oh wait....not only can I not smell it, I have to let the computer open it for me. *sigh*

BOOM! Siren's blaring again! Achievement earned of ripping the pack! Well, not really. I clicked on it. So technically I clicked on the pack. 

Inside of the FREE packs you only get base cards. You must buy packs to get the inserts, Young Guns, jersey cards and autographs. However, once you collect a certain number of the same base card it unlocks a special parallel card of that player. So I guess you must be consistent on coming back to open the FREE packs. The other part is, the base cards you CANNOT get as physical cards. So for us base collectors, we gotta realize this.

Now onto my three cards from my first ever pack of digital cards.

My first card was of Blues Alexander Steen

Second card was of Canadians Nathan Beaulieu 

And my final card was of Dustin Byfuglien

My first pack collection 

There is another aspect to the e-pack where you can link a “Check Out My Cards” account to Upper Deck e-Pack and transfer physical cards to COMC. Once transferred to COMC, you can have the cards shipped, or sell them on the COMC marketplace. 

So what are my thoughts on e-pack and my first ever digital experience, well.... 

  1. Don't have an LCS or Walmart nearby, open a pack on a mobile device. Open here, there, pretty much everywhere. Even on a box, with a fox, on boat without a coat. In China, at your in-laws, on the toilet seat, wherever!
  2. You can claim actual physical cards of the ones you stare at on your screen. Not something other companies offer.
  3. They offer daily FREE packs so even those on a short budget can join in. Even though they are just base cards, it still may help get the pack itch out.
  4. The COMC crossover will help sell your cards easier than eBay. 
  5. The site looks nice and is very user friendly. It also moves fast and has no delay.
  1. Hoping it doesn't take too much away from the remaining LCS'. Cause to me, there is nothing like going to an LCS. Not that I have one, but I remember what it was like.
  2. It's still digital and not like opening up a real pack of Upper Deck cards. I will take that fresh box/pack smell any day.
  3. You have to pay for a digital pack/box/case then have to pay to have the cards shipped to you
  4. You can't claim base cards which hurts base set collectors or team collectors 
  5. It's still digital. I think you get my point.
Now that I have had my first digital card tasting will I move forward in that direction? Probably not. I will simply just take the FREE packs when I have an itch. I still can't see myself paying for digital cards as I still prefer opening up something with my hands. But, that's just me. Many really like the site, collect the digital cards and so forth. I will say for my first experience, it well pretty well and I was impressed with Upper Deck's idea and what was offered and how it was presented.

Overall, digital cards are still not up my alley, but if I was ever going to head that direction or was forced to, I think Upper Deck is taking digital to the right place.

Breakin Wax:2015 Sage Hit High Series (Boom Found)

I have mentioned this before, but Sage Hit isn't usually a hobby box buy for me. I usually do retail only. However, after my last success with a 2014 box and pulling a Teddy Bridgewater, I talked myself into trying a 2015. Glad I did.

Once again, I forgot a box picture. Sorry! But here is a breakdown of the product.

There is 72 cards per box. 12, yes, 12 autographs, 58 base cards and 2 The Write Stuff inserts. Boxes will run ya about $50 which isn't too shabby for 12 autographs.

Here were my The Write Stuff Inserts. Not too bad.

Now onto the autographs. I decided not to show base since I have done that already in the past.

Nova was a Giant so that's a good PC piece I didn't have.

Golden could be a star one day.

Autographs looked a little better with these two.

But definitely didn't touch this bad boy! BOOM TODD GURLEY!
The Gurley also happens to be a pretty nice looking card as well.

Overall, 12 autographs, a few decent ones and a boom. Can't complain about this hobby box buy. It may actually tempt me to try another Sage Hit hobby instead of retail.

What are your thoughts on my break and on Sage Hit?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

KILMERing It! Another Psych Autograph Pickup!

In one of my most glorious additions to my Psych autograph collection yet, I have been biting at the nails to show this one off as I bought it awhile ago.

My Psych autograph collection now welcomes it's newest member, Val Kilmer.

The best thing about this purchase was the price. Most list for about $40, I bid on it and managed to wrangle it out for only $16! A steal for sure!

I have been a fan of Kilmers for awhile. I mean anyone who suits up as Batman (Kilmer took Keaton's spot who turned down the role in Batman Forever), how can I not be? (as I type this I am using the Batman trademark voice)

But he has put out many great films over his lengthy career and made plenty of TV appearances as well. He played a detective in his episode appearance on Psych.

So now gotta ask, what is your favorite film or TV appearance by Val Kilmer?

Monday, February 8, 2016

FACEMASK!!! Number 80, Gain Of One Card

Jeremy Shockey was simply one of those guys who didn't want to see come across the middle of the field if you were a defender. Cause if that ball got in his hands, he would simply take you face mask off with his bullying style run after the catch.

In my latest pickup, it seems Leaf took the face mask off of him.


I miss when companies would do more with helmet pieces in memorabilia cards. There are only so many times you can see a plain colored jersey swatch in a box. What about mixing it up a bit??!!!

Recently in 2014, Panini brought back helmet pieces to their Absolute product and I believe it carried out to a few others as well. It was a nice add in and something I was happy to see and pull in that product. There is so much you can do with a helmet. You have the facemask, the numbers, stripes, buttons, straps and so on. Those would make great pieces. I would love to get a prime swatch with some NY on it!

What are your thoughts on helmet pieces?

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Unlike this blog that seems to be slipping a little the last few months dropping 10 blog followers and slipping some in views, Hampton Cardboard Craze has grown! That makes me happy but at the same time makes me wonder what I am doing wrong on here.

Anyways, if you are still blog following and reading, I hope you check out the newest Hampton Cardboard Craze post. It involves a card that is 1:45 packs of finding!

Follow the link to see today's brand new spankin post!
1995 Pro Line Classic Series II Precision Cuts

90's Niche Football Card Blog Trade Part 2:90's Insert Goodness

I posted Part 1 of my trade with 90's Niche Football Card Blog yesterday, today is Part 2. This one is all about the 90's!

So sit back and enjoy!

Up first, this Digital Replays MotionVision. These things are really cool. Companies don't make anything like this anymore. This is the front cover, it's a CD case.

When you open it up, you find a card. These cards when tipped the right way make the player run a play. Really cool. This is of Kerry Collins who was one of my favorite 90's quarterbacks. 

Speaking of Collins, even more additions. 

More 90's inserts. You have gotta truly appreciate their beauty.

Two of my favorite Broncos. A 90's UD hologram to. Those were always rocking!

Randy Moss! What a beast he was.  Not that Seau wasn't too.

Some of the coolest base cards ever made. Acetate surrounded by cardboard. 

Another one of my favorite 90's QB, Mark Brunell. Loved the year that he led the Jags to the AFC Championship game while upsetting Buffalo and Denver along the way. I thought they would had taken down the Patriots, but sadly couldn't. Probably the last chance the Jags had to make a run like that it seems lol.

And finally, Mirror Image. 4 interesting players on this card. Not really sure I would have called them mirror images of each other lol. 

Overall, another great mail day. A big thanks goes out to 90's Niche football card blog for the trade and I am looking forward to our next which is already in the process. If you haven't checked out his blog yet, please do so!

Random Card On My Desk:2002-2003 Topps Jersey Edition Brian Grant