Saturday, August 9, 2014

Rice-A-Rookie, My San Francisco Treat

In the past few years, I have slowly begun trying to add "investments" to my rookie card PC. One of the "investments" that I have really wanted was a 1986 Topps Jerry Rice. Thanks to Small Traditions, now I can cross that off from my list.

Every other day on Twitter, Small Traditions runs a contest for FREE graded cards and all you have to do to win is RT. When I saw this Jerry Rice pop up, a card I have been chasing for awhile, I threw my name into the hat and found out I won the next day! You know how girls cry after watching a sad movie, well, the same thing happens to me after adding a nice piece to my PC.

Rice is just one of many rookies I am hoping to chase down. Some others include, Dan Marino, John Elway, Steve Young, Jim Kelly, Michael Jordan (may take my whole life for that), Mickey Mantle (ditto), Wayne Gretzky (same here), Mario Lemiex, Derek Jeter (Sp rookie), Tony Gwynn, among others.

I would like to thank Dave at Small Traditions again for this card and helping me add this sweet piece to my rookie PC. This is one small step in a giant direction.

90's Rip Party: 1996 Topps Football Hobby Box

In this edition of 90's Rip Party, I go back in time to 1996 and to a football product of Topps celebrating their 40th anniversary. I think this is one of my all-time favorite Topps products as the inserts they put into it looked and felt spectacular. You will have to read on and see the break and I am sure you will agree.

In a box of 1996 Topps Football hobby, you get 36 packs with 12 cards per pack.

The base card design was simple and for once Topps did a great job with the border they used. The photography on these was amazing as well and with the way they did the player/team names it left it open for some great shots.

1,000 and 3,000 yard subsets:

Great rookie cards in the product such asEddie George, Keyshawn Johnson, Marvin Harrison, Eric Moulds, Mike Alstott and many others! The design is the same as the base except the word '96 Draft Pick:

For me, these 40th Anniversary inserts fell 1:4 packs. I got two doubles as well of Brett Favre and Blaine Bishop:

The 40th anniversary product also commemorated Joe Namath and his inserts fell 1:12 packs

These are some of the coolest looking cards around! Broadway's Review where Joe breaks down some of the "top" QB's in 1996:

Turf Warriors is a touch and feel card. It feels like turf! Pretty awesome and these bad boys were a tough pull though no odds were stated, I believe they were at least 1:36

And another beauty of an insert. Hobby Masters! These fell 1 per box. I really like the design.
Overall, another great 90's rip. I think Topps should look back at this product and maybe do something similar with today's they put out. Great photography, well done inserts, and an overall product with their best work.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Rueben Randle PC Card Of The Week: 2012 Topps Platinum X-Factor

Today's Rueben Randle PC Card Of The Week is a pretty sweet one. I love the parallels that are in products like Topps Chrome and Topps Platinum. They look outstanding on here and even more impressive in person. This one is an X-factor, though not worth much more than its base card counterpart, its a thing of beauty!

With that being said, here is today's Rueben Randle PC Card Of The Week:

That 90's Card: 1998 Topps Milestone Barry Bonds

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Farewell David Wilson

It would have been year 3 for David Wilson in the NFL which meant this was the year a lot of first-round draft picks break out. However, David was forced into early retirement due to an neck injury and never had a chance to finish his promising career.

David's career lasted only 21 games for the Giants, but in this tearful, emotional and inspirational FAREWELL SPEECH he stated not to reflect on how short his career was and to focus on the fact he got to live his dream making it into the NFL. A dream that not many get to live. He's also ready for the next step in his career and will be rooting on teammates all season, hoping they put their 100% efforts on the field and continue their dream because that dream could end at any second without a sign.

In respect of David Wilson and his career with the Giants, I wanted to show off some of my favorite cards I own of him.

Love this photo....I still remember watching it live:

This is my favorite of the group. I think the design is well done:
Hope everyone enjoyed the gallery. I could have added a few more to the list, but these are my top favorites.

David, I wish you luck on the next step of your career and thanks for your time with the Gmen. Let's hope they take your inspiring speech and go grab another Lombardi!

Upper Deck Card Of The Week: 2013 Fleer Retro Metal Robert Woods

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Card Bin: What Did I Find This Time?

Yes, it seems redundant that I name this segment the same name as this blog, but this is what I call this bin:

I think most of us collectors have that one place we store all of our extra cards that are not PC related. This is where I stick mine. I also use this as a once-in-awhile dig through to bring back memories or for a just for fun experience. I will start posting cards from this bin to show you what's hiding in there. I honestly have no idea what is in there, I only know its autographs and memorabilia cards from the past 14 years. So this should be fun for both you and I!

Onto today's find:
2012 Elite New Breed Jersey Ronnie Hillman
Thoughts on today's find are welcomed!

Packs To The People....Have You Seen It?

On Twitter, I came across something that caught my eye recently...... it was called Packs To The People. What in that title wouldn't catch your attention? It's a fun web series about a guy named Andrew who does as the title states, takes packs to the people. The packs that he delivers may not always be in the most obvious places or to the most obvious people who are collectors. Most are not which is what makes it fun. Here was his latest video where he brought packs into a McDonalds (watch the first guys reaction):

I think this is really fun concept and I always enjoy watching the peoples reactions in these videos. I have now seen most of them and I recommend you check them out as well. You can search for Packs To The People on YouTube for more of their fun episodes. There are a ton!!!

Now onto a couple more fun episodes. My buddy Tim Yount, who I have mentioned on a quite a few times on here, made a couple of Packs To The People videos himself. It would be great if you guys checked those out for me. Both have their own fun parts to them.

In this video, he took packs to a Pee Wee football team. Watch the reactions of these kids. Some are hilarious. You just gotta love innocence.  One gets a nice pull as well and thought it was another player.....

Packs to the Pee Wees

In this one that Tim did, he caught up with a couple of old timers who hadn't opened packs in years. One of them gets a 1/1 pull and see how they react and their thoughts on today's cards!! Check this out:
My Inaugural Packs to the People Video

I would love to hear your guys feedback on videos like this and the Packs To The People concept.

Topps Card Of The Week: 2013 Topps Platinum Autograph Jonathan Hankins

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ken Griffey Jr PC Card Of The Week: 1998 Royal Rookies

Today's Ken Griffey Jr PC Card Of The Week is from one of those wall plaques you could find at Walmart or a dollar store awhile ago. These plaques consisted of a players card in a toploader mounted to square wood piece with the player's name on a metal plate under it. They were a fun item to spice up your mancave and a way to display your cards. I still have the four I bought years ago.

Most of the time these had licensed cards in them, this just happened to be one of the rare times they didn't. I snatched it up because I didn't have the card and didn't know if I would ever find one like it again. Either way, it's another nice PC piece and a classic photo shot despite the non-logos.

Panini Card Of The Week: 2013 Score Johnathan Hankins

Monday, August 4, 2014

Set Collectors Still Live! (at least I do) PT 2 of 2

As I spoke about at the end of in yesterday's post about set collecting, today's part is telling you about my biggest and most favorite set I put together ALL-TIME! I hope this kind of post will influence some of you who may not set collect to give it a try. It's honestly quite the rush and relief when you accomplish something like this. This is as much of a high as getting a big hit or busting a box.

My ALL-TIME favorite set that was both challenging, yet tons of fun to put together was the 1997 Upper Deck baseball. The set was in two series and an overall 520 whopping cards not including the update cards which I didn't do.

There were some fun inclusions in both series including this tribute cards to Jackie Robinson to open up the first 9 cards of the set:

Then some great photographs for the base set including this unique one:

The base cards were border free and each were "game dated". The base set also included these subsets within:

Strike Force
Defensive Gems
1997 Upper Deck Baseball #182 Larry Walker GI
Global Impact
Star Rookies
The challenge to this set, other than the 520 cards, was trying to complete all of the "Griffey's Hot List" subset cards in Series Two. The subset, that was packed with many super stars at the time, fell 1:4 packs (at least I think it did) and was card numbers 415-424 in the set. Chasing down 10 of these wasn't so easy. Upper Deck baseball 1997 was one of the first sets to feature cards SPed in it on purpose to add value to the overall set.So I knew what I was up against especially knowing these were the last cards I needed to have all 520.

So pack upon pack. Box upon box. Card show upon card show and I finally acquired them after many months of the chase.I felt so relieved and couldn't wait to put the entire set into a binder to view.

To this day, this is still my favorite set despite the many I have put together since. This set will always remain in my collection in that same binder til I hand it down someday along with the story behind it. Along with this, I hope to hand down the art of set collecting as I will do my best to help keep it alive.

You Might Be A Card Collector If......

You Might Be A Card Collector If......when your wife asks you what you were looking at on the computer and you say some really nice big "RAKs" and she slaps you in the face for it. Later she finds out you were talking about Random Acts Of Kindness mail days.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Card Collecting TV...Sounds Good To Me!

Imagine flipping through the channels and stumbling upon a channel that was talking only about sports cards. Wow...what a dream....

Yesterday, I threw out my dream into social media first starting on my Twitter and than onto my Facebook page about a TV channel solely dedicated to sports cards. The feedback about my idea was simply amazing! With that kind of reaction, I knew I would have to blog about it for those who may have missed this conversation and to continue the discussion about it since it's so hard to cram anything into a Tweet or a Facebook post.

Here were the Tweets (ignore the top one) and the Facebook post I sent out yesterday:

It seems many collectors agreed with my idea. Many said this would be a great marketing move for the hobby. I agree with that. I think it could also be a decent money maker for whoever was willing to invest into it. First, you could charge breakers to have a time slots for their breaks live on TV. Secondly, you could make money from manufacturers charging them to put up ads promoting their products. Third, big online companies like Dave&Adams and Blowout cards could put up ads for their sales and Beckett Media could use this as an outlet as well for the many services they offer. Lastly, you could get places like COMC, eBay or Collector Revolution to pay for paid programming slots to try and promote why you should sell your cards on their sites. Sounds like money to me.

However, when coming up with this idea, money making wasn't at all on my mind til I wrote this post. It was more about the fun and entertainment a channel like this could provide. I came up with this idea while waiting for a break video I had wanted to watch slowly buffer on YouTube. To be honest, most of the time when people post break videos, I don't watch them. My internet is always iffy and waiting for it to buffer is a pain. That's when I thought, this would be so much better if I could just sit down and watch it live. So why not on TV? Could you imagine seeing this kind of thing on a 50 inch (if i had one)?

So I sat down and thought if there was such a channel what kind of things would I like to watch. Here are some things I would find interesting:
  1. Box Breaks. Who wouldn't want to watch breaks non-stop and see the mojo!
  2. Go behind the scenes at major manufacturers and see what goes into making the cardboard we treasure so dearly. Let's see every angle of it from product design to printout. This could be the reality show side of the programming.
  3. Let's see fun things that companies do at the Drafts and Rookie Premiers.
  4. Let's see pro athletes do some signings and discuss not only their trading cards but their signatures.
  5. Let's get some personal collections on there. If you have a collection, show it off! Let's not have any specifics. You could probably get three or four people per half-hour episode. Maybe it could be called, "Show and Tell"
  6. I think a show on grading and how to tell fakes would draw attention
  7. VINTAGE! Let's see some sweet vintage cards and memorabilia
  8. An "LCS Road Trip" show taking us around the best shops in America
  9. Do a show on card shows taking us to some of the bigger ones around. This would be great for those of us who don't have shows and may have forgotten what it was like.
  10. "Collecting Basics" or "Card Collecting For Dummies" type of show helping out the rooks in the hobby explaining everything to them from toploaders to Sp's to 1/1 3-color patch cards. Some of us could use a refresher course as well.
These were just a few ideas. I am sure there are many more angles of the hobby you could do.

Overall, if this kind of marketing was to ever happen I think it would be big. Not to mention, this may help intrigue people who know nothing about the hobby to come and check it out. With it being easy to access since its on TV and we all know what curiosity does. I say more exposure on the hobby, the better. You never know where this idea could lead the hobby...

Note: This is my original material and original idea. It MAY NOT be used without my permission.

    That 90's Card: 1993-1994 Fleer NBA Jam Slam Dunk Heroes Patrick Ewing