Saturday, December 29, 2012

January Monthly Giveaway!

To start off the new year we have decided instead of doing weekly giveaways, we will stick with a monthly one. The weekly giveaways seemed to have lost interest of many of you so we think switching to a challenging monthly one where you control your own destiny of winning. We really enjoy watching the competition. And as always there are daily deadlines and some twists involved on some days.

The Daily challenges will change as the sports do.

Every month the prize lot will include 2-3 autos or jersey cards. Mix of inserts. 2 unopened packs of something. And other odds and ends. The lot is based on what we get and put together. Each month the size of the lot will be different as well.

The contest will run for 20 days.

Here are this months prizes.

7 rookie cards
Nate Diaz #to88, others are numbered too

2 unopened packs of Elvis cards
4-5 diecut Hockey inserts from Classics Hockey 2012=2013

Panini Peyton Manning Career set
Joe Mauer and Chuck Person jersey card both are numbered.
Good Luck to everyone!! And when this month is over...look for February's with a variety of sports and different cards as well! Remember ....the more entries...the more prizes will be awarded! We will award up to 3 winners with AT LEAST 15 PARTICIPANTS EVERY DAY. We have seen other daily contests have 4 times that at least so we know we can do better.

Thanks to everyone who participates and good luck! First entry will be posted on January 1st.

This months prize lot has an estimated value of $65-$75.

*Contests open to U.S. Residents only. SORRY!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Random Card Of The Day: 1997 Leaf 8x10 Darrell Green Autograph Card

Still stunned I picked this bad boy HOF auto at a local card show we had here for only a $1. Not to mention, it was in a great condition. A lot of these autos from 1997 Leaf could be easily damaged on the corners because of their color scheme and the collector I bought this from didn't appear to have collected in years when I was discussing cards with him. He ended up having about 12 different of these autos all of which I bought. The last 8 I got for $5.

Whats the biggest "steal" you have ever gotten at a Card Show?

More For You Guys!!

We are always having our brains racking for new ideas to get you, the fans and readers, more involved with the blog. We introduced our Fan Forums with every sport from baseball to soccer to movies and TV to discuss the sport and cards of it. Even a place for you guys to trade between each other. We update all of this EVERY DAY!

But here are some more NEW ideas to get you all involved and a way to show off your collection, favorite cards and your hits from a break! Whether your break or collection is big or small.
  • We have decided to revive the Fan Favorite Card Thursday so if you have a favorite card and want to show it off, just email us at with your card pic and why its your favorite. Just a sentence.
  • We are also creating something called Fan PC. Can't get yourself into Beckett? We want to see your collections and share them with others on here!! If you collect a team or player or non sport or whatever just send us a pic of your collection (you can pose with it as well) or some of it also with a small to medium write up about the collection and why you started it and you can include some numbers on it (how many cards, autos, jersey cards, other) and make sure you include your name or screen name you use on the blog. Send us your pics and write up to
  • We are also starting a Fan Box Breakers. Just as we post ourselves where we break down a box to show others what the contents were from it. Send us a pic of your break of any packs whether hobby or retail, big or small and we will post it! Here are examples below:
Hobby or Retail Packs:
Whether its one, two or three!
Hobby Boxes:
Blaster Boxes:

Of any sport or any brand or product of any year (prefer newer).

Send us a picture of some of  the following:
  • Base Card-just one
  • Inserts (one of each kind you pull and all can be put into one pic unless its a huge pull or a very low numbered one)
  • Autographs
  • Jersey Cards
  • Anything that catches your eye
  • Also do a small write up with your thoughts on your break with what you paid and got in return. Was it worth what you paid for it? What were your thoughts on the cards? Design? and so on.
  • Send your submissions to
We don't always get to open every product to review or break it down so seeing product that you guys break would be a nice addition to help other collectors decide.

Hoping some of you will jump in on some of these ideas and join in! Don't forget the Forums are also always as well. Though the blog is run by us, we welcome you to join in as well and be apart of it!

Thanks for all of the support!

 Note: We will read all submissions before posting them. Please keep submissions clean and no language. We will email you back our thoughts on your email before posting it.

    Thursday, December 27, 2012

    Box Breakers: Momentum Football 2012

    Here is the final of the FOUR Christmas present breaks I got to do early! This was my first go at Momentum football. I was impressed by the cards...just not by who and what I got for the price you pay. Here is the gallery of a box break!

    4 rookie autos..the best being Fletcher Cox # to 25
    Anything with Russell Wilson on it works
    The Keyshawn Johnson is a patch
    Blue parallel. But wanted to show the base design as well.
    Third Ryan Broyles auto pull for me this year!! Hope he turns out to be like Calvin Johnson
    Didn't think I even came close to getting my money back on this break. I do like the design of the cards and the thickness of these are like no other.I have been wanting to give this product a try because of its design and hit possibilities. It may not show in my box but there are some great pulls to be found in this product. Had to rate this break a little low for cost vs return.

    I rate this break a:


    Overall I got some great boxes for Christmas. I didn't mind opening them really early.  Here is what the four were again,  Momentum, Crown Royal, Rookies and Stars, and Totally Certified if you missed any of them just go to the Box Breakers tab at the top of the blog. I enjoyed the products and they were fun breaks. Wished and hoped I could have done a lot better. But hey, it just was my luck lol. Maybe next year. 

    Now that you have seen all of them what were your thoughts on how I did? 

    Wednesday, December 26, 2012

    Box Breakers (Christmas Edition): Crown Royale Football 2011

    Here is one of FOUR Christmas present breaks I got to do early! This is one of my favorite products...but this time around the product didn't award me quite as well as my first time around.

    Base Cards..the best looking out there.

    Best Pulls from the box
    The Phil Taylor is # to 25
    Can't go wrong with a Giants auto
    I love the look of this product and my first break of it was terrific. But this one wasn't nearly half as exciting. 4 autos in a box doesn't happen to often. Usually you get two autos and two jersey cards. Not going to argue over getting four autos cause we all know how much jersey cards are over produced, just wished one had been a Rookie Silhouette or a bigger name player.

    I rate this break


    Tuesday, December 25, 2012

    Random Card Of The Day: Pro Set Santa Claus Card


    I hope santa will be doing this for me this year. Filling up my tree with NFL cards (will take any sport but mainly NFL) and sport related presents.

    Also we here at Sport Card Collectors want to wish you and your family a very, very Happy Holiday and a Very Merry Christmas!

    Have a great one and hope you share with us any pulls you may get!

    Monday, December 24, 2012

    Box Breakers: Rookies And Stars Football 2011

    Here is one of FOUR Christmas present breaks I got to do early! I have broken this product before and did better. I would say this was the best break out of the four Christmas ones.. Here is the gallery of a box break!

    Base Cards

    Jonathan Baldwin jersey..I dig the design but disappointed by the jersey number
    Nice pull from the box
    Nicks is numbered to 99
    Why..Phil..why did you have to appear in my box!!
    Finally this Powell pulls might pay off. He seems to be the future for the Jets. And I really dig these manu-autos.
    Can't say this was a great break...but for the price that was paid for works. The Ingram was nice and would be nicer if he got more playing time like he has more of recent. But I like multicolor patches.

    I would rate this break a