Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fan Box Break: Jammin JDcards Big 5 Special Break

Here is another Fan Box break and its brought to you by Jammin JDcards who once again we thank for providing us with this break! If you have Twitter, go give him a follow. Great person to interact with and he does giveaways as well!

Here is Jammin JDcards thoughts on this break:

"Here is an interesting break – I am calling it the Big 5 Special. Picked this up while buying some Tennis balls at Big 5. Just a combo with 5 random packs. All of them are from 2008 – Topps Chrome, Score, Icons, UD First Edition and Sage Hit. To my surprise I actually got some good cards out of this. The Brett Favre Flight to 420 is a refractor and the Ray Rice rookie is the Glossy version. Overall I was happy with the $5.99 I spent. "

What are your thoughts on Jammin JDcards break? Anything you have tried before?

Thoughts On The 2012 NFL Regular Season

Now that the NFL regular season has come to an official end we got to see an amazing year of football.

We got to see three rookie quarterbacks lead their team to the playoffs:

Russell Wilson 2012 Score Hot Rookie   2012 Score Rookie Card #304 ANDREW LUCK RC  2012 Score Hot Rookies  --  ROBERT GRIFFIN III insert card #2 

Some more great rookie performances by these two running backs:

DOUG MARTIN 2012 Topps Finest Football Card #108 Buccaneers  ALFRED MORRIS 2012 Rookies & Stars RC #151 

And some great comeback performances and great stories

 Peyton Manning 2012 Panini Black Platinum Blue Parallel Card #6/25 Broncos  2007 Topps Chrome ADRIAN PETERSON Blue Refractor Parallel Rookie Rc #181 RARE 

And a record breaking season

Calvin Johnson 2007 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor RC

Not to mention some surprise teams making runs to the playoffs in Seattle, Washington, Minnesota, Cincinnati and of course Indy which was the greatest story of them all with their coach Chuck Pagano who came back in the teams final game after starting treatment for leukemia in September. That team rode #Chuckstrong to the playoffs.

But we also get to see some sad times as well. First the bounty gate scandal that not only put a little hurt on the league but also hurt the Saints and their season as well. Lucky for them they resigned their coach to a huge contract so they can make a run next season and this scandal will be passed them hopefully. Also, even though I am a huge Giants fan, no longer seeing Andy Reid on the Eagles sidelines will be a little different next season. Reid was was the longest-tenured coach in the NFL at 14 seasons, going 130-92-1 during the regular season. He led the Eagles to nine playoff appearances, including five NFC title games and one Super Bowl that they lost to the Patriots in.

Players and teams that had magic last season like Tim Tebow sat on the pine watching another big shot quarterback falter to lead his team anywhere. The Giants, hate to even talk about this, starting 6-2 looking to defend their title and leading the division by two games and looking playoff bound falling apart towards the end of the season finishing 3-5 and missing out.

Now as we move onto Wild Card Weekend:

NFL Wild Card Weekend schedule

4:30 p.m.: Bengals at Texans (NBC)
8 p.m.: Vikings at Packers (NBC)
1 p.m.: Colts at Ravens (CBS)
4:30 p.m.: Seahawks at Redskins (Fox)

It will be interesting to see how this exciting season ends and who will be crowned this years Super Bowl champ. I know I have my favorites to win and some I hope that don't. I am sure you do as well.  I am already looking forward to free agency and the off-season as well especially since the Giants missed out. There will be many changes I am sure with players and coaches. And I will be there watching all of it and waiting til next August when training camps and preseason begins.

 Bloggers Note: As for my Wild Card Weekend Picks..I am going Texans, Packers, Ravens and Redskins. But I would rather have the Seahawks win.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fan Box Break: 3 Retail Packs of Topps Strata Football 2012

Here is our very first Fan Box Break and it was done by one of our Twitter followers JamminJDCards. If you haven't followed him yet you should, he does giveaways and has some great items on Beckett Marketplace for sale . What he ripped into was 3 retail packs of Topps Strata Football. And here are the results!

What JamminJDCards says about the break:
"2012 Strata Retail 3 packs – Picked these up last night while shopping around with my wife for scarves. I just can’t get enough of this product. I really like the design of the cards as well as the guaranteed 2 rookies in each pack. There is also a sweet die-cut insert and the stuff seems to be littered with Auto’s. The retail version is different from the Hobby. The card stock is thinner and the photos are different as well. I prefer the way that Topps has made it fairly easy to identify the differences between hobby and retail so far this year. All and all I give this retail product an 8/10 for design, 7/10 for quality, and 9/10 for value – nice product."

What are your thoughts on his break?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Preview: 2012 Fleer Retro Football

Upper Deck released more images of its 2012 Fleer Retro Football and here is a link to even more images and info:

Fleer Retro Link




Just like the red hot basketball version Upper Deck is bringing back all of the Fleer classics and combining them all into one product.  Such classics as Autographics, Precious Metal Gems Red , Blue ), and Green
Jambalaya and Flair Legacy Row 0.

There will be 5 cards per pack and 10 packs per inner box with also 2 inner boxes per main box.  Every box will also consist of 6 autographs. 

Boxes will cost around $320. 

Monday, December 31, 2012

Why do you collect what you collect?.

The question is plain and simple...WHY DO YOU COLLECT WHAT YOU COLLECT?..but yet the answer may not be as simple. For me, I started collecting back in late summer of 1993. Just took a random grocery shopping trip (back when they used to sell cards in grocery stores) with my father and for some reason we bought two packs of hockey cards. Then went back the next day and grabbed two more. Then four more..this time two baseball as well. Soon by the end of the week we had a big stack going and from there on it increased. By 1995, was really into collecting buying any product and sport could get our hands on.

One of the first big pulls I remember is this:

Marshall Faulk SkyBox Premium Paydirt 1995 95 #PD9 Colts 
I loved Skybox and their shiny insert cards that stood out. At that point, it was the best pull in my collection. I tried to chase down all of the Paydirt inserts.

We continued to buy cards and mainly focused our efforts onto the three sports we watched. Basketball, baseball and football. On a ride home from the gas station, our new found place to buy cards, my dad who was busting behind the wheel, don't try that either, almost drove off the road when this was discovered in a pack of our 97-98 Topps Chrome basketball.....a rookie card refractor of Vince Carter. The hottest player on the market with the hottest card that had a BV of $300+ back then. I remember screaming with excitement!! How could I not! We no longer have the card as my dad sold it not much longer after despite my biggest efforts to keep it. But was and still is one my most exciting pulls.

Also around this time we were dead set on collecting Ken Griffey Jr. The man was a beast at the plate, was a great role model and was just a hobby icon. I started searching for every Griffey card I could get my hands on. I remember staying up late to check the scores and to see if he had hit a home run and if he was the league leader...used to hate when McGwire and Sosa took the lead. Especially knowing what we all know now about the steroid allegations it bothers me more.

And of course no Griffey Jr collection was a Griffey Jr collection without one of these:

It took my summer savings but I found it worth it! I still have it to this day among the other 300+ Griffey cards in my collection. I was actually featured in Beckett Baseball for my collection of Griffey cards and other items such as Cheese cans, Oreo wrappers, Empty cracker boxes, Wheaties boxes, card plaques, magazines and so on.

A few years later I took a year break from the hobby after moving out of my parents house. My dad and I split our collection the best we could and I took my part. I still kept what I owned in storage but my dad sold off his part and left the hobby for good. Which was sad because there was a lot of great cards including a Dan Marino autograph but I didn't have enough funds to pry them away from him. I still to this day don't understand why I dropped out of the hobby at that time..but I did and I missed the huge boom of the jersey and auto card takeover in that time.

So it was 2002 when I dug back into the hobby. Picked up a few hobby boxes from the same gas station, (which no longer sells cards because customers were stealing from them) Out of a Fleer box, I pulled a Derek Jeter jersey card with pinstripe. Being a Yankees fan I was pretty stoked about the Jeter especially with a pinstripe.Was still collecting Griffey even after his move to Cincy.
From there I was really back into the hobby buying any baseball and football cards I could. I dropped basketball card collecting after Jordan had left. However, when the news broke on steroids, Griffey's injuries kept accumulating driving down his value (even though value for me is not what I collect for) and when the rookie cards for baseball were getting more confusing around 2006 and seeing how the hobby had evolved into a rookie card hobby I decided to drop baseball and focus my efforts onto football which is my favorite sport to play (which I did as TE, OT, DT, DE) and watch and always had been.

Football cards seem to be the most popular, the most valuable out of all of the sports in my opinion and that is why I collect what I collect right now. Baseball would be second then followed by basketball, hockey and then a battle between racing, UFC, and so on. And since then, that's been my main sport. I do sprinkle in a few other sports here and there when there is a popular rookie (example Strasburg, Harper, Lebron, Lin, Taylor Hall) I must have but other than that, including Griffey, I don't buy them most of the time. But then I sometimes have that random itch where I just want to try a different sport and will.

Now that you heard my short version of why I collect what I collect...I pass the question onto you..the readers...WHY DO YOU COLLECT WHAT YOU COLLECT? Feel free to comment below why or any thoughts on my story.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Random Card Of The Day: Terelle Pryor 2011 Rookies And Stars Longevity Rookie Card

It will be interesting to see how some more playing time on the field suits Pryor as he makes his first NFL start today with the Raiders. Will he be able to play with NFL defenses...time can only tell if he is the future for the Raiders while Carson Palmer brings him along or if he will be another failed  Raiders QB experiement.

Any thoughts on Terrell Pryor?