Saturday, August 22, 2015

CONTEST! Guess My Hampton Count!

Well, I tried to give this lot away in July, but the winner didn't claim so here it is up for grabs again!

First, let's get through this mumble jumble.
  1. MUST BE A U.S. RESIDENT OR HAVE A U.S. SHIPPING ADDRESS YOU CAN USE. I know a few non U.S. residents who have people within the U.S. that will ship to them. If you fall in that case, go ahead and enter. If not, I am sorry. Shipping costs are outrageous and I can't afford it. However, if I pull a redemption card or Panini Rewards card in the future I may hold a Non U.S. Residents contest.
  2. The contest is sponsored by Sport Card Collectors blog. All cards have come directly from myself.
  3. Sport Card Collectors will not be responsible for stolen, lost or damaged mail. I will mail it out the safest way I can, if something happens to it through the USPS process, I cannot be held responsible or asked to replace the original prize.
  4. By entering this contest, you agree to the rules above and will abide by them.
Here's what's up for grabs if you don't remember..........

The Admiral, MJ and Ewing!

90's insert goodness!

These are basketball rookies of McGrady and Van Horn.

This is for the Lions fans!

Unopened packs of one of the greatest!

One screwdown holder unopened.
Now onto how to enter.
  1. Make sure you have read the above rules. If you don't follow them, you won't win.
  2. I have picked up some Rodney Hampton cards recently and will have a few more on the way as well. I want you to guess what my total number of NEW ones added that will be added by the time a winner is announced. The total number will be between 1-150. So any guess is a good guess. There can be multiple guesses for one number and if that number is right a random will be done to pick the winner.
  3. You can guess a number DAILY.
  4. The person closest WITHOUT going over WINS. I will post the number of Hampton card count in a separate post along with the winner's name. 
  5. Remember, once a winner is announced, that winner will have 7 days from that post day to claim the prize or we will be in this situation again giving it away to someone else.
  6. You will have til September 4th 2015 by 11:59pm to get your guesses in.
  7. Winner will be announced on September 5th 2015.
Good luck!


This card is crying out for a Caption.

Leave a caption below for this card. Please keep it free of language and clean please for our younger audience!

Friday, August 21, 2015

HOBBY TOPIC (Cryptozoic Style)

Today's topic is a bit different. Instead of a straight up topic, let's talk about some new upcoming products from Cryptozoic. 

A fun show that now has some impressive cards from Cryptozoic, tell me you haven't heard that before. Each box comes with 2 hits, 1 auto and 1 wardrobe. But it has some really cool memorabilia from the show you can find as well in 1:72 packs along with sketch cards too!

This release will be out very soon!
Penny Dreadful Season 1


Check these out! This alone would be worth the chase.


Arrow Trading Cards Season 2

Arrow is back for a Season 2 card release that is just as good as the first! The product comes with 1 auto and 1 wardrobe card per box and has plenty of signers. Also comes with a nice 72 card base set.


Who isn't going to LOVE this release?!!? If you are like me, you grew up watching the Ghostbusters whether it was the movies or the cartoon or both like I did. This product will feature a ton of content with it being based on the feature films, The Real Ghostbusters cartoon, and IDW Ghostbusters comic series.

Odds for the release are not out yet, but it has an estimated end of December release but it will include Autograph cards; Hand-drawn Sketch cards; The Real Ghostbusters Animation Cel cards; Replica Patch cards; Slime cards; and Printing Plates. I can't wait!

You can find more info on these products and others at Cryptozoic's website found HERE.

Today' topic is,

Trade Mail Day From 90's Niche Football Card Blog Part 5: Chevy Chase Autograph!

In the finale from my most recent trade from 90's Niche Football Card Blog , I acquired something quite cool........


You can stop drooling now.

This is how I reacted when I got it in hand..

(by the way this is a sketch card from a scene in Christmas Vacation I got it from the Blowout Cards forums a few years ago)

I have been a fan of Chevy's for years so at some point in my life I wanted to add an autograph to my collection. Now, most of his autographs run for $100-$200 for 8x10's but I didn't really want a photo anyways, I wanted a card. So I did some searching. I found two cards on eBay without authenticity with very reasonable prices. Both of the autographs were TTM's according to their sellers. One was the card above, the other was a signed index card. I thought this one looked much cooler so worked out a deal with 90's Niche Football Card blog to help me acquire it.

But, we didn't just go out and buy it. We did some research. First, we checked the autograph with other autographs. Seemed to be a good match. Secondly, I questioned this card because of the XO inscription and wondered if he ever signed anything like that, well, that answer came here:

Third, I just had to read the description from the seller again to make sure I understood what I was getting. First, they were a VERY high rated seller. Second, they claimed the card came as a "REQUEST THROUGH THE MAIL AND COMES WITH A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE" That alone must be pretty legit. Who would give money back on a fake? But maybe they assume you won't second guess the autograph. Who knows. This was also a reassurance at least in my mind, "I HAVE BEEN COLLECTING AUTOGRAPHS FOR OVER 30 YEARS, MANY OF THEM THROUGH THE MAIL"

Lastly, I looked at it like this, the card was cheap. It was worth the risk/reward to me so why was I stressing so much over it??!!? I WANT IT! So, I got it.

Not sure if I will ever send it in to be verified or not, I have gone back and forth on it. In the meantime however, I am just going to enjoy the card and treat it for the realness I believe it is.

A HUGE thanks goes out to 90's Niche Card Blog for this amazing trade! I look forward to our next one.

Before closing this long article out, while we are on the topic of Chevy Chase, I must say my favorite movie of his and my favorite movie of ALL TIME is Christmas Vacation. It's a yearly tradition that I watch it and I have seen it so many times that I know every line. Just ask my wife hahaha.

So today's topic is simple, one, give me your favorite line from Christmas Vacation or tell me your favorite Chevy Chase movie.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Trade Mail Day From 90's Niche Football Card Blog Part 4:MOULDing A Gem!

Part 4 of my trade from 90's Niche Football Card Blog takes again back to 1997 with another rare 90's insert......the PRECIOUS METAL GEMS!

These bad boys are numbered to150 and fell at a rate of 1:48. Despite how many packs of Metal I bought back in the 90's, I had zero success in pulling one. When you can't pull something you want, you resort to buying it. When searching to buy one, even the worse no-name players will run you $20 which I think is a lot but that shows the rarity on these. Especially finding them in great condition as most had chipping issues.

This one came in mint condition and was found at a bargain on eBay, so 90's Niche Football Card Blog had no problem picking it up for me as apart of our trade. No matter the player, I was happy to have it in hand, not that Moulds was a bad player either. It's just a nice looking card all around.

(you can't see it here, but there is a reflective shine that goes along with this card)
With this in-hand it tackles another card off my want list. Now I really want a green PMG so I guess you can say I took one off the list to only replace it. Only 15 out of the 150 made in the run were printed green, so I can only imagine what prices would be even for the worst players. Just finding one in general could be tough. But, just like my two biggest 90's additions, you just never know when or how I will pick one up.

Anyways, I gotta say a big thanks to 90's Niche Football Card Blog for helping me acquire this piece. Always feels great to knock one off the ole want list.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Trade Mail Day From 90's Niche Football Card Blog Part 3:IT'S A PLATINUM TOOOOOMAHH

In part three of my trade from 90's Niche Football Card Blog , I am showing off my very first Ultra Platinum!

These tough 90's pulls fell at a tough 1:100 odds and has been said that only 150 of each card exists. This was the first year that Ultra put in these rare inserts.

My Platinum is of the underrated and always consistent Amani Toomer. It also covers two PC's.
TOPIC: Do you own a Ultra Platinum?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Trade Mail Day From 90's Niche Football Card Blog Part 2:Taking My PC To The Hamptons

In part two of my trade mail day from 90's Niche Football Card Blog , I am showcasing my newest PC chase, the one and only, RODNEY HAMPTON!

He was a running back I idolized growing up pretending to be him in the backyard playing football against my buddies. Now with the recent dry spell with Rueben Randle and Andre Williams, I needed to turn my focus towards another Giants player and why not one I have always followed? One that should also be a lot easier and cheaper to acquire. One that also just recently followed me on Twitter.....he must have known my intentions.

The following cards I am showing off are new to my Hampton PC thanks to the help of 90's Niche Blog. I did have others before these, but I am just focusing on the newest ones since this is a trade post.

First up is load of Score rookies

Then a couple of Pro Set ones.

Some great ones here including a Collectors Edge gold parallel, Metal, Finest, and Select.

Then we have a great range of years and products here. The Gold Medallion from 1995 Ultra caught my eye here.

MVP! MVP! At least Collectors Choice agreed with me and what Hampton should had been named a few times.

And closing up my mail day are a couple more of my favorites. A 1,000 yard club, which was my favorite design for those especially the back of the card and the always action packed Stadium Club.
I am happy to start this new adventure, but I don't want my faithful readers to worry about me drifting away from my other main player PC's of Griffey, Randle and Williams.

My current Hampton count with these in-hand is 79 different. A pretty good start I must say.

Monday, August 17, 2015


WHAT'S IN THE BOX??!!!! I yelled, well, quietly yelled to myself making a movie reference from the ending of Seven. Cause honestly like Brad Pitt, I had no idea what was inside this shoe box.

So cautiously hoping not to find a head, I opened the box and found many scrap papers, trash and some hobby items. Yes, buried within this box were some hobby items I had forgotten about. So for fun, I thought I would come up with a new segment to show you what I found.

The very first hobby item I found in the box was an autograph and mini Ginter card of hobby celeb, Chris Olds who is an Editor at Beckett.

I received this a couple of years ago back when he was hosting Wednesday night card chat on Facebook and was awarding prizes to active chatters. Obviously I always had a lot to say so I had earned myself a prize that I can't recall anymore. I think it may have been card packs. I liked the chance at winning prizes, but I really miss joining in on those conversations. Always fun to discuss the hobby with other collectors.

Overall, I think this is a really cool piece. I have collected a few "hobby celeb" autos over the years and still have more to go. Hopefully someday I can fill in those missing pieces.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

I Miss The Hobby Episode 4

I miss the hobby......Don't you remember a time when we had variety in the card market? Multiple companies putting out many products. The fun feeling of going into the LCS or local retail outlet and having to make the tough decisions of what you wanted to walk out with and what you would have to leave behind....possibly for the next trip. Now, you get just a handful of options and it's all from one company for one sport. In my opinion, it's awful.

I want to have variety and options. I want to see some Upper Deck MLB, NBA and NFL cards. I want to see Topps NFL, NBA and NHL cards. I want to see Panini MLB and NHL cards. And while we are at it, give SA-GE a CLC license and give Leaf a chance at the other licenses. I would love to see a Fleer/Pacific/Classic/Press Pass return though I know there is no chance of that as all were sold/bankrupt.

As you can tell, I can't stand exclusives. It limits us and doesn't force the companies to do their best because there is no competition and they know we are forced to buy whatever they stick out there. It lessons the fun in the hobby and as a collector of multiple sports, it forces me to want to only collect one.

I know I am not the only one who feels this way. I have seen and heard the rumblings throughout the hobby but I think exclusive licensing in the hobby will be something we will always have to deal with from here on out. Why? Like most things related to sports, money does the most talking.

I could go on forever about this topic and tell you how much I miss it but I am cutting it short as I made my main points. Below, I turn the table and let you do some ranting. Hope to hear some great responses and thoughts on this topic and to see if you Miss The Hobby like this as well.

How do you feel about exclusive licenses? Do you agree with my thoughts? What would you change and like to see happen?