Saturday, November 14, 2015

Breakin Wax:2015 Bowman Football Blaster Box

So I broke down and did it, I bought a 2015 Bowman football blaster box.

As you know I have shared some strong opinions on the product as it is a shameful put out of what it once was. With the circumstance of wanting to bust something and my Walmart carrying no other options, I gave it a go anyways.

Here is how it went.
In every blaster of 2015 Bowman football, there are eight packs and seven cards per pack. Blasters run you about $20. There are no guarantees on hits. I also haven't figured out why companies put seven packs plus one extra pack when you know all along they were packing eight packs in there no matter what.

The base cards are not terrible looking. A lot of border and paper thin card stock, but not too bad.

This is the biggest eye sore of the product, the rookies. No logos, the background colors are atrocious, and I just don't think they have any appeal. I remember when Bowman put out solid full-bleed color photos for their rookie cards. What happened??!?!? Oh, these were the best two rookies from the box.

Purple parallels. Not bad players and I think Petty has a bright future.

Blue parallel.

These look pretty sharp. This kinda card I don't mind.

And my best pull from the box an Melvin Gordon Orange Ice numbered to 50.

And to finish it out, a Mini.
Overall, there was a mixed feeling on value in the blaster. My rookies weren't great, the parallels were mostly easy/less valuable pulls and as you can see, the Gordon was the best card. With the feel of the product combined with the value I felt I got in this blaster, it feels Bowman won't be missed next year by me and won't be picked up this year by me again either.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Finding The Bargains

I am always on the lookout for bargains, so when I found a NY Giants lot that included 7 hits and started out at $13, I targeted it like a hunter spotting a nice buck.

Luckily for me, nobody else spotted this. So $13 and a steal was born!

There were a few base cards in there. I was missing three out of four so I call that a win.

Nassib.Not sure if he will ever play but if he does I have plenty of him!

Not sure where this guy is now. Still a cool card and autograph. 

A new Andre card and it's Prizm. Sweet!

I never have seen these before. I was already a big fan of Panini Black and this just makes it even more. The offset in color/B&W is very beautiful. The layout is nice as well. The number 21 here is for Eli's 21 career comeback wins. 

A new Rueben Randle autograph for the PC. I really wished he would be more consistant. I hope the Giants re-sign him next year too and give him another shot. He has shown some signs of stardom. 

Another new Randle!!! This is another one I have always wanted to add to the PC. Now I need the Sp Authentic and the Contenders auto. 

And closing the mail day out is this impressive two-color auto patch of Andre Williams. This alone could have gone for what I paid for the lot. 

Not sure if the rest of you will agree, but I think I scored pretty well here. A few of these cards might have sold for the $13 to the right buyer. Just glad I snatched it up first.

As always, thoughts on my mail day are appreciated! 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

REVIEW:2015 Contenders Draft Picks Basketball (HUGE HIT)

24 Packs Per Box, 8 Cards Per Pack
In the collecting world when you hear or say the word Contenders, you know other collectors will be listening. So when Panini decided to expand their Contenders line with Draft Picks football and today's break, Draft Picks basketball, collectors should rejoice in excitement at the thought of being able to collect their favorite rookies autographs twice. At least that's the way I see it.

Another way to grab collector's attention is to put the word HUGE HIT in my blog title to help celebrate a big one that I pulled in here.

In every box of 2015(-2016) Panini Contenders Draft Picks basketball are 24 packs of 8. Of those 8 cards in a pack, half are inserts. You will also find 5 autographs per box but most likely it will be 6 as Panini has shown with past Contenders releases and my box had that.

Boxes will run you just under $130.
You will also find the following:


The base cards are once again given the ticket treatment. I don't think it would be Contenders if they weren't given that. Being a Draft Picks product, it focuses on the players college years as you will see these players in their throwback uniforms.

There are 100 cards in the base set.
24 Packs Per Box, 8 Cards Per Pac

Panini kept this draft picks product pretty similar to the football version that seemed to have been a success by delivering an insert lineup that features School Colors, Old School Colors, Collegiate Connections, Game Day Tickets, Class Reunion, the fabled College Ticket Autographs and juggernaut parallels like Cracked Ice.

Designs are similar too. Old School Colors covers veterans in their college years while School Colors covers this years rookie class in theirs. I like that Panini offset the two similar inserts in terms of design.

I have never pulled a Cracked Ice so when I didn't find one here, that was no surprise.

The inserts do look nice, but I must admit, I do miss the days of when most Contenders or Donruss products had numbered inserts. Now there just seems to be way too many base inserts.

Well, now it's time to get to what you have been really waiting for. The autographs! These are by far what the product is all about.

Thorton is a Celtic drafted 45th overall and Johnson was 48th by the Thunder.

2015 WNBA ROOKIES: Find Autographs of all of the top names from the 2015 WNBA Draft including Naismith semi-finalist Brittany Boyd. I pulled Rehanda Gray in mine who was drafted 23rd by Atlanta.

INTERNATIONAL TICKETS: Find it here first, the all-new International Ticket, featuring 2015 NBA Top-10 Draft Picks Emmanuel Mudiay from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Kristaps Porzingis from Latvia. Find hobby exclusive playoff, championship and cracked ice tickets, sequentially numbered to 23 or less. - See more at:

INTERNATIONAL TICKETS: All-new International Ticket has been added to the Contenders lineup! It features 2015 NBA Top-10 Draft Picks Emmanuel Mudiay from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Kristaps Porzingis from Latvia and my player below. Only three in the checklist! Find hobby exclusive playoff, championship and cracked ice tickets, sequentially numbered to 23 or less.

Hezonja plays for the Magic and has a lot of potential.

Richardson, was drafted 40th by the Miami Heat. My only ticket parallel from the box numbered to 99.

And THE BIG BAD BOY! Playing tremendous this season is JAHLIL OKAFOR. It also appears from early indication that this is a variation as well.

Okafor was drafted 3rd overall by the 76ers. He joins LeBron James and Kevin Durant as the only players to score at least 80 points in their team’s first four games at the age 19 and under and currently leads all rookies in scoring at 20.3 points per game.

Overall, a tremendous break. The Okafor, I got an WNBA auto, International auto and the rest are second round picks with potential. Seems value is in here. Especially when you are talking rookies as you never know which ones will or will not make it.

I do have a few tweaks I would make too. One, way too many inserts with four per pack. That needs to be dulled down. I think a few more parallels per box and maybe even a different pack layout as 24 packs just seemed like a lot of base/inserts. However, it did help excitement grow for that next auto with every pack I opened.

Comments on this product/break are welcomed!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Breakin Wax:Psych Seasons 5-8 Hobby Box

Yesterday I showed you my results from a Seasons 1-4 box of Psych, today is the final three seasons of 5-8.

I didn't post a box picture because this is my second break of the product just like with 1-4. You can always find it on the blog by searching :)

I will break down a box again however.

Every box of Psych trading cards seasons 5-8 comes with 24 packs with 5 cards per pack. You will find three on-card autographs per box with boxes running roughly $45.

Here are my inserts. They seem to be much more tougher pulls in the second series which is fine with me as it drives up value. But that also means more base cards but I did get the base set.

Now onto the autographs. My first box contained two of these so I got two doubles. I am not going to complain however, all three of these autographs are good ones.

French Stewart I pulled in my first box.

Malcolm McDowell I pulled in my first box too.

However, Diedrich Bader, I needed. Most of us remember him from his ditzy character in the 90's on Drew Carey.
Once again I will say that I have no complaints even with the two doubles. I plan on keeping those by the way.

With these two good box breaks of Psych, I definitely want to go back for more. I am really hoping the next time that I bust a box that I land Shawn or Gus. I would be PSYCHed!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Breakin Wax:Psych Seasons 1-4 Hobby Box (Extra Hit 1:96)

If you didn't know by now, I am a huge Psych fan. Since the show ended in a shortened eighth season, I haven't really done much with Psych. I haven't bought the last couple of seasons I still need, I haven't re-watched any of them or purchased any of the cards. That all changed when I stumbled upon the amazing prices that dacardworld had going on for Psych boxes. I picked up a Seasons 1-4 and a Seasons 5-8 box.

I think I did fairly well with the cost.

Time to see if you agree.

Inserts from my box. Psych Undercover that shows their best Undercover garments, Psychic moments capturing Shawn's biggest "psychic" reveals and

Henry's Wisdom. If you watched the show you know that Shawn's father always had his input.

Now onto the hits! First up, a piece of Henry's shirt. Or as some may call him, Corbin Bernsen. Pretty cool pattern.

Speaking of pretty cool patterns...a bonus hit! A dual wardrobe that falls 1:96 packs!!!

And my autograph from the box, Rachael Leigh Cook. Just plain beautiful all around. Design, picture, on-card and the autograph. Cryptozoic captured quite a few big namers in the autograph checklist for the product. Cook's is one of the tougher ones to find as you can't find one under $80 on eBay.
Oh yeah, I mentioned a good price. I got this box for $27.95! And it has 24 packs with 5 cards per pack meaning on top of the above pulls, I also got a base set. Solid all around! Did I also mention that it was supposed to come with two hits?

This was one of my better purchases in awhile. I can't complain. Tomorrow's Season 5-8 isn't quite as exciting, but still one great bargain. Stay tuned for that.

Monday, November 9, 2015

CONTEST! WIN A Victory Fine Art Sports Print!!

At first glance you are probably wondering...what is it the top to a Scentsy wax holder (my wife has really been into this lately)? Is it an empty toilet bowl? Is it a portal to another dimension. The last one is partially right, it's a portal. A portal to some fine art!

Once you pop the cover, it's time to reach in, pull out your piece and celebrate!

About a month ago, I was contacted by Victory Fine Art about doing a promotion for you guys. As always, I have to do my 50pt inspection check to make sure this is a legitimate thing by doing research. I won't sign up just for anything and WOULDN'T EVER put you guys through a mess.

I hadn't ever heard of Victory Fine Art and it was a bit strange to be contacted out of the blue about a promotion. So I checked out their website and was pretty amazed by the artwork and design of their prints and canvases and knew that you guys would be amazed as well. So I accepted to do this promo where YOU GUYS will be landing one of these amazing prints as well.

While you wait for details on that, let me give you a brief roundup of Victory Fine Art.

If you were like me and hadn't ever heard of them, here is who they are put best by their words, "Victory Fine Art spent over a full year scrutinizing the renderings of 317 artists to select the four award-winning artists who create original sports artwork exclusively for us. In each painting these artists strive to capture the pulse of the moment and the athlete’s passion for the sport. Each piece of art is anatomically correct and has the proper composition, form and balance"

Victory Fine Art is also officially licensed by National Football League, Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, the National Basketball Association and Mohammed Ali Enterprises.

They offer Fine Art Prints, Giclees on Canvas and Original One-of-a-Kind paintings. Each one of their amazing art pieces comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity. The prints are on 100 pound Oxford gloss-coated paper. It's a nice solid stock.

Now, let's take a gander at what was inside of my portal of art awesomeness.

There was just some connection I made to this piece on their website that made me want it immediately. Which I believe is their goal and the goal of their artists. They put together these wonderful pieces to draw you in and make you feel for the piece. This one was done by award winning sports artist Armando Villarreal.

From the description of this piece, it appears that Armando painted this with automobile paint on aluminum helping create this three dimensional look. It's that kind of creativity that created these colors that really drew me in honestly. The silver background looks great against the Giants blue. Definitely frame-worthy and something I am going to do with it.

A print pieces start out at $35 and canvases could hit $1,000. This Eli would be $385 as a canvas. I can only imagine how impressive that is.

Now let's give you the info on how you can win yourself a print or as I would call it, a man or woman-cave centerpiece.
  1. Contest open to U.S. Residents or those who have an address in the U.S. but live outside it (I checked with them on this rule so that was their decision)
  2. Visit their website, HERE, and pick out your favorite piece and comment below with it. This will earn you ONE ENTRY.
  3. Pimp this contest. If you have a blog, post about this contest. If you have Twitter, tweet it and please include @victoryfineart. You will earn an additional entry for doing either of these. PLEASE make sure to include your link in comments below to earn that extra entry.
  4. Contest ends on Wednesday November 18th 2015 with a winner being announced here in comments on November 19th 2015.  Make sure to come back then to see if it was you!
Thanks again to Victory Fine Art for this chance to give my readers an opportunity at one of these great pieces of art and I can't wait to see what my followers think of your product.

By the way for those of you that are entering, here is a few more pictures of pieces you could win. It will be hard to choose just one, believe me.

Kris Bryant  Peyton Manning 

Derek Jeter  Bryce Harper 

Kobe Bryant  Muhammad Ali 

Sidney Crosby Stanley Cup LA Kings

REVIEW:2015-2016 Panini Hoops Basketball

Hoops basketball is always the way I like to "tip off" my basketball collecting season.It gives you the first look at the rookie class and offers players in their new uniforms.

That is actually only the tip of the iceberg of what Hoops offers, read on to find out more!

In every box of 2015-2016 Hoops basketball is 24 packs of 12 cards. So you are getting a lot of cards! One positive! You will also find two autographs per box. Second Positive. And each box will run you roughly $65. Third positive. This review is off to a kicking start!

Each box will also come packing with 24 Rookie Cards, seven numbered cards, three Red Back variations, two Gold parallels, one Green parallel, one Bird’s Eye View, one Courtside, one Team Leaders and one Triple-Double.

The base cards are very simple wrap around border with a posed photo, mostly for players changing to their new teams or some nice action shots. There is a little bit of everything.

Find all of the rookies in their new uniforms! Porz is having a great year with the Knicks so far. I also pulled Okafor. With a big checklist, it's hard to get all of the key rookies in one box with only one rookie per pack. No complaint from me on that as it helps make the rookies a bit more valuable.

Parallels. There wasn't one that I didn't like. Shiny, some numbered. I am once again impressed.

These are just like the Elite Series for baseball.

More shiny goodness. Road to the Finals are numbered. Depending on which round, they are all numbered differently.

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh Flyers defines just that. A player going rim high.

It appears my Birds Eye View never made it on here. Those look amazing with the photography on them. They also have a rainbow foil finish to them. You are only supposed to get one per box, I got two with my second one being a Artist Proof parallel of Dirk. 

Another one-per-box is Triple-Double. I pulled LeBron, doesn't get much better than that.

My two autographs weren't super stars, not even close, but the design is really nice. It's also fun to have a variety of players in a low-end product such as Hoops that you may not see in other brands.

Anthony Bennett is a player that just hasn't panned out. 1st overall pick by the Cavs didn't play up to expectations and was involved in a three player trade that helped Cleveland nab Kevin Love. I think Cleveland got the better deal there. Even though pictured in a Timberwolves jersey here, he now plays for the Raptors trying to hold onto his NBA dreams.

Jordan Mickey hasn't had much experience yet as a rookie. As I type this, he has two points and one game played. Being a big man, 6'8" 235, he might get more playing time as the season goes on for the Celtics.
Overall, I believe this product is well worth the $65. It packs fun, it covers set collectors and kids, could provide some nice hits and just has a solid appeal.

This years Hoops will not disappoint!