Saturday, May 2, 2015

Breakin Wax: Sons Of Anarchy Seasons 4&5

An amazing show that has recently concluded in December 2014, Sons Of Anarchy gave you thrills, chills and emotional moments that led up to one great finale. However, we are not going to discuss any of that yet. We are going to celebrate this weeks release of Seasons 4&5 from Cryptozoic first.

If you haven't ever seen the show or are curious with what it's about, here is a quick summary without spilling all the beans.

The storyline is based around single father Jax Teller is loyal to his outlaw motorcycle club but starts to question the group's lawlessness and himself. The motorcycle club does both legal and illegal businesses and protects the town of Charming, California keeping drug dealers away. But, its activities also include a thriving illegal arms business.

Now that you have the quick summary of what this epic show was about, let's get onto showing off the goods!

There are 24 packs per box with 5 cards per pack. Each box comes with 2 hits, one wardrobe card and one on-card autograph. Each box will roughly run you around $80.

The base cards are high glossed and have some of the key scenes from seasons 4&5 with a quick scene recap on the back of each card. There are 72 cards in the base card set and should complete one in a box.

There are two insert sets to find in the product. First one here is Gallery. I like the up-close and personal photos. Captures the emotion of the show. You will find these 1:4 packs. I seemed to hit a few more than that.

The other insert set is Character Bios. These fall 1:4 and are exactly as their title, Character Bios. Each of these photographs are done in black and white adding a nice offset to the product

Up next is a temporary tattoo. Obviously these are cool and can make you feel like you are part of their club. These fall 1:24 packs.

There is also rainbow foil parallels. I didn't see any odds on them, it does state 1:12 packs on inserts, but these are numbered to 25. I put the base card in comparison to the parallel.

My wardrobe, 1:24 packs, is of Alex Trager who is Vice President and the former Sergeant-at-Arms of the club.

And my autograph, 1:24 packs, is of Dawn Trager who is Alex's daugther. So I guess you can say I got father/daughter combo hits in this box.

And to my surprise, a bonus hit in the box! A replica patch card that falls at a tough rate of 1:192 packs! These look really cool!
Overall, I felt pretty good about this break. Good amount of inserts, two hits not counting the bonus, decent price point and memories from those two great seasons. I look forward to the next release.

You can find more info and more images of the product right HERE on the Cryptozoic blog. View away!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Breakin Wax:1995 Fleer Football 3-Pack Break

I started collecting in 1993 and slowly it built. In 1995, it was full force and one of my early favorite collecting products that year was Fleer. I don't know what it was, the unique base card design, the inserts or the chance at Hot Packs but I was into it. Lots of it.

Up until recently, I haven't had the chance to indulge back into one of my childhood favorites. A recent eBay search for a few inserts from the product led me to packs of it for $1 each. I said, hey, why not and picked up three. My childhood felt re-lived again as I busted them and below are my results. Enjoy!

In every pack of 1995 Fleer Football are 11 cards. There is one Flair Preview (one of my other favorite products and I put together the preview set) and one insert per pack. As stated above, I found my packs for $1 each.

The base cards came in 6 fun bold designs

Back of the cards

Two of my inserts were TD Sensations. I at one point has this set but lost it over the years.

Same goes for the Provisions. I had the set. This type of design has been around for years. I like this particular one too with Ken showing off his Super Bowl rings.

My Flair Preview cards. Three good players in Barry Sanders, the best RB ever, Chris Warren, very underrated and Shannon Sharpe who I consider one of the elite TE's all time.

Back of the cards. This preview set was a sign of good things to come with the product.
Overall, a decent break. Some good players for the inserts and many memories. This break may only be a teaser for me. I think it would be fun to bust a box and see if I could score a Hot Pack and maybe complete a few insert sets. We will have to wait and see on that.

In the meantime, tell me your thoughts on this break.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2015 Sage Hit High Series Blaster Box

It's almost time for the draft. What I consider the second best time of the year in the off-season for the NFL, Free Agency is first in my thoughts, but first in what kicks off a new football card season. Where rookies end up and whether they can start right off or not matters in any 2015 football product you buy. I think we are pretty much sold on at least one starter in Jameis Winston, who won't only be the number one pick, but should start for the Buc's. But after that, we just never know.

To celebrate the draft today, I decided to show off both of my breaks of the first 2015 football card release of the year in Sage Hit. This time I am showing off recently released High Series with players that weren't in the Low Series (showed off earlier), along with some fan favorites that carried over.

Let's show this off!
In every blaster box of 2015 Sage Hit, you get 12 packs with 4 cards per pack. These also include 4 autographs per blaster which is an amazing amount of hits for a box only costing you $20.

Like I stated earlier, players that weren't in the Low Series, show up here in the High Series such as Brett Hundley, Kevin White and Amari Cooper. However, I think Mariota is not in this product.

Spotlight subset makes its appearance in the High Series. These were not in the Low.

New subset Five Star, looks great. I only pulled this one in the set.

Artistry inserts. I pulled even more in the High Series than I did in the Low. I like the design.

Now onto the hits, Swaim should be one of the higher drafted TE's outside of Maxx Williams

Bonner could be a force on defense for a team that needs a safety....hmmm...NY Giants??

James could be a sleeper

And Cook is one of the many WRs in this deep class. I have always enjoyed pulling these hand numbered autos.
Overall, a great deal just like the Low Series. With 4 autographs in every blaster, it would be foolish not to give this product a try and to get some of the newest class of rookies this way.

Once again, the only disappointment is the autographs being packed separately which means the 12 packs you open are all base. This years product as a whole is massively improved, if they can avoid packing those separate, that would make it even better. Let's see this happen in 2016 guys!

Breakin Wax: 2015 Sage Hit Low Series Blaster Box

So far I have had a really slow-go of things in terms of 2015 football cards. Up til now I hadn't picked up any. That's right, ANY!

I had to end that horrid streak and add some of these rookies to my collection. My first rip of the 2015 football card season, Sage Hit. It's always the first rip of the new football card season. So what would make 2015 any different?

This years Sage Hit retail is loaded! Four autographs. Yes, FOUR autographs for a retail product. Try to tell me another product you can get four autographs in for $20. You can't.

In every blaster box of 2015 Sage Hit, are 12 packs with 4 cards per pack. You also get 4 autographs and each blaster is $20.

The design this year is a bit different as well. Think Topps Heritage. It has that throwback feel and literally feel to them. No more of the high gloss that we are used to. I think it's a nice switch and that the base cards look good for an unlicensed product.

Back of base card

Inserts. Even these look great I think. These seem to fall 1:3 packs.

Now onto the autographs. I didn't it anybody big but I guess anyone can be anyone since the season hasn't started yet. There could be Pro Bowl player hidden here. The design isn't bad either.

Overall, despite my lack of big hits, I have seen blasters with Jameis Winston. The big time players are out there to be found.I think you find plenty of value in every blaster. Well worth the buy.

So to sum this up, I think Sage listened to my opinion, well I like to think so, on cutting down on the base card overage in a box and by adding a bit more value by adding an extra autograph. There are only two more things I would like to see. I would like to see some parallels/inserts and I would like to see the autographs PACKED IN THE PACKS and not separate. Having the autos packed separately takes away a bit of the fun. Just a few more tweaks a

90's Flashback:1995 Fleer Gridiron Leader Steve Young

When 1995 Fleer football came out, I fell in love. Why? The base card design was a bit unique but more unique was the cool designed inserts in product. One of them was Gridiron Leader. These had little squares that matched team colors and makes the player appear like they are on a dance floor.

The card has a 3D appeal also because of this design. It's pretty cool.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

$3 Co-Signer Pickup

My search for hard-to-pull and I couldn't afford at the time insert/autograph pulls from the 90's chase continued. This time my search led me for a 1997 Topps Stadium Club Co-Signer card that I believe was the first dual signed card.

These front/back signed autographed cards fell at a rate of 1:70 packs in 1997. That was a year where I ripped through a few boxes of the product and never hit one. Though back then that wasn't my reasoning for opening it as Stadium Club had a superb base card design and some nice inserts that year. I will show one of those in an upcoming 90's Flashback post. In the meantime, I will show you my newest pickup.

Upon searching Co-Signers on eBay, which by the way are not cheap, I stumbled upon one on sale for $3. Not to mention FREE SHIPPING. How could I not pick it up? And it wasn't like I didn't know at least one of the players on the card. I actually saw a lot of him in the 90's in my packs.

So here it is, $3 and glorious! Love the rainbow foil and wished they had done it front and back but it is still an impressive looking card.

Glad to have crossed this one off my want list. Now onto the next part of my 90's card journey. Where that will lead me, only time AND money can tell.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Another Day, Another Andre. VERY Low #d Too!

After getting a response from Williams about my collection when I posted it a few weeks ago, I went on a four day splurge picking up four new autographed Williams cards. How often is it when one of your PC players recognizes you collecting them? Show of hands...yup, not too many. That alone drove me to keep adding to that part of my PC. Before I continue on, I must note I plan on showing those tweets in an updated post of my Andre Williams collection next month or so.

Anyways, this is probably the most I have spent on one of his cards yet. I usually won't spend over $6 a card but this one being 3/5 and the rarest of his I would have, splurging $26 in a eBay auction wasn't too bad.

So here it is.....
I will show off the other three new pickups soon!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Rookie Card Contest Winnings Mail Day

Every Sunday on Twitter, a group of guys run what they call #SundayFunday. #SundayFunday is a variety of contests run by those guys using that catchy hashtag. One of those guys is @danblair83.

And that's the very quick back story on what led to this mail day.
@danblair83 is one of the good guys on Twitter that not only does contests, but also likes to discuss the hobby as well.Those two things combined is why I followed.

Last Sunday I was one of the lucky #SundayFunday winners and the prize lot consisted of rookies. If you have read this blog before, you know that is right up my alley.

But enough with my jabbering, now onto the good stuff!!

Yu know this guy...

Rookie and Shiny....yes!

Will be interesting to see how this guy does for the Jets. I can see him having a big season if the Jets can find a QB to throw to him haha!

And to finish off this mail day, two more awesome Beckhams for the PC!

A big thanks goes out to @danblair83 for this nice mail day and helping pad my rookie card PC a bit more. If you are not following him yet, please do so.

Breakin Wax:2014 Sp Authentic Football Hobby Box

Sp Authentic. One of my favorite Upper Deck releases year in and year out. Sadly, this could be literally the year out with Panini owning the CLC license now. Not quite sure how the hobby is going to look without the awesomeness that Sp Authentic brings. I know UD could go the unlicensed rout, but it would never be the same.

I guess in the meantime, we can still enjoy what could be the final edition. 2014.

For some reason my post is lacking both the box picture and the base card picture, if you really need to know what the base cards look like, just peek below ahead of time at the autographs. I am still doing a breakdown of a box without the picture.

In every box of 2014 Sp Authentic football you get 20 packs in a box with 5 cards per pack. Each box will run you around $100 and will have three autographs (including one patch auto) along with four canvas cards. There is also three SPA Future Watch inserts # to 999 or less per box as well.

The base cards, despite not being pictured, stick with the usual white background and player picture in the front. However, the base card set setup is much different. There are 100 regular base cards, 30 rookie short prints, 20 Legend short prints and 50 of these Authentic Moments:

I really like these SPA Future Watch flashing the 2000 design. There are gold parallels...

You see here numbered to 99.

And I got my boy Andre!!

Another thing I really enjoy about the product is the Canvas Cards. These are really cool especially when you get players like Odell Beckham and Peyton Manning in your box.

Now onto the hits. The autographs are on-card, but my box I felt was a #CollectFail in this category in terms of players. The first two autographs in my box I had no idea who they were.....

And what I consider the "big hit" of  every box turned out to be a guy I have seen multiple times. Once again introducing....Mr. Terrence West! I do however like the design and the two-color patch.
Overall, Sp Authentic didn't at all provide big hits here, but it provided what it always has, a well built product. I like this years even more due to the base card set up. I am a set collector so having a challenge makes these base cards more exciting. The last few years a box would provide you with two complete sets. I like this setup more.

Hopefully this isn't the last time we see Sp Authentic. Cause I will sure miss it.