Saturday, October 3, 2015

Reader's Mail Day Part 3 Of 7:Mountain TOPPS Of Inserts!

Part 3 of my Grady M mail day was loaded with Topps inserts. The problem I see is that the camera took the TOPPS off from the top row of cards. So please be patient as I figure this thing out. However, I think you will get the point of what the card and player is.

Great players in Gwynn and McGwire here.

And here is the beginning of the cuts lol. A new First Pitch to my collection. I still need and want the Fluffy one.

Well, most of these are Topps. Yes, an Elite one snuck in but it's Cutch, it's ok.


More parallels

And even more! Gold are numbered to 2015.
You guys have already seen a lot from the box, but there is still lots more to come! Tomorrow, we look at the Yankees I scored.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Giant PACKtastic Trade Mail Day!

I am not sure how many trades I have done now with Tracy, @batcavelv, on Twitter now. But it's been a few. And by now we pretty much have a feeling what the other wants. He knows when he goes to his local LCS, that the search for 90's packs is on. He knows also if he comes across any deals for NY Giants, where they go. And I know any Rockies or pretty much baseball in general I come across is his. In the end, it always works out for the best for both of us.

This trade was no different. I sent him what I thought he would like and he did the same. Isn't that what a trade is??

So for me, a good portion of my wants were the 90's packs and he definitely chose some great ones. I really miss this stuff. Cards just aren't the same anymore.

Here were the key cards I found within. A new Hampton for the PC, a Joey Galloway and Ty Law rookie and some star players.

There were also a few inserts, a Curtis Martin rookie along with two Electric Silver parallels. The Upper Deck products by far took the show here.

Tracy also sent along some G-men!

A Nicks I didn't have. I am really hoping the Giants will sign him back. He has great hands and chemistry with Eli.

My first Shane Vereen Giants card. This is a red parallel /25. He has been by far the best addition to the team this year.

And now some relics. My first Sinorice Moss one. I wished he could have turned out as good as his brother.

Ron Dixon. I don't believe I have his relic either. This one is numbered and comes from one of my favorite football products in Invincible.

And finally, a sweet Eli relic! I bELIeve in Eli! 
A very solid trade mail day in my opinion.  I was very pleased with the outcome and look forward to trading with him again in the future. Which might not be too far as away as I have begun setting stuff aside already.

A thanks goes out again to Tracy for the trade.

Reader's Mail Day Part 2 Of 7: Raking In The Mini's

Part 1 revealed a ton of inserts from Gypsy Queen and Allen and Ginter, Part 2 is all about the mini's!

There were some great mini's too. Was stoked to find Al Bundy, otherwise know as Ed O'neil mixed in.

Lots of variety here as well from sport stars, non sport stars and other not so thought about sport stars.

And to finish them up. There must be close to 80 here. Mark McGwire in this group.
Well, this sums up the Allen and Ginter and Gypsy Queen portions of this mail day. However, not all of the inserts for baseball. That will conclude tomorrow!

What do you guys think about mini's? Are they cool? Obnoxious? There are too many?

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Reader's Mail Day Part 1Of 7: Ginter/Gypsy Queen Epidemic!

It's that time again. Time to share another mail day from Sport Card Collectors reader Grady M. And if you have been following this blog, you know his boxes are always packed with goodies ranging from many sports, brands and players. This is also one of those exciting surprise things that I can't push off posting about. So as for my older posts that were supposed to be published this week, check those out at the end of October.
In the meantime, enjoy the next seven days. I must also note that I am trying out a new picture adventure on my phone. It no longer crops the photos so I have to take them as is, hopefully they came out great for viewing.

Kicking off part 1 of my mail day from Grady, is a bunch of Allen and Ginter and Gypsy Queen inserts. I really dig the non sports inclusions in Ginter.

Pastimes inserts with some great players sprinkled in.

One of my favorite inclusions in Gypsy Queen are the framed inserts. They look spectacular to me. Included here is Hammerin Hank!

When you see this many inserts from Gypsy Queen and Allen and Ginter, you know there must have been a ton of mini's. Well, I benefited on that end as well and that will be part two of this big mail day. Look for that post tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Breakin Wax:1995 Topps Football Series One 1-Pack Break

Another week, another break from the trade I made with @batcavelv. This time it is one lonely Topps 1995 football pack.

I remember opening a ton of these back then. But, I haven't opened any since and all it took was this one pack to bring me back.

In every pack of 1995 Topps football, you will get veterans, rookies and possibly 1,000 or 3,000 yard subset cards.

The base card design was the usual Topps with the white border but this time they used a funky font for the players name in gold.

A few good players here including Leroy Butler.

And the better of the group here with Troy Aikman and Junior Seau.

One of my most favorite Yard club designs.

Rookie cards design. Pretty basic except the draft pick addition.

And my final card of the pack was a Hit List insert that showcased the leagues better sacker/hitters. These fall 1:4.
One pack, one rookie, one insert, few good players and many memories. Well worth the break.

1/1 Printing Plate Patch Trade Mail Day

This post is just the beginning of posts for my MONSTER TRADE with Shane from Project Pedro blog.

A couple weeks ago, @SCUUniontownPA posted a deal of the day on Twitter along with their weekly hobby box giveaway. The deal was for A BEAUTIFUL Andre Williams 1/1 printing plate patch card. Obviously I drooled over the item for my Williams PC, but with recent card expenditures exceeded, I couldn't pick it up. Shane being the great guy he is, swooped in and snatched it for me to be included in our MONSTER TRADE. Yes, I keep putting that in big letters because I want it to be known how large this trade actually is. 

On Monday, the card arrived even more beautiful in person and it came with a bonus rookie card I didn't have.
Here is that bonus card....

And here is that amazing printing plate patch card.

A big thanks goes out to Shane for picking this up for me and another thanks is due to SCU for the great deal.

Keep in mind readers this is just the beginning of this trade. More posts to come next week!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Calling Terrell Davis? My First TD Autograph 90's Style

I can't say I was ever a Denver Broncos fan, but I loved to watch TD when he hit the field especially when he scored a TD and did the "Mile High Salute" that I used to mock every time I scored against buddies. It's too bad injuries took a toll on his career as I believe he could have broken some big time records in the league had he played his entire career.

Terrell played from 1995-2001 all with the Broncos and was a 6th round draft pick. Davis' best season came in 1998 where he rushed for 2,008 yards. He also helped lead Denver to two Super Bowl wins late in John Elway's career and was a Super Bowl MVP in Super Bowl 32 where he ran all over GB Packers defense. Imagine if he hadn't sat out the second quarter.

 I knew over time I would have to acquire an autograph of him. That time was now.

This may not be the prettiest autograph in all of the land, my camera didn't help it much either, but it is an autograph and an affordable one. It also fits my 90's collecting trend.

He is one of many I would like to add an autograph of from the 90's. So the way I look at this is, one down, more to go.
Who is the one player from the 90's you would like an autograph of?

Monday, September 28, 2015

2015 Yard Sale Autograph Pickups Part 4:IT'S PRIME TIME!

After picking up what I had in the first three posts, could I really leave behind this Deion Sanders autographed Plaque? Nope. And after a quick check on his autograph from other sites, I thought the $ for the S was cool, but wanted to make sure he signed that way before throwing S I mean $ at it. It seemed to turn out he signed that way.

So here is pretty cool addition to my collection and for a reasonable $15 as well (I do wished he wasn't in his Cowboys uni but a deal is deal)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

I Did The Salsa When I Opened My Mail Box


Feels like forever when you are expecting a package and it doesn't arrive when you expect it to. You then start to question whether the USPS had lost, the person forgot to send it or even worse, someone else was enjoying the card(s) you were supposed to get. No matter the situation, it gives you unease til it arrives.

But how do you feel when a package arrives unexpectedly, well, depends on who you are. Excitement, unease til you open, or you start to scream like a little girl are some that may occur. I had a unexpected mail day yesterday and  what actually started as the happy dance quickly turned to the salsa after opening.

So for about a year, @TheRealDpan has had a Victor Cruz card I have wanted. But, I just never really had the chance to snatch it for a variety of reasons. So for the past week I have been putting together a monstrosity of a trade with Shane over at Project Pedro blog (give it a check out if you haven't yet) and mentioned the card to him. We thought about adding it to our trade but we moved on from the idea. Which was fine since I had spent a year moving back and forth on the card and it still hadn't gone anywhere. I was hoping it would always stay til I picked it up.

I guess by now you can tell where this story is going. The envelope I started to dance to then did the salsa to afterwards first contained this note......

And then this awesome card. A card I had dreamed of for a year. It contains a piece of pylon from Super Bowl 46 where the Giants once again took down the powerhouse Patriots. Oddly enough, Shane is a die-hard Patriots fan so it must had stunned a bit to pick up a Giants card even for a friend.

A HUMONGOUS thanks goes out to Shane. He has become a great friend and is a good all around guy. I was shocked by the surprise and very appreciative .If you haven't checked out his blog, please do so. If you have any Pedro Martinez's you are looking to unload, I recommend you hit him up. You can also find him on Twitter @ShaneSalmonson . Thanks must also go out to @TheRealDpan for mailing the card to me.

This was the tip of the iceberg for a great week. I finished up two trades, one with Shane that involved roughly 500 cards, and the Giants won their first game. Cannot wait to show off the epic trade in the upcoming week!


This card is crying out for a Caption.

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