Friday, December 7, 2012

Top 5 Christmas Movies

Sometimes here on Sport Card Collectors we go off topic and since the holidays are coming up this sounded like a good topic.

As you prepare for the holidays and the holiday season...we all have some classic movies we have to sit down and watch every year. All of us have different tastes but thought I would share with you my favorite Christmas movies that I have to watch every year.

Product Details How can you not fall in love with this movie??!! This is a classic by any terms and most of us can really feel this movie. A guy wanting a big family Christmas and things take a turn for the worst as he gets a surprise visit from a poor crazy cousin and things don't quite go as he planned including a greedy boss who takes away his Christmas bonus in exchange for something not useful. And many other funny situations along the way. This is a great movie for all (probably not your children though) if you are looking for some laughs. By far the most successful and best National Lampoon Vacation movies. A movie I can quote and watch year round.

Product DetailsAnother great comedy. When a heavy fog settles, a couple who usually vacations around holidays to get away from their crazy families get their flight cancelled and get on TV for their family to see as well. As the title states the couple have to go to four Christmases due to the fact both of their parents are divorced. A fun hilarious ride as they visit each house but realize in the meantime how much family means.

Product Details When I first watched this...I didn't care for it. But gave it another shot and enjoyed it. A baby from an orphanage crawled into Santas sack and was brought to the North Pole where he was raised by Elves but realized he wasn't the same (size as well) since he was human. So he found out from the oldest elf  he had a dad who had brought him to the Orphanage when he was a baby and goes off to NY to find him. Its a fun ride to see how he tries to show his dad love and to prove to him that he is his son the only way an Elf can.

Product Details A twist on an old classic. Which you still have got to enjoy that version as well. But Jim Carrey puts on a great show as the Grinch. They take the usual Grinch story and put a back-story on how he became the Grinch he is as well. With many funny scenes and some adult underlining comedy as well its great for kids small and big.

Product DetailsIt wouldn't be Christmas without watching these classic cartoons. Rudulph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Frosty have been ones I have watched since I was little and since they are on TV every year. These are great family cartoons to watch as well.Because we know the holiday season is about family.

I also have one honorable mention in a Garfield Christmas..another classic and favorite for kids of all ages. And I am sure many of you will ask why the Christmas Story or It's a Wonderful Life didn't make it on here..but all I can say is that I do like those movies and probably are a Top 10 ones to me...but I prefer these over it.

Which Christmas movies are your favorite and why?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

REVIEW: 4 Mini Box Break of Topps UFC Bloodlines 2012

We were randomly selected to be an Ambassador of this product. I found it as an opportunity to be able to review another sport and possibly expand our fan base. This is a sport I don't know a lot about..but have done some research on and see how popular it is. I think being selected to be the Ambassador for me was great because I can give a real honest opinion haven't ever really opening much UFC before. I have busted some in the past however because the temptation is always there to try something new. But not this product. It was loaded with hits and a ton of fun. We will be doing a giveaway from the product as we promised to Topps! Stay tuned below

And since this product hasn't hit the shelves yet feels great to get our hands onto it before anyone else!

Box Breakdown:
  • Each Hobby Box contains (10) Mini-Boxes. Each Mini-Box contains (2) Base Cards, (1) Base Parallel Card, (1) Insert Card, and (1) Hit!
  • Every Box contains (2) Relics, (2) Jumbo or Dual Relics, (1) Manufactured Relic, and (2) Autograph Relics!
  • Around $175 a Hobby box.

BASE CARDS: I like the simplicity of the design. There is no border which is usually typical for a Topps brand and thats a reason why I like this design. The name stands out at the bottom with a nice elegant small border around it. The back design speaks UFC to me. And the fighter jumps off from the card.

INSERTS:The parallels I think lack a little. They are all numbered but I think they should have given them a little silver cardboard look. I do like the Fighting Forefathers cards design that fall 1:3

RELIC CARDS: I have seen Twitter and Facebook loaded with these but they look so much better in person. We pulled an awesome oversize swatch of Anderson Silva which looks great and the Bloodlines dual relic came with a sick swatch of Cain Velasquez.



AUTOGRAPH CARDS:Once again the design for this product stays true throughout and I like the auto relic cards as well. I know some argue sticker autos are ugly..but not in this case. I do hope however some of the swatches are more color than just single color. I think landing a multicolor swatch on that design would look very nice.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Overall this looks like a winner from my standpoint. The price is a little steep but the cards look very nice. And you have a shot at some really nice auto booklets with multiple signatures on them. Not to mention printing plates and other finds. There are also parallels to some of the auto and jersey cards. Some boxes could bring a ton of value with a great checklist of fighters.

RATINGS:  Bloggers Note: Our ratings are based specifically on the blaster, box or packs we opened and do not express what the overall product could bring. Ratings based on a 1-5. 1 Being the lowest and 5 being the highest.
                Packaging: 3
                Base Design: 4
                Insert Design: 3
                Memorablila/Autographs: 5
                Blaster, Hobby Box, or Pack Value: 4

As for the giveaway we mentioned earlier...we want you to comment on the break below your thoughts. We will give one random commenter this:


We may also giveaway all of the insert parallels above (flag and black ones) But will see how many comment!

We will give you about a week or more to comment on here and please also spread the word! We will announce the winner and post the name on Facebook and Twitter so make sure you are following us!!

*Contests open to U.S. RESIDENTS ONLY! (sorry)    

Peyton Manning....What if he never went to Denver..

I have been pondering something as of late...what would have happened if Peyton Manning hadn't left Indy or had chosen another team instead. The fate of many players would have come into play.

If Peyton had stayed in Indy....

The Colts wouldn't have chosen Andrew Luck as the #1 pick in the draft meaning he would have dropped to #3 I believe to the Browns who would have traded up for him. Thats only if the Vikings were sure Ponder was their man. So in this scenerio alone...Peyton in Indy. Luck to Minnesota or Cleveland. Christian Ponder and Colt McCoy could have been jobless.

The Colts would be about where they are now in contention for a playoff spot but not dominating. The Texans are the much better team still in that division and Indy's defense could use help. But I think Garcon would have stayed meaning one less weapon for RG3.And who knows the impact that could have made on him since they are 5-1 with Garcon playing.

1998 Upper Deck Peyton Manning Star Rookie Rookie card # 1 in the set.

If Peyton had signed with the 49ers....

I don't think the 49ers would have resigned Alex Smith and he would have been a free agent. A free agent of which I believe could have ended up with Denver, NYJ or Arizona or maybe the far stretch of Seattle.

The 49ers would be dominating the division and possibly the NFC with home field advantage a pretty much guarantee for the playoffs. With their defense and a good group of WR's (including Randy Moss and that would be quite a combo) they would most likely be a Super Bowl representitive.

If Peyton had signed with the NY Jets....

The Jets obviously would not have made the move for Tim Tebow. I think Sanchez would have been released or traded. Once again a team like Denver, or more likely spot a desperate Arizona team would have taken Sanchez.Which Arizona might have been a little bit more competitive maybe finishing 8-8 if they had gotten him.

I think the Jets running game would be better with the threat of Peyton and even the so-so WR's they have would make big plays knowing Peyton can turn anyone into a threat. The defense would be a lot better since they wouldn't have to be on the field for most of a quarter (we all know how much they are out there with Sanchez's turnovers this year). The Jets wouldn't catch the Patriots..but would be in the playoffs where they could have been dangerous.

If Peyton had signed with the Arizona Cardinals...

First off,  Larry Fitzgerald would be celebrating as he might be a legitimate threat again. Gotta feel bad for the guy. The Cardinals at that point would have also let Kevin Kolb hit the market and there wouldn't have been very much interest. A team might have grabbed him for a backup role.

The Cardinals with their tough defense, good group of WR's and a decent running back would have made noise in the NFC West and NFC. They have a great team but the one position player they are missing from making a playoff run and you plug one of the best in there and you have a Super Bowl contender.

If Peyton had signed with the Seattle Seahawks...

Russell Wilson wouldn't be a Seahawk meaning another team could have landed his talent and maybe have never played him on the field to realize his full potential! And the bad signing of Matt Flynn might not have come either. So this would mean Matt Flynn most likely to the Cardinals. Russell Wilson elsewhere. Tavares Jackson as the backup.

Seattle has a good D and a dominating home field advantage so that helps. They would have been a 9-7 team and made the playoffs. Possibly made some noise if they got a home game.

Finally...we have to look at this angle...if Peyton hadn't signed with the Broncos...

Tebow Time might still be happening. I don't think the Broncos would be where they are. Maybe a .500 team at best. The Chargers might have been more in contention and be leading the West. And who knows who the Broncos would have signed if Peyton wasn't available..most likely a QB Peyton booted out on another team. Another play in this is the Broncos might had taken a swing on a pretty talented 3rd round qb named Russell Wilson in the 2nd round instead of drafting Brock Osweiler.

2012 TIM TEBOW JETS Panini Prestige National Convention Wrapper Redemption   would have stayed 2011 Panini Rookies and Stars-Tim Tebow

This is only some of the scenarios that could have played out. There are many more I am sure. But these were the ones I thought of. Its sometimes hard to realize he isn't in Indy anymore until you see him in a Broncos uni. I thought for sure Colt for life.

When it comes to the hobby collecting part of this..I don't think it mattered where this Hall of Famer landed. His cards will always stay up in value. Even being out last year..they never dropped. He is very popular among collectors and non collectors as we can see by his fame being plastered all over TV.

As of right now he gets my vote for Comeback Player Of The Year (Adrian Peterson a very close 2nd), and as for an MVP vote..I am not quite sold yet. Lets see how far he takes the Broncos in the playoffs first. I think other players such as Calvin Johnson, Adrian Peterson and maybe even RG3 deserve a better shot.


What are your thoughts on this? What do you think would have happened if he landed elsewhere?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Random Card Of The Day: Panini Black Friday Draft Day Cam Newton Jersey Card

Picked this up off from eBay last year during the 2011 Panini Black Friday craze! Paid a handsome $30 for the card...not something I normally do but I did. It was Cam Newton and a sweet looking Black Friday cards that was short printed!! How could I not have! Then came the sophomore slump this year.....but I believe he will be back strong next year.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Box Breakers: 1 Rack Pack of Topps Football 2012 With some LUCK

My Mother in Law is pretty awesome! Hate to brag..but I have too. Everytime she goes and takes a trip to Walmart or other shops she stops by the card section to make sure her favorite Son in Law gets a little something. Its different every time in what she gets and how much...this time it was a rack pack of Topps Football 2012. I don't argue with her on what she chooses...I just open whatever she brings.

Here was my results..pretty awesome!

Base Card

Other Rookies and stack of base cards with some star players

David Wilson..pretty stoked on that and Weedon and Sanu who killed my Giants

Here is my first Luck from Topps..gotta take any of him you can!

4 inserts total.

And a auto card numbered to 100. Now he is not a star per say but odds of hitting it is 1:720 so not going to argue.
I would rate this break an easy...


Monday, December 3, 2012

Random Card Of The Day: Andrew Luck Score Rookie Card

With a winning record so far in his rookie season at 8-4, Andrew Luck has shown a lot to his doubters. Leading a very young team, filling Peytons shoes, and breaking can't go wrong picking up any of his rookies as I see him as the leading candidate for Offensive Rookie Of The Year especially if he leads this team to the playoffs.

So far Luck is 279-503 for 3596 yards and 17 TD's