Saturday, October 10, 2015

Epic Trade Mail Day From Project Pedro Part 3: The Giants Touchdown

Part 3 and the finale of my mail day is broken down into four parts with three sub-parts. Yes, four. Today I will kick it off with these Giants and then turn it to Giants player focus tomorrow for parts 3A,3B and 3C to cover all 38+ autograph and memorabilia cards. I will publish all three sub-parts tomorrow so pay attention and don't miss out because there is some really cool stuff.

First up, is my very first YA Tittle memorabilia card. I find actual legend worn material much more exciting than the rookie premier worn items. (you will see this Greg Jones twice but I only got one. It was the only way I could take this picture without a reflection)

 No that isn't Odell, that's Ramses Barden. The guy never turned out as they expected. I was hoping he would had been the next Plaxico with his height but never panned that way.

 Some great autographs here. My second Nicks rookie auto, my second best Contenders auto in Mario Manningham and the Giants future in Moore and Nassib.

To end this part, some sweet swatches especially in the Nicks and Bradshaw. I really like the Andre Brown auto-patch as well. Really wished he could have done a bit more and kept playing.  

This is just the kickoff to the New York Giants portion of this trade. Plenty of greatness to come and no better way to show it off than to show it off on Game Day. 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Epic Trade Mail Day From Project Pedro Part 2: Griffey Explosion!!

Part 2 of my MONSTER trade mail day with Project Pedro blog focuses on The Kid and a lot of him!


Overall there was roughly 80 new Griffey's to report, I will update my numbers soon as well,  but just like the Hampton's, I can't post them all. So once again, here is a quick highlight reel of some of my favorites.

Some cool inserts here. Both shiny and attractive.

Some much needed Griffey in a White Sox uniform. I don't have many of him in a White Sox uni and I think some of us forget that he even played there.


I am usually not a fan of artsy type products, but UD was the bomb and Masterpieces were done right. 

This is probably one of my most favorite Griffey base cards of all time, yes this is the parallel, but look at the picture telling the story. Simply wonderful.

And I will finish with Flair. Yes, pun intended. No matter the design, Flair always brought it.
These will be a tremendous boost to my Griffey collection. I know I will never get them all as 15,000+ with all of the 1/1's for anyone is impossible, but I can try my best.

Part 3 of this trade coming up tomorrow. You will want to stay tuned for the 4 sub-parts of Part 3! 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

TONS OF UPDATES:Contests, Blog And More!

Alright. I have a ton of updates to get to on here if you haven't been following along on my Facebook or Twitter accounts.

1. If you haven't LIKED SCC POD PROMO yet on Facebook, please do so. First 50 LIKES are in the running for a prize.

2. Prizes for that promo arrive tomorrow!!!!! I will be posting other contest info as I go. But, only on the page. So if you want in this year, you will need to like that page (sorry that the contests are only open to U.S. Residents only)

3. This will most likely be the last year I run this promo unless they go back to doing it blogger style. So don't miss out!

4. I have a poll up to the right side of the blog, if you haven't yet, please please vote for your favorite segments!! I want a year-end post based around the results. If you are on a mobile device, please view it web style to find the poll.

5. I am still waiting on word for the surprise promo I will be running soon as well. This one will be huge if it all works out and you don't want to miss it!

6.I will be running a contest very soon with Victory Fine Art. Check them out and get ready for something sweet.

I guess for now that should update you all for now. For up-to-date news, make sure you LIKE Sport Card Collectors on other social media sites such as Facebook at Sport Card Collectors or on Twitter, I use that more, @sportcardcollec.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


This series is all about you, the readers. My opinion is mum on every subject, however, you guys have the open mic per say on here. So without further ado, here is today' topic:

There was an interesting topic going on yesterday between a few collectors and I wanted to get others take on the subject (those collectors can chime in too), would you pay for a digital card? If so, what's the most you have or would pay for one? Do you also consider these cards valuable? And do you think they are the future? And do you feel digital cards are equal to cardboard cards?

You can answer just one question or them all. Just looking for your overall thoughts especially on the buying digital card part.

Please leave "clean" answers and don't try to start cause trouble. We are all one in this hobby no matter what you collect.

Epic Trade Mail Day From Project Pedro Part 1:Lots Of Hampton!

Shane from Project Pedro blog and myself have become pretty good online friends sharing our card projects, new pickups, blogging, hobby thoughts and even putting together some pretty nice trades including this MONSTER of a trade I have been speaking about for weeks.

Now that I have finally got my camera/picture situation figured out, I can finally post my end of the trade that arrived on Monday.

As most know, I bleed NY Giants blue and am very passionate about football. One of the many players I collect of the Giants, is one of my all-time favorites growing up, Rodney Hampton. This is a new PC I have started in the last couple of months pushing my way to 97 different cards.

However, my total Hampton count was about ready for a huge bump in numbers. Incoming from this Monster trade would be a 110 card Hampton lot. ALL DIFFERENT. What I needed to do was find out how many I didn't have which turned out to be 71. That is a huge boost to my Hampton count bringing me up to 168/773. Still a ways to go, but I am feeling pretty good about where I am now.


With so many new pickups from this lot, I would have loved to shown them all off, I just chose out a few that stood out to me. 

Red Siege was a fun parallel from Score, Sportflix was always awesome and Playoff Illusions had a cool Bowman's Best meets Playoff design.

G-G-G-G-G-Unit! I mean, G-Force. That card to me means Giants Force. Some fun 90's inserts here. 

I had to show this one. I will call you crazy if you told me you didn't miss Upper Deck putting out great NFL cards like this. What a photograph! 


Cards just aren't like this anymore. What happened? Creativity carries a hobby. Cards printed with felt pennants and on genuine leather really make for great chases. 1998 Contenders football comes to mind as a set that will always be one of the coolest built. It included these two things along with autographs, parallels and so much more. 

I was pretty stoked that Shane picked these up for me. A big thanks goes out to him.

So far I have posted about the 1/1 printing plate of Andre Williams and this big lot of Hampton cards in the trade, but hold on, there is plenty more fun to go. #MonsterTrade.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Reader's Mail Day Part 7 Of 7:Eye Popping Shinyness!

Every time Grady sends one of his terrific mail days, he always makes sure to enclose some shiny items. He knows of my obsession with them, especially with Chrome.

So to finish up another one of his great mail days, I bring you, the shiny goodness!

Certified inserts and parallels. Plenty to shine here.

Prizm and Prizm draft parallels. These are so impressive!

2015 Topps looked impressive, 2015 Topps Chrome looks great, 2015 Topps Chrome refractors look like Cindy Crawford in her prime. Wow!

More Chrome!

Even some WWE Chrome. Love this stuff too. I do wished there was a Paige in here, but there was at least a Bella. Some other great ones too.

The headless shiny cards are coming up next! Haha! Hope I can get back on track with my pictures again.

I was really impressed with the Knights Of The Round insert. They are thick and really standout. Reminiscent of the 90's.

Prestige extra points. Both rookies and vets

Stadium Club True Colors. Refractor parallels too!!!

And to finish it up, some shiny football including one of my favorite insert designs, Crusade.
A big, well, HUGE thanks goes out to Grady on this mail day. I truly appreciate it and every one of them you have sent. I have already begun setting some items aside to mail back to you in the future.

As for the rest of you, what did you think of this mail day? Favorite part? Let me hear it!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Breakin Wax:1995 Collectors Choice Baseball 2-Pack Break

Collectors Choice is my next break in the trade I made with @batcavelv. We are closing in on the finale of my trade breaks. This is the second to last one. I come across base cards in my collection from Collectors Choice, but you simply don't appreciate its simple greatness til you open a pack 20 years later.

In every pack of 1995 Collectors Choice, you will find 12 cards per pack. These will consist of rookies, veterans and one silver signature parallel.

As with most Upper Deck products, photography takes the stage on the base cards. High resolution photography in this base set.

Look! A PC pull! Subset called What's The Call?

Here are the 1:1 silver "signature" parallels. Golds are much tougher to find at 1:35.

Oh man do I miss these!! You Crash The Games fell at 1:5 packs and if you player hits a Home Run on the date on the front of the card, you win a card set! I thought these were great especially for being such a low end card product. Upper Deck needs to bring these back....and get a taste of the MLB again.
Overall, can't go wrong there. PC card, 3 inserts in 2 packs and some incredible base. I can't complain. Collectors Choice is even better to me 20 years later.

Reader's Mail Day Part 6 Of 7: A Little This, A Little That

In the next to last part of my Grady M mail day, I found as the title states, a little of this and a little of that. There wasn't too much of one or the other so that's why this group of cards found themselves together.

I found some Rangers...

Some basketball....

Some Knicks and inserts...

A few NASCAR cards. This was just a sad reminder of how much I miss Press Pass.

Acetate! Clearly I enjoyed these.

A couple rookie inserts. Mack is a beast!!

Red camo parallels in Certified. Some big names including "can't be stopped" Julio Jones, Megatron,  Eddie I will plow you over Lacy, D-Train and Steve Smith Sr. who is in his final year. Too bad Baltimore wasn't a better team this year.

Three out of the four Griffey's here are new. The only double, the Stadium Club, was probably one of my most favorite base cards adds in 2015. I am always excited to add more Griffey's to the PC.

Some great additions to my PC, which you can tell has a good sized range.

The finale of my Grady M. mail day is tomorrow. Let's just say it would attract bugs with all of it's shininess. I am hoping ti attracts just as many readers :)

Monday, October 5, 2015

Reader's Mail Day Part 5 Of 7:GGGGGGGMen!

Today's Grady M mail day offerings are from the Big Blue.I swear some days if I get a scratch that literal blue will bleed out. That's how deep my veins run for the Giants. Been a fan both through the good and the bad and was raised one by my father. So no bandwagon fan here.

First up, a couple of rookies, some new Eli's and a new Cruz.

Next, some 2015 Topps that I didn't have any of. Must be close to the team set and there is also another Andre Williams to take off the list. (and yes I realize my camera on the phone did these sideways...sigh)

SHINY!!!! Panini did a great job with the extra points this year making them easier to figure out.

And to finish it up some more new adds. I really wished Panini could had kept Gridiron in their lineup. The photography in that base set was second to none. There were some great shots.
We are sadly coming closer to the end of this seven part series. Tomorrow, part six, offers some odds and ends. However, there are also a couple of new Griffeys for my PC. Hope you come back tomorrow to check that out too.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Reader's Mail Day Part 4 Of 7:THHHHEEEEEEE YANKEEEEES!

Part 4 of my mail day from Grady, we narrow it down a bit to just NYY. This years team still surprised me a bit I must say. I didn't think the pitching would hold up but somehow it has and they are playoff bound. I won't make any predictions as the MLB playoffs can sometimes be unpredictable, but this could be a quiet team going in that could make some noise.

First up in this mail day portion, some new additions.

Sadly, my first Gregorius in a Yanks uni.

A few more newbies to my PC. Digging the framed and the Ellsbury.

And closing it up, yes with a few heads cut off, are all new Topps Chrome additions including one Derek Jeter.
Part four featured my favorite baseball team, tomorrow, my favorite football team. Stay tuned for that portion of the mail day!