Saturday, January 12, 2013

Preview: 2012 National Treasures Baseball

February 13 is the day that a lot of baseball card fans will be counting down to as Panini America the leader in sport cards will be releasing National Treasures in baseball cards form! With a stunning gallery and great lineup of cards and players this should be an first year winner!.

2012 National Treasures Baseball Bench

2012 National Treasures Baseball Henderson 

2012 National Treasures Baseball Trout 

Each box will deliver eight autograph or memorabilia cards per pack, including at least one on-card autograph and one booklet card.

Like most National Treasures high end products this one will probably run ya $500+ a box.

Fan Box Breaks: 2011 Gold Standard Football

Another Fan Box Break and another one by Jammin JD Cards. This time a high end product in Gold Standard Football. Here is how he did:

Here is what Jammin JDcards had to say about his break:

"One of my favorite products from 2011. Panini hit a home run with this product and I hope they do the same this year. The cards are shiny, exciting, great quality, feel expensive and just plain awesome. This box had 12 cards, 5 hits, 2 rookies, 2 inserts, 1 Legend and 2 base cards. Everything in this set in serial numbered which is awesome. The hits are very nice, always fun to see legends like Jim Kelly, base rookie autos are stickers but the Patch Auto is on card (AWESOME). Every time I break this stuff I am satisfied, 9.25/10 for design, 9.25/10 for quality, 9.75/10 for value."

What are your thoughts on his break? Have you broken this before?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Fan Box Breakers: UD Sp Golf Blaster 2012

Thanks again to Jammin JDcards who provided us with a look at some golf cards. Variety is the spice of life! And this was a product I wanted to get a better look at. Personally, I didn't even know they made this into retail so it was surprising for me to see. Thanks again Jammin JDcards for sharing with us!

Here is what Jammin JDcards had to say about the break:

"This is a retail version found at Target. The retail base set is a different color variation than the hobby version. There are no guaranteed hits. I like the Blue parallel version as well as the Parade of Stars cards. You can see I got Drew Brees and Jason Kidd golfing, that is pretty cool. Other than that this product does not offer a whole lot. There are no inserts, not many hits and only one parallel I have seen. I do like the older names as well as the LPGA players in the set. I recommend buying 1 maybe 2 blasters of this stuff but no more than that. It gets boring really quick. I rate this product a 6/10 for design, 8/10 for quality, and 5/10 for value – Very Average, I expect more."

What was your thought on his break? Would you give it a try?

My NFL Divisional Round Predictions

What a great weekend of football we got to watch in the Wild Card round. With the Ravens, Packers, Texans and Seahawks moving on to the Divisional Round.

Here are my predictions for the games and some rookie cards to watch out for in them:

Baltimore Ravens @ Denver Broncos

I think the Broncos who are on a roll will squeak this one out. Baltimore looked impressive against Indy and are playing much better than the last match up these two teams played but hey, its Peyton Manning and this year he also has a pretty impressive defense to back him up. Broncos win 28-17



If Peyton gets the win...well his cards could show some life. And if Baltimore has any chance in this game it goes on Joe Flacco's shoulders and if he can do the performance like last week his cards could spike.

Green Bay Packers @ SF 49ers

The 49ers dominated the first game of the season when these two teams met but both of these teams seem to be heading in different directions. Green Bay comes in a little healthier and with an improving defense. The offense is powerful but could use some serious help in the running game. The 49ers seem to be playing better with Kaepernick in at QB but the defense seems to have on and off games. This game comes down to ball control, turnovers and if the 49ers can score points. With this being said, I think the experience of the Packers will outdo the 49ers 31-20.


2005 Playoff Honors Aaron Rodgers Rookie Card - 382 of 699  Aldon Smith RC 2011 Topps RR Rookie Card #102 49ERS
The Packers with no running game will lean on Rodgers who seems to have gotten back his swagger after some off weeks and if the 49ers expect to win Aldon Smith, their best pass rusher, will have to keep Rodgers in the pocket and on the ground

Seattle Seahawks @ Atlanta Falcons

The Seahawks are an exciting team to watch and have been on fire. They are playing well on both sides of the ball. Atlanta comes in trying to prove themselves after getting home field in the regular season and trying to show they are just as much a playoff winning team as they are in the regular season. This game is a tough one to pick. I really want to have Seattle win it but I think I have to say Atlanta will find a way to win at home but it will be very close 27-24 Atlanta.


Russell Wilson RC 2012 Bowman Signatures ROOKIE Seahawks  Michael Turner 2004 04 Bowman Rookie card RC 

Russell Wilson will have to be on his A game as he will be going into a very rough environment if Seattle expects to win this one on the road and road winning wasn't a thing for them in the regular season and if Atlanta is smart playing a team that can put up points in a hurry as Washington found out they should stick the burner to the Turner and let him run the ball and keep Seattle on the sidelines.

Houston Texans @ New England Patriots

As you all know I am not a big Patriots fan lol. But I really can't see them losing this one. Their defense continues to improve with a bunch of young talent and the pickup of Talib has really helped their secondary. They are much better on defense this year than last and last year they went to the Super Bowl. On offense they can score whenever they feel like it. Tom Brady can sling the ball around and now they even have a running game. Its scary for their opponents.

Houston looked like the best team in football early on going 11-1 then faltered down the stretch. They barely squeaked by Cincy last week after failing to get into the end zone on multiple occasions.

New England knows Brady's time is coming to the end soon. With this game at home, Patriots playing well and Houston stumbling...New England wins and sends a message 34-17.


2000 Bowman Chrome RC rookie Tom Brady New England Patriots  2003 Topps Andre Johnson RC #380 HOUSTON TEXANS PRO BOWLER AFC SOUTH CHAMPS 

If Tom Brady gets time and avoids JJ Watt this will be a long game for Houston and their Defense. Houston's key other than a running game is getting Andre Johnson more involved in this game if they have any chance at all.

What do you think about my predictions? Would you have chosen differently?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Favorite Card Thursday: Jammin JDcards 09-10 UD Black Generations Jerseys

Jammin JDcards Favorite Card Of The Day includes:


1st Annual SCC Sport Card Awards!

This is our first annual Sport Card Collectors SCC Yearly Awards.

The year 2012 has come to a close and I had the opportunity to open quite a few products throughout the year and thought I would hand out some awards from the products that I have opened. Remember, these awards are based ONLY on the ones I have opened. All of these are based on design, appeal, and collectability. They include all 4 major sports.

Top Base Card Of The Year

And the award goes to:  Panini Gridiron Football

Reason:  In a card world of white base card backgrounds and borders so thick they take up most of the base card, Gridiron gives us some amazing photography that makes you feel like you are watching the game live capturing all of the game’s greatest plays, hits and celebrations. It’s what you want to see on a football card.

Top Rookie Card Design Of The Year

And the award goes to: Panini Momentum Football

Reason:  The combination of silver cardboard, three small jersey swatches and an autograph is very appealing to the eyes. And it also takes away from the usual rookie photo shoot photos that are used in most rookie cards.


Top Insert Card Set Of The Year

And the award goes to:  Panini Elite Hard Hats Football

Reason: Acetate insert cards. Enough said.

Top Memorabilia Card Design Of The Year

And the award goes to:  Panini Rookies And Stars Football Crusade Materials

Reason: The design is spectacular. The card is high gloss and thick. And the swatches are decent sized. Combine all of this together and you got a winner.

Top Autograph Card Design Of The Year

And the award goes to: TIE: Panini Elite Hard Hats and Rookie Inscriptions

Reason:  Once again you take the acetate and throw an autograph on it, how can it not be a winner.

Embedded image permalink

Top New Product Of The Year

And the award goes to: Panini Prizm Basketball

Reason: With Panini jumping into using the chrome technology they improved upon the Topps formula by making their cards thicker and by this they do not bend over time. With rare hard to find Gold Prizms and 2 autographs per box this is a very good buy if you put all phases of the product together.

Top Returning Product (one that comes out yearly) Of The Year

And the award goes to: Topps Chrome Football

Reason: One of the most hyped years of Topps Chrome football ever and it lived up to its hype. Added refractors, autograph rookie, and if you got a redemption card you could even get a bonus Blue Wave pack to make up for the fact you got a redemption. Not bad at all.
Embedded image permalink

Best Bang For Your Buck Product Of The Year

And the award goes to:  Score Football or Hockey

Reason: For a dollar a pack, you get rookies, inserts and even a chance at autographs and now even printing plates (football)


Top Retail Product Of The Year

And the award goes to: Topps Chrome Football

Reason: Refractors, Rookie cards and insert overload makes this a very valuable retail product that brings value with every purchase. Now this year with the inclusion of jersey cards into the Walmart retail blaster boxes it improves it even more.

Product I Wished I Could Have Afforded This Year

And the award goes to: TIE: Panini Black and Topps Triple Threads Baseball

Reason: Panini Blacks rookie cards look terrific with a silver or gold auto on a black card and a patch. And Topps Triple Threads has always been on my want to try list because of the hits you could land.

 (No picture)

We have covered all of the positive big awards but not all products were great and that’s where this part of the awards comes in. We have 3 categories:

Worst Overall Product Of The Year (Base, RC’s, Autos, Etc.)

And the award goes to:  Bowman Football

Reason: Ugly. This product was one of the worst looking overall products of the year if not in some time. The rookie cards lacked logos on the helmets (though not Topps fault since Upper Deck owns licensing to NCAA) and all of them seem to have been drawn by a cartoon artist. Horribly done. This also includes the autographed  and insert cards in this product.


Toughest Buy Of The Year

And the award goes to: Panini Momentum Football

Reason: Though a great looking product, when I say toughest buy it’s not because of the cards, it’s because of the value. You pay close to $200 and may not even get half of that back in value as in my case for the one box I opened. I only put it in this category from my one break. I would be scared to go back again.

Worst Retail Product Of The Year

And the award goes to: Upper Deck Football 2012

Reason: No star player base cards and are all rookies that are usually the lesser name ones. No auto or jersey card per blaster. Its a really hard sell with this product when there isn't much to get from it. The only improvement in terms of this years retail compared to last is the bonus 5 card insert pack where you could get a good player.

 Biggest Letdown Product Of The Year

And the award goes to: Upper Deck Spx Football 2012

Reason:   Without an NFL license, the product just doesn’t feel the same like it used to. It seems to be lacking. With a small checklist of a veteran base set, no Andrew Luck in the auto/jersey cards, and a it being tough to hit a top rookie auto it makes this product a little disappointing compared to past Spx brands.


Do you agree with me? Which of these products did you try and would have switched in the categories?

Please remember these are judgements made from products that I opened and do not include ones I didn't try.

Fan Box Breakers: Titanium Hockey Hobby Box 2011-2012

Time for another Fan Box Break. This time Jammin JDcards wanted to share his Titanium Hockey break. We like the variety of sports we are receiving in. A thanks goes out to Jammin JDcards for taking time and submitting this to us!!

Here is what Jammin JDcards says about his break:
"This was an enjoyable break. The cards are a nice simple design with a thicker stock. You are guaranteed 1 hit in each pack. This box contained 2 single jerseys, a double, a patch #ed 03/25, 1 Auto and 1 sweet rookie #ed 43/48.  There were no inserts unfortunately. However, the Jersey and Auto hits were very different from each other. Overall I give this product a 7.5/10 for design, 8.5/10 for quality and 7/10 for value. There was only 1 rookie, no parallel’s and no inserts this was the downfall to this product."

Now that the lockout is over, what are your thoughts on his break and will you be in the hockey card buying spirit?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Box Breakers: 1 retail pack of Topps Football 2012

For Christmas I found this in my stocking...doesn't have much to show but going to share it anyways! Cause thats what Box Breakers is all about! Feel free to do the same. No matter how big or small, its best to do the breaking and let others know!

Base Cards
I rate this break...


Fan Box Breakers: Bowman Platinum Baseball 2012 Blaster box

Another Jammin JDcards break!! This time a blaster of Bowman Platinum and I have to agree he did very well! Let us know your thoughts at the bottom and thank you Jammin JDcards for sharing this with us!

What Jammin JDcards says about this break: 

"I enjoy breaking boxes of this product. The Bryce Harper Rookie in this box was a nice pull. There are always a good amount of Rookies in these Blasters which is always a plus. The Chrome and Chrome Xfractor cards are nice to see as well as the Die-Cut. Products with more of a variation in design, inserts and parallels are always my favorites. I definitely recommend breaking a few Blasters of this product, it is very nicely done. For the Design 8/10, quality 9/10, value 8/10 – Great Product."

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hobby Resolutions

First off,  this post is running a tad late but HAPPY NEW YEARS!! Hope you have a great start to your year!

As a New Year begins all of us have what is called Hobby Resolutions. This is something you set like a New Years Resolution (just hopefully we all stick to these) you may want to fix with your collection, buying preferences, hobby additions and maybe even some hobby subtractions. Everyone’s Resolutions will look different depending on what type of collector you are.

Here are some of my Hobby Resolutions:

1.     Get more of my base cards sorted. Right now I catalog all of my common base cards by number, set, brand and year. I want to do more with them. Maybe sort them by team or take out some more of the star players. I haven’t done a star player update in awhile and players like Aaron Rodgers, Prince Fielder and others have come a long ways since my last update. I store my Star players by player and by sport in a big 8,000 count white boxes.

2.      Re-Teach myself star players from other sports that are not football. This will help improve my reviews and other posts about cards on here. There are some players that are not so obvious anymore and every year there are breakout players so keeping up to date is very important.

3.     Continue to improve my blog. I have reworked it a lot last year in its first 9 months. I like where things are and right now wouldn’t change a thing. However there is always room for improvement in terms of adding even more card content and I plan on doing so. Bring back some more product previews as well as some Flashback Products and Random Cards Of The Day.

4.      Would finally like to add an Eli Manning autograph to my collection. I prefer it be in card form however.

5.      I would like to try and get all of my jersey, jersey-auto, autograph, patch and so on cards typed up and catalogued on the computer with updated pricing as well. I at one time had all of this done then fell behind on both keeping up with the pricing and with keeping them  typed up.

These are only 5 Hobby Resolutions but as we all know, it’s better to start small just like with New Years Resolutions and build from there. I am sure there are others I can add but would like to accomplish these first.

What are some of your Hobby Resolutions?

Preview: Panini Prizm Football

The glimmer the shine the chrome Panini has caught my attention as they have taken a great technology, improved it and made it stunning.This is only early glimpses into the product but I am sure it will be even more amazing in hand like its basketball counterpart we reviewed: 

Panini America 2012 Prizm Football Rodgers 

Panini America 2012 Prizm Football Luck 

February is the set release for the product that contains a 300-card base set bolstered by 100 rookies seeded one per pack. In addition, there are autographed versions of all 100 rookies (numbered to 499 or less) and 100 of the veterans (numbered to 149 or less).

Panini America 2012 Prizm Football RG III  

Each hobby box of 2012 Prizm Football (six cards per pack/20 packs per box) will deliver two autographs, three Prizms, one hobby-only Red Prizm, one Rookie Dominance, one Decade Dominance, one Brilliance and two additional inserts.

Also very exciting is a retail box version of 2012 Prizm Football (four cards per pack/24 packs per box) should yield one autograph, one Prizm, two retail-exclusive Green Prizms, one Rookie Dominance, one Decade Dominance, one Brilliance and one additional insert.

Preview: Panini Gold Standard Basketball 12-13

Panini released images of Gold Standard Basketball and I can say once again I am impressed by another Panini NBA release.

This product is due out in April and from the gallery (and more info) on the Knights Lance:

It appears this years version will surpass all others.

Panini America 2012-13 Gold Standard Love 

A break should deliver four autographs, one memorabilia card and one metal card in every 10-card box

Panini America 2012-13 Gold Standard Davis 2  

There is also a 305-card base set featuring 80 autographed memorabilia RCs, five base inserts, three memorabilia inserts and four autograph inserts. Makes quite a thing to chase after.

There is also 25 base-set SPs featuring selected stars wearing the jerseys of every team they have ever played for.

What are your thoughts on this NBA product?

Fan Box Break: Shane Salmonson's 4 Box Case Of Bowman Sterling Football 2012

Time for another edition of Fan Box Break. This time its from one of our favorite Twitter followers Shane Salmonson. We would like to thank him for taking time out to send us some pics and for doing a small writeup. He broke a 4 box Case of Bowman Sterling football 2012 and 2 hobby boxes of Crown Royale (which we will feature here tomorrow) for us to share on here. But for now, here are his for the Bowman Sterling 4 box case Break results:

Embedded image permalink

Box #1
Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Box Topper
Embedded image permalink

Box #2

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Box Topper
Embedded image permalink

Box #3
Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Box Topper
Embedded image permalink

Box # 4
Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Box Topper
Embedded image permalink

Here are is thoughts on his case break:
"Being a high-end product, the whole time I was opening it I felt that something big was coming. Unfortunately, it never showed. I have no complaints about the card design. Sharp looking cards, with again, the different color refractors being a highlight of the base cards, as well as the autographs and relics. The biggest design/packaging flaw that I could find was that the hits were the last cards in the pack. This forced me to look away as I was opening the packs to uphold the suspense. (I had to find something wrong, right?)
The boxtoppers were a nice touch. I really liked the Doug Martin jumbo patch that I pulled from a boxtopper. Really nice looking card, especially with the creamsicle orange jersey. The sad thing was that this was probably my best pull from the case.
Overall value on the case was disappointing, to say the least. The best rookie autograph/relic card I pulled was probably a LaMichael James. (I told you it was not good). I did, however, hit a printing plate autograph. That was a nice hit, even though it was Josh Gordon. Another negative was the fact that I pulled three of the same Stephon Gilmore autographed cards out of three consecutive boxes. (You wouldn't see me complaining if it was RGIII)."
Once again thanks to Shane for sharing this and we would like to know what your thoughts are on his break.