Saturday, January 3, 2015

Breakin Wax: 1989-1990 NBA Hoops Basketball Pack Break

You ever just wanna open something for fun? That's what I did here with a one pack break of 1989-1990 Hoops basketball.

In every pack of 89-90 Hoops, comes fifteen cards with a shot at David Robinson's Rookie Card. The cards have some great action shots but a lot of border and a BIG player name written across the top of the card.

Expansion yrs,cards of Timberwolves and Magic.

Goal-tending? Not Dennis Rodman.

'89 All-Star game cards.
No Robinson but still some fun cards. I like looking at pictures. Some capture moment in NBA history, others need to have a caption added to it.

Merry Christmas..From Grady

I have shown a few times now the results of a surprise mail day from Grady M on Sport Card Collectors Facebook page. To no surprise, this Christmas one was just as amazing as the rest.

Yankee PC adds:


Baseball inserts galore!

Mini gold parallels, I like em!

Everyone knows of my secret Chrome/Refractor obsession!

NY Giant PC adds:

Gotta love me some acetate inserts!

Some numbered inserts

I hated watching this guy play the Giants. He killed them every time, however, I respect him as a player. I also really like this card.

More parallel madness including Chrome!!

And one of my new favorite cards...I love this die-cut! Card is a beaut in person!

I know some complain about Prizm, but I really like it. Especially the "refractor" parallels.

NY Ranger adds:

Then he snuck in some hits. First off is Mario amazing catch Manningham!

I really loved this card. I like the memorabilia cards with pieces from non-regular game events. This one is an even worn workout jersey from the All Star game.

And to finish off this very nice mail day a CC Sabathia relic card.
A big thanks is owed to Grady for yet another amazing mail day. Don't worry buddy, I will surprise you back.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Breakin Wax: 1991-1992 Pro Set Hockey Series 2 Pack Break

What Pro Set was saying were the "Hottest Cards on Ice" I had to do a one pack break to see if I agreed.

In each pack of 1991-1992 Pro Set cards there were 15 cards per pack. The cards were borderless action shots with just their name and team logo placed on the lower left hand side.

The design I am a fan of. It gives just enough detail you need on the front without taking away from the action.

I soloed out this photo because to me it appears Greg hit a home-run if you look at the way he is holding the stick and the reaction on his and the crowds face. Kinda unique pic.

Best rookie card from the pack to me, Scott Neidermayer.

I found this break to be fun. Not because of the value, but because of the photographs. Just in this one pack alone there were some fun ones to view. I assume rest of the product is the same. If you haven't done so yet, check it out.

Box Toppers....SIGNED, unsealed and delivered!

I have met some amazing collectors on Twitter, one of those collectors is @shanesalmonson.

I have known him for awhile now (more than two years) on Twitter and we discuss a variety of hobby and non-hobby things. We may not see eye to eye on sports teams, but we are on the same team when it comes to the hobby.

Shane likes to share his famous case breaks on Twitter and during one of those breaks he had discussed some box toppers that he had and that some were Yankees. Upon further discussion, Shane said that I could have them to thank me for my support. Obviously I thought that was awesome. But, I didn't realize how awesome it was til the package arrived. It was MUCH MORE than I expected.

There were a ton of them and mixed in were a few surprises as I will show you below.

To kick this off, here are a couple of basketball ones.

These two are both numbered to 349 and printed on canvas material.

I think this guy has a bright future. I also like Panini's throwback to Donruss despite the lack of logos.

Some great players here such as Tony Gwynn, Chipper Jones and Banks.

I liked how this one was done. However, I would have liked actual stamps used on it. That would have been much more impressive.


Here are the Yanks enjoying a World Series win! Feels like forever since they last won one and seems it's going to be awhile til the next.

Mr. October!

Mr.Super Bowl...well...I call him that. I am sure if I asked you guys you would just laugh. To me, he seems to always step his game up for the "Big Game".

Now I have pulled box toppers before, but I have NEVER pulled signed ones. These were a big surprise to find in my package from Shane. I really enjoyed these as they are unique additions to my collection.

My favorite of the group. This was the only one of the three signed that was on the front of the card. Also was the only one that was numbered. In case you can't see it, it's numbered 10/50.

My plan is to put all of these into sheet protectors along with their wrappers to be displayed in a binder. The autographed ones I may try to find toploaders for from BCW so they don't get ruined. You just never know sometime how well to protect something.

A big thanks goes out to Shane for this mail day. If you are not following him on Twitter, please do so. You will be glad that you did. Especially when he starts sharing his football and baseball case breaks, they are really fun to view.