Saturday, June 27, 2015

Graded Greats Wax Museum Breaks:1980 Topps Baseball

Last week I participated in my very first and the inaugural, Graded Greats Wax Museum TV break. What is that you may ask, well, I will break it down for you in simple terms.

It's a unique break that invites you to go back in time and bust some older packs. For $35, you get randomed a pack from the following list of baseball packs:
  • 1977 Topps pack
  • 1978 Topps pack
  • 1979 Topps pack
  • 1980 Topps pack
  • 1981, 82, 83 Tripack (1 of each year)
On top each pack spot you get in for, you also get a CHASER BOX with a Vintage HOF Card or Cards.

And as another extra bonus, Graded Greats will create a checklist before each night of breaks with replacement cards for random commons that you may pull out of your pack. For an example, as taken from their site, in 1980 Topps they may replace the Expos team card with a HOF relic. That's a pretty cool bonus and something you will see happened to me as you continue reading..

Now onto a real example of what their breaks are about. For my random pack, I was randomed 1980 Topps baseball.

My pack break was extremely weak. This Gossage was pretty much the highlight of the pack as I found no Rickey Henderson (I am pretty sure someone else had pulled one in the break) or other stars. I do like the base card design however.

For my Vintage HOF raw card I got this 1970 Topps Brooks Robinson.

And for my common card replacement, I ended up with this shiny new item...
Absolutely love this card and the player.

Overall it was a fun experience, I just wished I had been a bit more lucky with the pack.

If you are a fan of vintage breaks/cards and don't mind taking a little risk for what could be a huge payoff, I recommend you give this a try. The bonuses are nice as well and one of them is even a Stan the man Musial auto!

Find out more information and to get a spot right HERE..

Friday, June 26, 2015

90's Flashback:1999-2000 Pacific Paramount Holo Silver Parallel Benoit Bruneet

What can I say.....I love Pacific!

Pacific always put out some tremendous products in the 90's and early 2000's. I can only imagine what they could put out now-a-days. It also makes me very sad at the same time.

This particular card I acquired in a trade with my father who was looking to move some 90's hockey inserts, more to come, for some newer day rookies.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

5 Sport Card Trading Tips

The trading world can be very scary place when attempting to start a trade for the first time worrying if you will get a card in return and trusting who you trade with. Whether you are new or a veteran trader, I thought I would share my insight on how to do a successful trade. Because at one point, I was in the "too scared to attempt one" stage.

I find these 5 tips I have discovered for myself very useful and a great way to not only make yourself happy with a trade, but your trading partner as well.
  1. Do Your Homework: Don't just trade with anyone who offers you a card you want. Do your research on the person. I go through many steps before I will trade with anyone especially if I don't know them. I will check out their profile and what they post about, who they associate themselves with and what they collect (this works on Twitter and on some forums), I will message my trusted traders and friends, if I get good feedback I will make the trade. Bad feedback, I will turn them down. And no feedback, I won't trade either. So many bad things go down in the hobby and you don't wanna lose a card because someone is trying to scam you. I know there is probably the good trusted people who may not info on them yet, but I am not willing to take the chance. Others may and you might.
  2. Make the trade fair: Don't offer me an Ahmad Bradshaw jersey card for a Willie Mays bat card. Yes, I may like the NY Giants, but come on, that's not even close to being equal. I know people try trading by your likes and won't take value into consideration, but in my trading world, that's not how I trade and work. (this offer hasn't ever been made but I have had some bad ones)
  3. Packaging: Place all of the autographed/jersey/patch cards and so on in Top Loaders or if they are really valuable, One-Touch. Make sure to place all cards in penny sleeves and into team bags for efficient shipping. Most important thing is to OVER protect your trading material. You don't want your cards end up on the other end damaged. That could make for a very messy situation and cause yourself to lose a good trading reputation. Even one mess up.
  4. Bonuses: Always ship bonus cards. I always throw in a couple of unopened packs and depending on team likes, a few inserts, bonus auto or memorabilia card or a stack of base. If you find a good trading partner, you want to reward them and have them come back again.
  5. Shipping: When shipping your package out, make sure to ship with TRACKING! Don't ever ship a trade package out without it. USPS has been awful as of late and you want as much info on your package as you can get. You may also want to consider Insurance as well if the value of your package exceeds a certain amount.
These are tips that I have learned along the way. You may or may not agree with them, but no matter how you feel, they have worked for me. I have never had any problems with my trades.

What are some tips that I didn't list above that you have when it comes to trading?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Upper Deck NPN Mail Day...CFL Auto Style!!

Upper Deck+Free online entry+Free Upper Deck card in the mail=One happy collector.

It had been a LONG time since I last had gotten one of these. I normally enter the Upper Deck ones only due to the fact that they are online and so easy. I have also had decent success as well.

Onto this score, which by the way is going in the PC,...I got a 2014 Upper Deck CFL autograph of Travis Lulay. Lulay, who had very brief moments in the NFL with Seattle and New Orleans, caught on in the CFL with the BC Lions after a QB injury allowed him to play. He took advantage of that playing time and played himself into the starting role while also earning himself a few accolades along the way.

Here is the card up-close. The autographs are also a tougher find in the product.  I think he has a pretty sharp looking signature myself.
I hope to see more Upper Deck NPN mail days in the future.

Monday, June 22, 2015


This series is all about you, the readers. My opinion is mum on every subject, however, you guys have the open mic per say on here. So without further ado, here is today' topic:


You saw my unopened box pickups a few weeks ago at a recent auction.

This topic covers all things collectible at an auction and doesn't pertain to just cards. 

My question is, what's the best thing you have landed at an auction? Did you get a good price for it? Was it a cool item? I wanna hear so spill the beans!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Gettin Dad Back In The Hobby

23 years ago or around then, my dad and I took a trip to a grocery store and for whatever reason bought a pack of cards on a rack that would forever change how we bonded.

Growing up, my father and I bonded through collecting. We bought, we sorted, we looked up and read the Beckett before bedtime, well that was a bit of a stretch but it was close to that. It's even what got me into sports and made me who I am today. But, that ended when I grew up and moved out. We split our joint collection, I kept and still have mine, he sold off his and paid some bills. We headed in two separate directions when it came to collecting cards. I continued to increase my collection, he lost all interest in it.

Up until six months ago, my father didn't have a single interest in collecting despite my constant start-up conversations, and some nagging too, when he called to say hi. Luckily one of our conversations must had finally clicked in his mind to try it again. So he took his usual weekly Walmart run with my mother and decided to pick up a few packs. And just like 23 years prior, something to do with opening up that pack brought him pure joy and instantly got him hooked all over again.

From there, he has been busting blaster boxes and packs for the last 6 months, no LCS so retail is the only way, like it was his last one. One of his obsessions was to 2014 Absolute football as he bought a TON of packs. However, his consistency did pay off for doing so as he pulled this beauty and texted me a pic....

An Eight Player Tools Of The Trade /20 featuring Mike Evans and my man Odell Beckham! What a retail hit! Bet he is glad I talked him back into it!

So for me, this Father's Day is a bit more special as I am excited that I got my father back into collecting again . I look forward to posting more of his hits down the road as he texts them to me. Now if only I could get him to text better pics....that's something that may take a bit more work as we all know how it works when someone a bit older is trying to learn how to use a phone for the first time :-)

While I have your attention to, I just wanted to say, HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all types of dads out there! Hope you have a great day and if you got cards as a gift, I am sending good mojo your way!

The Chrome Finish...Another Grady M Mail Day FINALE!

When it comes to shiny stuff, the best of the best usually comes from Prizm and Topps Chrome as the parallels become more and more interesting on a yearly basis. These types of cards I would take over jersey cards any day. I mean a plain colored swatch compared to rainbow shinyness is not even a comparison.


And shiny I was given. Let me catch my breath as my heart races with excitement with this finale.

Okay. Let's finish this!

Up first are some chrome refractor parallels from Topps Heritage. The King Felix rocks.

My first look at 2015 Prizm up close. The base cards are very smooth. Added a Gardner to the Yanks PC and love the Sandberg from the 2014 Prizm.

These look so cool. I wished my camera could had caught the color and shine better. Added some great talent here and a Mattingly for the Yanks PC.

Even more impressive parallels from Prizm. I am starting to think it has an edge over Chrome. If only they had logos...

Speaking of Chrome, this mail day was loaded with refractors! The Wheeler is a blue.


TONS of purple ones. Posey, Hamilton, Tulo and my man Rivera.

Some 2-card rainbow starts including a gold of Martin Prado...

And the finish is a Black refractor of Jason Heyward. Impressive and love the photo. Wished Topps did more of these shots.
Overall, another OVERLY impressive mail day from my bud and blog reader Grady. He is one of the most generous collector I have ever met.

Grady, I am slowly putting together your next mail day and I truly appreciate your support and these incredible mail days. Thanks again!

If you have Twitter and are not following Grady, please do so. He is one of the hobby good guys. You can find Grady at @RUFUSRUFFCUTT.