Saturday, November 24, 2012

Panini Black Friday Event And Gallery

While everyone else is running out to the local shopping centers looking for the best deals...I sit back relaxed knowing I got done shopping way ahead of time. I shop all throughout the year to avoid going to fight someone for that last Xbox  game or last Barbie on the shelf just because its a few dollars cheaper. But while I am sitting here...I am however enjoying the pics I have seen all over Twitter for Panini America's Black Friday Extravaganza!

So I couldn't just leave an event so big like this alone. I have to show some pics and give my thoughts on the cards.

Base Card
 Panini's Black Friday set is of 50 cards ranging from multiple sports. I really like the silver cardboard look of the base cards.

Panini America 2012 Black Friday Super Bowl 17
Super Bowl Memorabilia
 For all of you who read this blog on daily or weekly know I have got to get my hands on the Super Bowl Memorabilia cards. Being a Giants fan I was hugely impressed by the design and very excited that Panini included these into the memorabilia part of the promo cards.

Early asking prices for these cards range from $60-$200 for unsigned. I can only imagine what some of the signed ones will go for.

Panini America 2012 Black Friday Insert 4
Insert Card
  Everyone knows how RG3 did on Thanksgiving so finding an insert card like this in a pack is not a bad thing at all.Most of these on the bay are going for $10 or more.

Panini America 2012 Black Friday Cracked Ice Insert Auto 40
Cracked Ice Autos
These bad boys..a combination of the cracked ice insert that is signed. These cards are beautiful signed or not.

These are going for $200+ on eBay signed right now.

This is only a small glimpse of a gallery. There are tons and tons of different base cards, inserts, autos and memorabilia to drool over. So instead of posting what could be a forever look at the Black Friday cards and posting all of the info with them we give you  Panini's Knights Lance extended coverage of the entire Black Friday pics, info and more with all of their links below:

As a collector this is an awesome promotion that Panini puts on and I hope they continue to do it for years. And for those of us who can't make it to a card shop or don't have one..don't worry!! There is an online component of this promo! Just go to and find these packs there! Just make sure you hurry...these are moving faster off the shelves than a Tickle Me Elmo!!
Overall, this years promo should blow away last years numbers as Panini has improved an already successful promo. I stand behind this promo like the other Panini ones. I like how they are taking collecting and kicking it up a notch! Not only awarding us with these tremendous cards as a FREE side bonus for purchasing Panini products from LCS' (which also helps them bring in a lot more customers) and from the site but for always looking out for us as their #1 commitment and not scared to try new things.  Thanks Panini!

Oh, and if you have any pics of these cards to share..please feel free to email us (, or post them on our Facebook page or find us on Twitter!!

Random Card Of The Day: Bill Madlock Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Classic Memorabilia Bat

The one thing that I like, is getting a bat piece instead of a jersey card. Seems like companies have increased the amount of jersey cards they do over the amount of other items. So when finding something other than a jersey gotta get excited!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Box Breakers: 8 Hobby Packs of Topps Update Baseball 2012

Recently broke 8 Hobby packs of 2012 Topps Update Baseball 2012. Not a bad break. 

Base cards are nice updated photos
Some rookies...Matt Moore was found
Always been a fan of mini reprints..don't think I care much for Golden Moments design though
Kinda of a cool the Ryan

No matter who the the glistening gold

4 numbered ones to 2012. Kimbrel being our best hit.
I would rate this break a:


4 numbered ones in 8 packs isn't bad. 1:2 odds. A few good rookies. This break got a three for what you pay and what you get in return for value. There wasn't really a big hit here that would give it an even higher number.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving..What I am thankful for

First and foremost, I am thankful for a great family. I am very blessed to say the least. Thats what matters most.

Secondly, I am thankful for having this blog and its on and off success so far. When I first started to blog..I didn't know what to expect. Would it make it? Would my opinions matter? Would anybody read it? I would say for the most part I am pretty happy with the results as a rookie blogger. Hoping my 19 years of collecting gives you guys some useful insight and tips. If not, I have failed you as a blogger.

Thirdly, I am thankful for Panini America and for taking a chance and sponsoring this blog. Without them, we wouldn't have the amazing giveaways and more!

Panini America

Fourth, I am thankful for some amazing fans of the blog.Without you guys...this blog wouldn't survive. Need you here daily to enjoy reading stories, reviews, card posts and more. And sharing your thoughts and most of all for putting in great efforts like you did for our Panini Player Of The Day promo! Here is a little gallery and shoutout to you guys!

And to those of you I don't have a pic of to share on here...a big thanks and shoutout to you guys as well!!

So for Thanksgiving today, eat your turkey til you are stuffed, watch football til your hearts content..but most importantly enjoy time with your family today and say thanks to them.

Hoping all of you have a great Thanksgiving...Sport Card Collectors!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Top 5 Favorite Panini Football Products

Thought I would share my All-Time Top 5 Favorite Panini Brands that I  buy year in and year out!! There were so many to choose from. Two others that I get year in and year out but missed the cut by a tiny bit are Prestige and Rookies and Stars. And they didn't miss the cut by much. They were probably 5a and 5b. The list starts from the bottom to the top favorite!

5.2012 Panini Elite Football Hobby Box Donruss Elite

This product has 2 Autographs & 2 Memorabilia Cards per box which is a start of why its great. But every year Panini improves this product. This year the inclusion of Acetate cards made this a very hot product and a product that now is even more tempting!! The base cards are always on silver cardboard and look nice. Once again..always starts with a nice base card for me!!

4. 2012 Panini Absolute Memorabilia Football Hobby Box (Presell) Absolute Memorabilia

The biggest thing for me about this product is its RPM's. Which is Rookie Premier Materials. Love the rookie cards with pieces of jersey and footballs and sometimes more and sometimes autographed. In an era of collecting where rookies are tops you need to find the best looking rookie cards and this product has them! Once again another product with 4 hits but they are most of the time worth it.

3.2012 Panini Certified Football Hobby Box Panini Certified

Like I put in a recent review, really silver base cards and despite seeing fingerprints sometimes on them..they can be easily wiped off. The mirror parallels are Panini's version of a refractor and they look really nice on that silver cardboard. They also have mirror parallels of some of the jersey cards in the product and those make regular jersey cards look like trash in comparison. Just stunning! The rookie Freshman Fabric have always been very popular with a jersey piece and autograph. And you can't talk about this product without at least mentioning Fabric of the Game. Diecut team names embedded with jersey card. Some of the best jersey cards out there.

This is number three because of looks and design of the overall product.

 2. 2011 Panini Totally Certified Football Hobby Box Totally Certified

Panini brought back one of my favorites from the late 90's and added a Panini twist to it while also staying with the dufex technology. You top that with parallels of the base cards, a video trading card that you could possibly find, 6 hits in a box, auto/jersey rookie cards with a nice look to them and memorabilia from past legends and you got a winner!

1. 2012 Panini Crown Royale Football Hobby 12-Box Case (Presell) Crown Royale

Die cuts, auto rookie silhouettes, parallels, nice base set, stunning memorabilia cards and autographs,  may I go on?? Panini put this one right at the top last year with the Rookie Silhouette inclusion. A rookie card that has a nice swatch or patch sihouetted in the background and is also autographed. There are NO other rookie cards like it on the market!

And with 2012 and the addition of Legendary Silhouettes Signatures too and the return of Panini's Choice Awards..this product only continues to get stronger!

Do you have any favorites and what? Do you agree with my list or would you have put them in a different order?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Box Breakers: 2 Hobby packs of Topps Football 2012

Won these two Topps hobby packs from KidderCards on Twitter for a Thursday Night contest. Thought the break was good. Will wait to see your opinion of it!

Base Card
Lesser Known Rookies
Nice Rookie Find of Trent Richardson
2 packs and a hit. A Arian Foster Jersey card
Not a bad break. Didn't pull any inserts other than 2 Game Time codes though which is very odd for this Topps product as its packed with inserts. Not going to complain at all though.

I would rate this break a