Saturday, June 20, 2015

More Shiny Stuff!! Another Grady Mail Day Part 5

Wait.....I am supposed to be blogging about caught up in all of the shiny goodness.

In every one of my Grady mail days, he always throws in a bunch of shiny stuff. It ranges from Donruss to Bowman to Prizm to Chrome. To me it doesn't matter which form it arrives, it still makes for a lot of fun.

Today's shiny stuff is only Part 1 of it. Tomorrow there is even more. So I put the focus with today's on the "odds and ends" of the shiny group. Tomorrow will be focused more on the Topps Chrome end of things. So be ready for that and in the meantime, don't get too distracted with today's shiny stuff.

Donruss brought a lot of shinyness to their product this year

My first taste of this years Bowman. Some pretty cool parallels and inserts

The one thing that can help Bowman football is making it shiny. These are much improved over the regular base. I could tolerate the product if they used these as the base cards.

Some fun stuff here. HUGE fan of the Rookies and Stars Crusades. Those are a thing of a beauty.

Some people just don't care about Prizm, well, if you don't, I will take them. The parallels are very impressive.

This was a very nice surprise. WWE Chrome refractors. I absolutely loved finding these in the mail day. A couple of big names also including Undertaker.

And to finish this up, a couple of very impressive parallels from Select football that will make your eyes cross.
Overall some awesome additions to my "shiny items" PC.

Like I said, this is only part 1 of the shiny stuff and part 2 will arrive tomorrow. The finale of my mail day from Grady M has even more!

Friday, June 19, 2015

You Shall Call Them, "Mini" Cards....Another Grady Mail Day Part 4

Min...min...min...min...min...min..min...min...min...min...minimin...ooooooooooo....min...min..min...MINI...(tune of Two 1/2 Men)

Mini's galore were found in Part 4 of my Grady mail day. I think mini's can be fun to collect especially the parallels. Up until recent, they were a pain to store. Luckily BCW has some plastic sheets I can use to store them. Originally I was sticking them into plain sheets but they bounced all around.

Enough with me rambling on about storing things...we can save that for another day ;) Let's get to why you came here to see this post....THE CARDS!

Here are a couple football to start it off....

Tons of mini's here from Allen and Ginter. Nice lineup of players as well. Brock, Canseco, the Youk, Reyes and more!

A few more including John Smoltz and Rizzo

Some Gypsy Queen.....

One of them was even numbered.
I guess you can not only say the cards are mini, but this post as well. Didn't have much to say in this one, I let the pictures speak for themselves.

Another mail day post down and still more to go! Check back again tomorrow!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Throwback CARDSday:1974 Topps Ken Griffey RC

(This is a new segment simply featuring cards 1989 or older and will be featured on Thursdays. Variety of sports/non-sports too)

Baseball Inserts...Another Grady Mail Day Part 3

You have already seen some great cards in Part 1 and Part 2 of my most recent Grady mail day, but, as always, I slowly build up to the best of the best. Today's Part 3, is just another step in the final nice ending. Not that they all aren't nice, I just set some extra nice from the group aside.

These are pretty cool!

Gypsy Queen framed cards. Ellsbury one of the Yanks PC. Always enjoyed these.

Some more Donruss adds. Wonder if I have the Elite set yet lol

More inserts! The madness continues! I like the unique inserts that are in Allen and Ginter. That's probably why, other than Chrome, it's one of my favorite Topps products.

And we finish up this mail day with....CHROME!!!!! Anything with Chrome makes any mail day even better!
Some really nice additions for the Baseball insert PC. I just need to sit down and see if there are any sets I can start or complete. Of course that is always easier said than done.

Part 4 of this incredible mail day continues tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

2 Champions Crowned This Week, 2 Favorite Cards (NHL/NBA)

This week the NHL and NBA seasons came to a finish both after six game series. I thought it would be fun to show off  my two favorite cards, one from each of the winning teams as a way to congratulate them both.

The first team to claim their title was the Chicago Blackhawks who took home their 3rd title in 6 years. That's an amazing feat. Pulling this 15/15 Patrick Kane Private Signings autograph from 2014 Panini Father's Day was also an amazing feat.

Then last night, the Golden State Warriors took home their first title in over 35 years led by NBA MVP Stephen Curry. They also took down the mighty LeBron James. However, speaking of Stephen Curry, I pulled this a few years ago from Panini's Past and Present product. I actually really enjoyed the product and it's throwback appeal. Too bad it's not made anymore.

Congrats to both the Chicago Blackhawks and to the Golden State Warriors on their championships!

(I must also note that these cards are in my PC and are not available FT or FS)

Gmen, Odds+Ends, And The Griff, Another Grady Mail Day Part 2

In Part 2 of my mail day from Grady, it's time to dig a little deeper in the box and show off some Giants, a few Griffeys and a couple odds and ends.

So enough with me rambling, let's get on the road again!

A mix of Panini products here including one of my main PC's with Randle.

More Panini.....

Even though I stated in Part 1 of my Grady mail day my dislike for this design, something to do with NYG blue and the purple parallel made this one a bit more easier on the eyes.

Some Knicks and a Blackhawk. Love my Prizm inserts.

King Felix! And Yadier Molina. Both are from Panini promo sets.

My first Americana card from this year, I really like this product. Just need to get some.

And to end Part 2, three NEW Griffey's for my #MissionGriffey project.
Some nice additions overall. But, I still have plenty more to show. Hope to see you back here again tomorrow to view the baseball inserts I am showing off.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rookies Galore! Another Grady Mail Day Part 1

Earlier last week, the Twitter world for me was quiet. Then I saw I had a new notification that had the best words I have ever heard....Keep Your Eyes Peeled! Which means, Grady had sent me out another mail day.

What I didn't expect on Thursday when the package arrived, was a 400 ct white box LOADED full of goodies!

So with so many cards and so much show off, I had to break this down to a 5-part series. So make sure you return on a daily basis to view complete awesomeness!

In part 1 of my showcase, I am showing off the rookies from the box. There are tons to show!

Football rookies, mostly defense, but some key ones in Aaron Donald and Ha Ha Clinton Dix!

A Clowney and Borland sighting here.

Rookie parallels.Well, Gilbert isn't but he is numbered so I stuck him here.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh my eyes!!! The design is awful, but got some Bowman rookies I didn't have.

Some much needed 2015 rookies. Man, I am really going to miss Upper Deck football :(

And to close up Part 1 of this mail day, a Young Gun. Man, I love getting these. I wished all rookie cards were done this way, it would help with their values and make the chase more fun.
Just think, this is only the scratch of the surface. Stay tuned as Grady's mail day week continues tomorrow!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Wow! What A Milestone!

I just had to put up one more post today. Yes, it's my third one. So first off, please go back and check the other two posts out. Second, thanks for checking this post out. Third, thanks for what was an amazing blog day on here.

On an average day, Sport Card Collectors averages 300-400 views. My highest views in one day was 1813 views. Noticed how I said was.....I don't know what happened today...but I hit an amazing number I may never see again. Today, Sport Card Collectors blog received 4,067 views. TODAY!! Just today! That is absolutely mind-blowing and exciting. I hope to see more days like this in the future.

A big thanks goes out to all that have visited this blog and especially to those who come back on a daily basis. This year has been what I think is the best of the best on here if you were to ask me. Not sure if you guys feel the same. I am finally very happy with my layout and segments after three years of tweaking it. And tweaking I did.

Stay tuned for more new posts ahead. One will actually be posted in a couple more hours so I hope you return to read that.

Thanks again and God bless!

A Sketchy Mail Day

Have you ever checked your "other" inbox in your messages on Facebook? Well, I check them every-so-often and noticed on Friday that I had a message in there from Cryptozoic. I at some point must have entered a contest for a sketch card, they do lots of "just LIKE" contests, and had to send them my address for it. The one thing you may not realize about Facebook is that a lot of the bigger companies or people who you are not friends with who message you, end up in your "other" box.

To my surprise today, they sent it really fast, I brought home a beauty! It's not only a 1/1 sketch card, it's also die-cut!! Looks amazing!

The only part I don't get is why the artist name isn't on the back or even on the card. Luckily in the message they sent on Facebook they identified that this specific card was drawn by Mitch Ballard. Pretty good job if I say so myself.

A big thanks goes out to Cryptozoic for the sketch card. Keep up the great work you guys are doing!
What are your thoughts on sketch cards? Either in general or their inclusion into sports cards. Should they stay or go? Let me know!

Danica Patrick Signed What?!

In the fall, Xfinity Sports ran a Twitter promotion where you could tweet at a player with the hashtag, #SignMyTweet, and random tweets were actually chosen and signed by the one and only...ODELL BECKHAM JR!! They were done live on Twitter as Xfinity posted pictures of Odell signing them.

I sent in a few tweets for my NY Giants player to hopefully one-hand catch and sign, but I was out of luck. Xfinity had promised to hold another signing session with another athlete in the future. That time came last month with one of the faces of NASCAR, Danica Patrick.

I took a chance once again hoping to lock down a one-of-a-kind collectible for the man cave by tweeting....."if you #SignMyTweet you will finish the season as NASCAR Champ! Just sign and see :)". Well, it appeared my tweet nailed it as this arrived on Saturday......

Even with a COA.....
Now with such a big collectible piece, I have got to find a good way to frame it and display it.

A big thanks goes out to Xfinity Sports and Xfinity Racing on Twitter for this amazing collectible and for Danica taking time out to sign it.

I am not sure if by signing my tweet Danica that you will win it all this year, but hopefully this gave you an extra good luck charm from here on out.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

It Has Begun!!!

It has begun! I have a checklist fully printed off and my #MissionGriffey is fully underway.

I used to have all of my Griffey's memorized but it's becoming harder as I go along and recently I have gotten some doubles because of it. So I printed off a full checklist up til the end of 2014 products and I am highlighting what I have and if there is something I can't find on the checklist I am hand writing it. This will also help give me a number count on my Griffey's.

The started project
The binder I have to go through to match them up. Roughly 500 to highlight
I am dreading this in some ways as it will be a very long project, but I know once it's all done, I will feel relieved. So off I go to highlight some more!