Saturday, May 23, 2015

Breakin Wax:1989 Bowman Baseball 1-Pack Break

Oh 1989. You brought us some of the greatest baseball players to ever hit the field. Randy Johnson, Gary Sheffield*, John Smoltz and of course the main man, Ken Griffey Jr plus others.

So when I got a 1989 Bowman baseball card pack in my Graded Greats a few months ago, I knew it could be special and have something worthy inside. But, did I find something worthy? Well, you are gonna have to read on to find out!

Every pack of 1989 Bowman baseball comes with 12 cards and one crunchy piece of gum. You can find the above rookies within and each pack runs for much less than $2.

The design for Bowman was nice. I like the facsimile signatures, however not a fan of the border but can tolerate it in this case. The border could have been worse. The photos for the product are up-close and personal pics and don't really feature any true "in-game action" photos. I would call them poses more than anything else.

To give you an example, here is what the front of a card looks like. This particular one is going into my Yankees PC.

The back.

Now the rest of the base. Nothing too exciting to show here...

Or here......

But maybe here with a Robin Ventura rookie. By far the highlight of the pack.(other than the Yanks card for my PC but I rank this one slightly ahead)
Overall, a kinda bland pack break. But , better than the 1981 Fleer baseball I previously opened. This pack contained at least the two cards for the PC.

There are still two more pack breaks to go from my Graded Greats box. Up next will be 1983 Donruss baseball then ending with 1989 Upper Deck baseball. Stay Tuned!

Breakin Wax: 2015 Topps Opening Day Blaster Box

Seems a bit delayed for me to open a product called Opening Day, when Opening Day was about two months ago. But, that's just how things happen in my wax opening world.

Well, let's get to ripping this!
In every blaster of 2015 Topps Opening Day, there are 11 packs of 7 cards each. Every box will run you $9.99 which to me is a good deal with the possibilities at relics and autographs. Though tough odds.

The base cards for Opening Day are a watered down version of the Topps ones. But with this years nice looking Topps base design, I don't mind.

Here are some rookies I landed....

Including a Soler!

There seems to be a decent run on inserts in a blaster as well.Here are Mascots and Stadium Scenes

Hit The Dirt insert showcasing "dirty" slides.

Franchise Flashback, which looks very similar to UD Vintage and Superstar Celebrations


And my favorite insert of them all....Opening Day Stars. I really like the 3D/Sportflix design(without the movement) on these.
With not much out there on the market for kids when it comes to baseball cards, especially since the sad departure of UD's Collectors Choice,  Opening Day makes a great option with chances at still landing some decent hits. The only thing I think would draw kids to the product even more would be sticker/tattoo insert adds...just sayin.

Personally, I felt good about the blaster break. There wasn't anything huge pulled here, but I felt it was a fun rip and was worth the $10. It might be something I go back and try again.

What are your thoughts on this years Opening Day? The product in general?

Friday, May 22, 2015

Trade Mail Day From Project Pedro Blog Part 2 Of 2: LOTS OF GRIFFEYS!

In Part 1 of my Trade Mail Day from Project Pedro Blog, I showed off the freebies that Shane threw into our trade. Now it's time for the meat and potatoes of our trade, the Griffeys.

Up first was 17 numbered additions from the 2008 Spx American Hero Set. All of the cards in the set were numbered to 725 and up to this point I had ZERO of these so they were needed additions.

Up next is a Sports Kings base card. This one really stood out to me. I like the design a lot.

After that is 6 more adds with Griffey mostly playing for the Reds. The Ultra is pretty cool because of the borderless photography and catching Jr after-swing.

And another nice one here....


Here with numbering to 150...

and here with more numbering.

And to close it out, two pretty sharp looking cards from 2006 UD Future Stars. Not a product I had seen up close before but may be one I wanna open now.
And that finishes up my new Griffey additions. There was a total of 31 in all and as for an overall number I can only rough it around 500. With Griffey having up to 15,000 cards total, I have a ways to go.

A much deserved thanks goes out to Shane for this mail day. I am glad to have been able to help your cause for #ProjectPedro and happy that you were able to help my.....yup I came up with a hashtag for mine now to....#MissionGriffey.

Thoughts and comments are always welcomed!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Breakin Wax:1981 Fleer Baseball 1-Pack Break

Well, I already did one post earlier today, but I decided that today seemed like a double-post kind of day. So when I do double-post days I usually do at least one Breakin Wax so there is two different forms of  posts. So guess what this one is, Breakin Wax. 

When I got my Graded Greats box a couple of months ago, there were some packs within the box, four to be exact. I originally planned on never opening them as I found the wrapped versions to be more unique of a collectible. What I didn't plan on was my lack of opening anything recently leading me to need to break something to calm the beast, hence, the only thing I had unopened in my house, those four packs.

So I will have four breaks in total to show off including 1989 Upper Deck which I know we all love. Tonight, however, I am leading off with the oldest of the group, a 1981 Fleer baseball pack.

In every pack of 1981 Fleer there are 17 cards and 1 delicious stick of gum. You can find packs under $3. Some key cards to look for are Mike Scioscia, Harold Baines, Danny Ainge and a Kirk Gibson rookie. None of which I found in my pack.

The base cards are border heavy and feature a lot of portrait shots more than action shots. That to me usually leads to cards you can caption really easily. Fleer seemed to had loaded this product with easy caption ones.

Here is what the front of the card looks like......

Back of the card....

And even a card for you to caption if you choose to below in comments!

Here is rest of the pack. Other than a Sparky Anderson, I don't see much here other than some great cards to caption.

Overall, it was fun to rip into a pack from 34 years ago but it was a boring break at the same time. Would I want to rip another? Probably not. The product as a whole doesn't have enough chase to warrant me to and I already have the Gibson.

What are your thoughts on 1981 Fleer? This break? Let's hear it!

Trade Mail Day From Project Pedro Blog Part 1 Of 2: The Bonuses!

Yesterday's mail was beyond exciting, it contained a pretty good sized trade package from my buddy Shane over at Project Pedro Blog.. If you haven't checked out his blog, please do so. He is a newbie to the blogging community who could use a huge welcome.

As you can tell by the title of his blog, his main PC is collecting Pedro Martinez and I knew that I had some kicking around. So we talked about a trade and within days had one in place. I sent him ALL of the Martinez's I had and in exchange I received some Griffey's that I will showcase tomorrow. However, he also sent a ton of freebies which brings us to today's post. If I haven't stated it yet, he is a pretty cool guy.

Up first for freebies were some NY Knicks. Now, most Knicks fans are still probably wearing paper bags over their heads from this past season and probably even more after the Lottery Drafts decision to give the Knicks the #4 selection last night.

However, what Shane sent was from what I consider the Knicks good years. You know the guys. Charles Oakley, Kurt Thomas, Anthony Mason, Charlie Ward, and so on. The tough guys that went out every night and played proud Knicks basketball. Not the guys they have now who forgot how to show pride. Ouch, I guess I just slammed them. Slammed, they got that a lot last year. Ouch..did it again. I could go on but then I wouldn't get to the rest of this post so let's move on!

There was just something about this Hoops design that really stood out to me.

Now that we are past the Knicks cards we can start winning again. Oooops. Just can't stop ;)

Shane awhile back sent me a bunch of over-sized/box topper cards for my collection and if you don't remember, you gotta check that out HERE. This is just a few more....

Sweet Turkey Red one...

And it was instant love with me and Phil Hughes box topper. Just another beautiful Upper Deck card.

And finally was something that I hadn't seen before. It was quite cool and definitely something I didn't have. Its an 1985 Topps 3D over-sized card that's deeply embossed to give you a 3D look. If  you can't see the embossed where you are sitting, a Ghostbusters reference comes to mind. Remember in the second one when you first see Vigor's head popping out of the painting? Well, this is similar.
Despite the impressive look on the front of the card, the back of the card is left completely blank leaving you in disappointment. Probably something you most likely would display on the wall that way it hides the back.

And that concludes part one of this mail day. Part 2 will be posted tomorrow with an amazing 31 COMPLETELY NEW Ken Griffey Jr. cards for my PC. Stay tuned and hope to see you come back!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Nice Twitter Trade With @batcavelv

For the first time, someone actually approached me first about doing a trade.
One afternoon, @batcavelv tweeted at me some unopened packs of 1990's football he had picked up and asked if I or anyone else would be interested. Within seconds I snatched the trade bait to make sure I was going to be the receiver of the goodies. A few days later, a trade was worked out and the waiting game til my goodies arrived began!

And here they are! The pack contents will be revealed during my Breakin Wax segments. Sorry but you gotta wait!

First four packs of 1994 Prism football

One pack of 1997 Masters football

Two packs of 1995 Collectors Edge Black Label football

And these three autographed cards.

Two Chrome rookie autos. These two players still have a chance to make a big impact on their teams as these are just a few years old. It's just about waiting for them to do so. I mostly asked for these not because of their possible potential, but because they are chrome. Yes, I am a chromie if you didn't know!

Overall with these kind of results, I say another great trade went down with me and @batcavelv.

Thanks again for the trade Tracy and I look forward to the next one!

(Note: I am a bit delayed on posting this. The trade mail day was well over a week ago but I had other posts scheduled before this that needed to go up first. So my apologies @batcavelv)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Jammin Mail Day Part 2 of 2: The Griffeys!

In Part 1 of my Jammin JDcards mail day, I showed off my new NY Giants, Andre Williams and Dan Marino pickups. This time I am showing off some new Griffeys!

In all, I added 11 new Griffey cards for the PC. For some, they may not find this very exciting. No autographs, no jersey cards, no sick patches, just straight up plain base and insert cards. It kinda fits the theme of my Griffey collection so far. I don't have much at all, 4 total combined, for autographs and memorabilia cards. Sometimes basic cards are just enough. I am a simple collector who gets excited over the little things.

Anyways, let's get onto showing this mail day off.

Here are the first 6 cards of the mail day. I really like the 1996 Fleer Postseason Glory. Really unique perspective with all of the Griffey shots showcasing that amazing swing.

Up next, we have a Turkey Red, a numbered card from Moments and Milestones, and a sweet Cut Above die cut.

And finally, by far my favorite of the group, this 2013 Topps 1989 Bowman Reprint Blue Refractor. Loved the original design, then you throw chrome on it, add the blue refractor part and this baby sparkles!
A pretty nice two-part mail day if I say so myself. I hope to go back and search for more PC needs on Jammin JDcards soon! And as always, share them with you guys!

Topic: Have you ever checked out Jammin JDcards? If not, why or why not?