Saturday, December 13, 2014


Another post in our series Hobby Topics. This is not so much a post for us to comment about or give our opinions on, this is your chance to let your voice be heard on a variety of topics in the hobby. We are leaving the floor open to you! So comment away! But please no language and keep your answer clean as we do have a younger following as well.

Today's Topic: I wanna hear your Christmas list! What's top on your want list? What are you getting the collector in your family? Wanna hear it all...not unless they read this blog then you might want to keep it a secret.

Let's hear your thoughts!

Friday, December 12, 2014

What's In The Mail Box? Grady M Mail Day Part 2 of 2: Baseball

In Part 1 of my mail day from Grady, I shared some great football inserts that I got. In part 2, I will be sharing a nice hefty shiny lot of baseball cards.

First I will share the three basketball cards I found.

Can't go wrong with these two players:

LOVED THESE! I think this Crusade design is one of the best insert designs out there. This one happens to be a die-cut version as well.

Now onto some Yankee and insert finds:

Panini's throwback inserts in Donruss. I liked these for the nostalgic appeal:

I hadn't seen these in person til now. These are just like the originals.

Quite the Face 2 Face battle here:

I hadn't seen one of these in person til now. These look tremendous!

Once again, I am a huge fan of Prizm and these are really beautiful. Something you could use to Christmas decorate haha. I just wished it was MLB licensed!

To my surprise and happiness, was the STACK of Topps Chrome and inserts I found. Someone definitely knew I love Chrome.

Topps Shelf inserts:



Orange Refractors:

Purple Refractors:

And a blue #d refractor:

Overall, this was REALLY generous of Grady. I enjoyed the entire mail day and looked forward to pulling out every card from the box with not knowing what I may find next. Thanks again goes out to Grady for his generosity and these cards are headed to the PC.

Another thing to note Grady, you should be watching your mail box too. You just never know when I will surprise you as well!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

What's In The Mail Box? Grady M. Mail Day Part 1 of 2: Football

Once again Sport Card Collector Facebook and blog fan Grady Malachowski sent me a nice surprise package. This one came shipped in a blaster box which I thought was really cool and not something I thought of. Definitely gonna try it now though. You pay for the box, you might as well use it.

Upon opening the box, I could tell it was absolutely LOADED. It had stuff from baseball, football and a few basketball. The cards varied by team and was mostly made up of inserts which is right up my alley! Especially cool inserts.

Today's post consists of the football part of my mail day. The baseball part will be shown tomorrow!

Let's kick it off with some NY Giants base cards:

Topps inserts. Great players found with Brady, Manning and Brees and more:

The inserts continue!

What collector doesn't like die-cuts?

A few more inserts. I really like the Kaepernick with the "etched" out Elite card:

A few numbered goods.

Acetate inserts. I am a huge fan!

Then I will finish off this post with some SWEET Prizm parallels. I really like the look of this years Prizm.
Overall, this was a really cool mail day. But, remember, this is only part one. Part two is just around the corner! If you like baseball cards and shiny things don't miss out on that one!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Card Bin: What Did I Find This Time?

I really enjoyed doing this post over at The Card Bin blog and I wasn't just going to leave you all hanging with it. So without further ado, another post from The Card Bin, which is what I call this this tote right here:

I think most of us collectors have that one place we store all of our extra cards that are not PC related. This is where I stick mine. I also use this as a once-in-awhile dig through to bring back memories or for a just for fun experience. I will start posting cards from this bin to show you what's hiding in there. I honestly have no idea what is in there, I only know its autographs and memorabilia cards from the past 14 years. So this should be fun for both you and I!

Onto today's find:
2006 Fleer Flair Showcase Stitches Derek Hagan
Thoughts on today's find are welcomed!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sport Card Holiday Lists Tips: How To "Influence" Others

I would think by now my lovely wife would know better than to leave the Walmart shopping list up to me, but hey, I don't mind putting one together especially around this time of year.

As Christmas approaches, many of us sport card collectors are making lists for others and checking our lists twice from them. but me, I am "influencing" a list whenever the opportunity shows itself.

You wonder what I talking about, well, I am about to teach you. Before reading on, I recommend you don't let your spouse, mother, father or whoever you are making this "influential" list for see how I do this. It could ruin the effectiveness for you.

Watch how I turn my wife's quick Walmart shopping list into a Christmas list or a card pickup list in general. This isn't something I made up just now. I REALLY do this and I must say that it's 75% effective that you will get cards in return. It's the humor of it all.

First off, DO NOT EVER start or end your list with a card want. This must be treated like a sandwich, keep the bread (the boring stuff) on the outside and make the fillings the best!

So I ask my wife, what do we need. (By the way, she EXPECTS these kind of answers and accepts them. She likes the hobby, doesn't collect, but joins in busting packs)

First two are I am calling Blah, Blah because I like said, you need those "crusts of the list."

Then she says,
What would you like for supper just write it down and I will pick up the ingredients to make it.

I put,
I would love some Panini! I like the Classic or Prizm version.


She then says, where was that box of crackers located that you liked so much. It would make it so much easier for me to find if I knew the location.

I write down
The crackers I like are on the Topps shelf next to the Chrome.

She follows that up with, family is coming up this weekend, make sure to put down the beer they like. My wife and I don't drink so alcohol isn't something we have on hand so we always pick it up. You know, good hosts.

I write down,
Bowman Draft. They like the 8-10 pack.


Then you throw them off with an obvious card write down by putting something you really want, 2014 Topps Mega Football box for me.


Finally, I end my card shopping list with one more jab when she asks, what was the name of that cologne you ran out of?

I write down, The Fairfield Company. Comes in a variety pack.


And this was just one list. I have done many and used many different approaches depending on what we need to pickup. Like I said, this is something that can be done all of the time when you know they are going shopping in a store selling sports cards.

Let me know if you give this a try and how it works for you. By the way, my wife is heading to do this trip in a few days, I will let you know how effective it was this time :)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Hobby Break 'Em: 10 Pack Break Of 2014 Upper Deck Conference Greats

Upper Deck recently released this 2014 Conference Greats products and I was curious what this product consisted of so I had the opportunity to open it and see.

Each pack of Conference Greats comes with 8 cards per pack. Each hobby pack will run you roughly $3-$4 depeding on where you buy. Each hobby box comes with one autographs and 2 memorabilia cards.

First up I wanted to discuss the base cards. I like the design and the checklist is fun. It includes players you may not find in packs anymore such as Eric Moulds and Jared Lorenzen.

There are a few rookies from this great class including Manziel and my boy Beckham Jr.

However, I wasn't a fan of the schedule cards. I felt as if they were a set filler. I totally get what Upper Deck was attempting to do, but I just wasn't a fan of including these in this set. It doesn't fit.

Here are my Pewter parallels. These can be found one-per-pack.

Two great ones here with Evans and Beckham! 

 Copper parallels I pulled falling at 1:4 packs. There is also a tough black parallel that is numbered to 10.

Then you find the following as well. These are base set hi series stars and rookies. They fall roughly 1:2 packs. I loved this idea for us master set chasers and it reminds me of chasing down the 1997 Upper Deck baseball series 2 set with the etched cards in it that fell at odds as well.

I think I did good here landing Manziel.
Base Set Hi Series Stars
- Base Set Hi Series Rookies - See more at: roughly 1:2 packs

And out of my ten packs I landed an autograph. A tough one at that since it's the hi-series rookie version at 1:170. It's not anyone I know, but I really like the design so it has a place in my collection.

Overall, not a bad break. I pulled a tough auto, pulled a couple Manziels and a Beckham.

I think this product will have it's following. There is a fun checklist, some incredible autograph match-ups and cool School Pride memorabilia cards. This may also be fun for those set collectors who like a bit of a challenge.

If your a fan of those things and college football, this product is for you.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

I AM A GOLD GLOVE (And Ball) WINNER! And never played baseball...recently.

I guess growing up and playing baseball with my buddies finally got noticed. I never played in a league like Little League or in High School, but when us friends got together, it was serious.

Up until now nobody ever realized my play in the field, but when I recently won these from @GoldBaseballs , I think my potential was finally noticed :)

Actually, I didn't win these because of that sadly, though I can still brag to my friends that I did. I actually won this from a Twitter contest where you had to tell them your favorite charity that you give to on Giving Tuesday. Mine, I give to and participate in March Of Dimes every year and always raise Top 5 money amount.       

Here they are. Both are beautiful products that look great in the man cave. The gold baseball is actually 24k gold leather. If you want to check them out and what they are about, check out the Gold Sport Collectibles website for some amazing items. You can find them HERE

And here they are displayed. I am gonna leave them here for now, but might move them to a much better location. As you can tell, they really stand out above the rest.
A big thanks goes out to Gold Sport Collectibles for this pretty cool mail day.

Your thoughts on this mail day are welcomed too!

That 90's Card: 1996 Playoff Trophy Contenders Neil O'Donnell

There is nothing like base card designs in the 90's and how great they look, this is another prime example.

Playoff branched off their successful Playoff Contenders brand from 1995 and came up with the idea for Trophy Contenders. The base cards looked very cool with the layered look of gold trophies, then blue (and other colors depending on the player) counter top look, and a player on top of that. The base cards were also a bit thicker than most which made for a high-end product back in 1996.

You can find most base card singles now for roughly $1 and boxes can run you upwards of $90.

To me, this product was a little under rated. It not only had a fun base card design, but some excellent inserts which is what the 90's were all about. Just like the under rated player I chose today.

Neil O'Donnell played 14 seasons in the NFL with 4 NFL Teams. He led the Pittsburgh Steelers to Super Bowl 30 where threw two costly interceptions leading to a Steelers loss. Despite those two interceptions in the Super Bowl, he ended his career with the lowest interception percentage in NFL history, averaging just 2.11 interceptions for every 100 pass attempts. However, since then, Aaron Rodgers has broken his record.

Let's hear your thoughts on today's 90's card!