Saturday, May 9, 2015

Got Sniped, Then Won

5,4,3,2,1 VICTORIOUS! Time for the confetti and eBay auction win dance. That's how I felt when I had won a Andre Williams card I really wanted to add to my collection, the 2014 Black Gold Sizeable Signatures. But, upon going to pay for the card, somehow in those last five seconds I had been outbid by fifteen cents. I had waited a whole week and I was outbid by fifteen cents. I had no notice of being outbid. That's when I realized, I must have been sniped. Not something I had ever been before.
The card I had been sniped out for was only went for $3.55 and that was the cheapest I had ever seen one of those go for. Most were selling between $5-$10, not something I wanted to invest into it. Like I have stated before, I like to use any eBay funds I get sparingly. So I started to add a few cheaper ones to my watch list and waited days til they were close to ending. I put my bid on the Black Gold card at $1.26 with eight hours to go and watched it like a hawk all day.

Those eight hours seemed like an eternity............................................................................................

Then it came, I was still in the lead, those final five seconds again. 5, 4, 3,....should I bid this up one more time just in case? No, I will let it be.........................2, 1. I saw no other bid. It said $1.26. I refreshed. $1.26. I checked my cart, it was in there, for $1.26. Wow. So I not only was victorious in scoring this card for WAY CHEAPER, but I also became victorious over the sniper. I guess it shows that patience pays off.

And here is the beautiful addition. All in it's $1.26 glory and its reminder of how it came into my collection.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Autograph Pickups...Real Or Fake? Some HOFers!

Around Easter, a former middle school teacher of mine contacted me and asked if I still collected sport cards. My quick answer was yes, then I also added in a why? She responded that her son was moving off to college and wanted to unload some, not all, of his sports cards and wanted to know if I was interested. Of course at that point I had thrown the phone to the floor and drove like Jeff Gordon to her house. Just kidding. However, I did meet up with her the next day and made an offer which she accepted after contacting him and the cards became mine.

When making my offer at the time, I only managed to rumble through a few things. There was a decent amount of 90's goodness, basketball, baseball, hockey and football cards mixed within. A lot of good variety and a few unique items that I couldn't just let go. Don't worry, I hope to show the rest off in future posts.

While you wait for those posts, I wanted to jump directly to the meat and potatoes of the lot. These are all hard-signed. The biggest question I have is if they are authentic. My assumption would be yes and I would assume upon asking my former teacher about them, he must have gotten them as TTM as she said he got them authentic online. If this is true, these alone were a nice score. But, I will let you guys be the judge.

First off, is Pat Burrell

Next is Ozzie Smith and Ryne Sandberg. Two tremendous additions...if real.

A few 90's big names here in Jon Kitna and J.J. Stokes

Jake Reed. He always played good alongside Chris Carter

Speaking of Chris Carter, he is here as well!

Two good WR's in Toomer and Tim Brown

I was excited for these. Warrick I had wanted an auto of from the 90's fame, Marvin Harrison is probably the greatest Colts WR ever and Joey Galloway was a fun speedster to watch.

And to finish up the autographs is the one and only Corey Dillion. This guy could certainly run and put up good numbers.
Now the only thing left to do is find out if these are real. That's where I would like your guys opinion who may or may not have seen these guys signatures before.

Here is what I see. I find it odd that most are done in the same sharpie colors and thickness. Not unless he had gone to a card show somewhere the athletes were signing. The Chris Carter isn't done like the rest as it appears sharpie pen was used. I find that to be a bit positive. The Jake Reeds were done in two different colors and one is sideways, however the signatures match. Pat Burrell's autograph doesn't match the one on his Bowman Chrome card but that doesn't mean he didn't sign it differently. Those two signatures match. And just looking at each of these invidividually, it seems each auto has it's own unique way it was signed. It wasn't like all of the S, H and letters were done the same way or have the beginning or ending tail of a letter.

I am hoping these are authentic cause of the great players that are here. I honestly can't see a someone sitting down and wasting time signing these cards but I guess you never know.

Let's hear your thoughts? Authentic? Fake? Any input on these would be great!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Livin In The World Of Today's Trading

Trading is just one of many fun aspects in the hobby. Up until recently, I had always traded the same. Beckett book value vs Beckett book value. If you had $50 BV (book value) in cards, I would trade you $50 (and freebies) for them. However, I found out this is old school compared to how trading is done now. It actually caught me off guard in a trade recently and is taking me awhile to adjust to it. Because in my well trained mind, all I can still see is Beckett values floating around.

In today's world of trading, the new way to trade is taking that supposed $50 BV in cards and breaking it down on eBay to see what each card sold for. So what you thought at first was $50 worth of trade bait, could easily flop down to $15. Yes, $15. My eyes hurt seeing the huge difference between those two numbers and this concept completely racked my brain. In my mind I still saw the $50 BV. I mean it's listed in the hobby's only price guide so they gotta be right....right? $15...ARE YOU KIDDING ME? There was no way I would lose $35 worth of trade bait......would I?

To answer that, yes I would have to once I was further explained this new updated way to trade. I was explained that my $50 in BV card(s) might sell for less than my trading partners $50 in BV card(s). Meaning that my trading partner could just sell off their cards they were trying to trade me, buy the card I am trying to trade them and keep a few bucks for themselves. So why would they want to trade for book value when they could be making out better the other way? All in all, from what I understood there is no true way to gauge a cards value per say. You can only estimate a fair trade by what the card sold for and whatever the card may mean to the person you are trading it to. My mind was blown. But, it made sense.

I guess in today's trading world, cards are not worth their book values or what they used to be worth. We are all given so much access to buy whatever we want when we want that it drives down values having it all within a finger-touch. The market is also a lot more flooded, bet you never thought it could get anymore flooded than the late 80's and early 90's, but it has and that doesn't help with values either. Back when I first started collecting, eBay wasn't really a big thing yet and the only way you could get a card you wanted was trading by book value or buying by half book value at local card shows or the one shop. Boy, those were the days. Would give up my best card now to have a card show or LCS nearby.

In closing, I am sure there are still collectors out there trading like I used to and I am sure there are traders trading in other ways, but it seems like the main trend is the one I am speaking about and trying to move towards. This is just one of many changes I have had to get adjusted to since I joined the hobby back in '93. Some of those changes have been good, some not so much. Whether they are good or bad changes, the hobby is what you make of it. So enjoy it!


Alright, I gotta ask, how do you trade? Do you use book value? The method above? Have your own way? I wanna hear your thoughts!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

90's Flashback:1994-1995 Topps Finest Refractor Anthony Mason

One of my favorite Knicks of the 90's, Anthony Mason passed away at the end of February at the really young age of 48.

I had meant to post this card back then in remembrance and a thank you but couldn't find it. But here it is now:

Not only do I like the player on the card, but the card itself is pretty cool. Iconic design, the refractor shine is amazing and it reminds you how great cards were in the 90's. Makes for a great PC piece. It's not always about the glitter and glam of memorabilia cards, something as simple as this is so much more exciting.

What are your thoughts on the card? What about Mason? Let's hear it!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Breakin Wax:2015 Topps Heritage Baseball Rack Pack (Plus Fun)

Topps Heritage is always one of those fun brands you have got to try a little bit of every year. I can't say I am a die-hard fan, but I like to rip a few packs or even a blaster. Up to this point I hadn't busted any. So the best way to break a streak like that is to bust some lol.

So here we go!

In every rack pack of 2015 Topps Heritage baseball is 20 cards. All of the cards are done in the nice clean 1966 Topps design. There are chances at autographs and relics as well. Each rack pack will run you roughly $5.

As I stated above, the base cards are done in the 1966 Topps design. The photos however, can be sometimes funny I find. Especially this years. That's why I put the (Plus Fun) part into the title. Time to caption some of these can join in too!

 "Yeah, that's right, I smelt it and dealt it"

"Wow...look at that ball....."

"Mmmmm. I love cheesburgers."
"Is that Rhianna over there?"
"Topps, get my good side."

This one is a high number Sp. Also another caption-able photo.

"Check this out Tiger, that's how you swing."

I landed two rookie cards in my pack as well including one for the Yankees PC.
Overall, a fun bust. Didn't hit it that big with my players but did get an Sp and two rookies so i felt it was money well spent.

Whether you buy them for the clean design, the throwback, to chase the Sp's,  to caption them, to try and beat the odds for an auto, Topps Heritage was fun and something I may go back and try again.


This card really could use your caption. Go give it a good one!

Please keep your comments clean for our younger audience. But, other than that..HAVE AT IT!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Running With The Dre's: NEW Andre William Additions

The title is as it states, I am on a run with Andre Williams recently picking up PC pieces left and right. Whether they are through trades or really cheap eBay acquisitions, you can say my Williams collection is getting bigger.

In my recent round of pickups, I bid on a lot on eBay that ended up going for $5. 6 cards, 1 numbered and 1 autograph for $5, that's a steal to me.

Up first are some base rookies....

Then a purple refractor numbered to 75

And finally the autograph, this time my first one in a Boston College uni.
This isn't the last round of Williams that I have picked up to show, there are still a few more to go. So stay tuned!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sweet Trade Mail Day From

If you have been paying attention to this blog recently, you will have noticed I have been making trade moves left and right. Not something I ever pictured myself doing. I guess you can say I have come out of my shell a bit. But, I am still very cautious who I trade with. I must have either heard of you, seen you around or associate you with someone before I can make a move like that.

Despite having known Kevin from for four years now, I have never actually attempted a trade with him before. But, that changed when he tweeted out he had cards available and luckily I had something he wanted.

Up first in my trade were these two giants rookies. Now, neither is on the roster anymore, but hey, they are still Giants. I also like Greg Jones' autograph. Very clean.

Then came a card I desperately wanted, my first Phil Simms autograph. I really needed one of these for the PC. This one is also numbered to 25.

And I couldn't just accept those three cards. There was one more that I really wanted from him. If you hadn't heard, he was one of the lucky winners in Topps photo contest for their Stadium Scenes insert set that were inserted into 2015 Opening Day. Meaning the baseball stadium photo he submitted would be in packs to find. He has accomplished every collectors dream of having your own card.

So I not only asked for a copy of the card, I had to have it signed of course!
A big thanks goes out to Kevin for this trade and for the bonus throw-ins of the Stadium Scenes and a Derek Jeter Topps Chipz (not pictured).