Saturday, October 6, 2012

Review: Upper Deck College Legends 2011

It has been awhile since we here at Sport Card Collectors have busted a box of Upper Deck here we go.

We didn't know how this product would turn out since it was done College style when it used to be an NFL product but we were pleasantly surprised and Upper Deck did a great job with it.

Now onto our full review:

 Packaging: Barry Sanders catches our eye. Overall not a bad design.

Base Cards: Just like the design they did in '97, Upper Deck went back to their roots and created the college version like the popular NFL version.

Inserts: Inserts in this product were not plentiful. Which is not a bad thing. The design on the inserts however all feel the same. Except the card was turned a different way. The inserts were not that eye appealing.

Memorabilia: N/A


Autographs: This is what the product is truly about. With 3 guaranteed per box we got four. Nice autograph checklist and you can hit it big with stars like Dan Marino and Barry Sanders. We got Andy Dalton as our top notch autograph from the box. We also got Ron Dayne, Anotonio Freeman and Dwight Stephenson. The only issue we had with the autographs was actually kinda seeing the autograph. Some of the photos used in the product are dark and with blue ink you might have trouble seeing the auto as it may blend in with the base card which was almost the case for Antonio Freeman. But these are all on card on a plus side.

Overall: Not much in terms of rookie cards. A decent base design. But the most important part of this product is its autos. You can hit it big or have a decent break like us. It all depends. Its not a product for everyone, mostly autograph hounds. But that doesn't mean we still don't recommend it!

Ratings:  Bloggers Note: Our ratings are based specifically on the blaster, box or packs we opened and do not express what the overall product could bring. Ratings based on a 1-5. 1 Being the lowest and 5 being the highest.
                Packaging: 3
                Base Design: 3
                Insert Design: 1
                Memorablila/Autographs: 4
                Blaster, Hobby Box, or Pack Value: 5

Friday, October 5, 2012

2012 Player Of The Day: Where is your nearest shop?

We thought since we give you guys the chance to earn HUGE bonus points for visiting your LCS that is participating in the promo...we would make it simpler for you to find them. Here is the list by state and each LCS can be clicked onto and you will be led to a phone number and map directions.

Hopefully this will help you out to earn some bonus points in our daily Player Of The Day promotion!! Check out the nearest ones to you!!

2012 Panini NFL Player Of The Day Shop Locator

Big Hit Sports Cards | Spanish Fort

No Listing
OC Dugout | Anaheim
Global Sales | Anaheim
Sportscard Fantasy's | Arroyo Grande
H&H Baseball Cards | Bakersfield
Safe At Home | Cambria
Jameys Clubhouse | Cathedral City
PJ'S Sports Center | Chula Vista
LEGACY | Glendale
Best Variety | Glendora
baseball card co | granada hills
Bill's Bullpen | Hollister
JB Sports | La Quinta
MVP Sportscards | Laguna Hills
BFK Sports | Monterey Park
D & P Sportscards | Sacramento
Toys Etc. | San Diego
Collectors Cave | San Francisco
Card Pavillion | Santa Ana
Sports Source 2 | Studio City

John's Sports Collectibles | Colorado Springs
Dale'z Kardz | Colorado Springs
Grand Slam VI | Thomaston
AB Sports | Wilmington
Big League | Casselberry
Wonder Water | Clearwater
Sluggos Sports Cards | Indian Harbor Beach
Jax Sports Cards | Jacksonville
Ali's Sports Cards | North Miami
All American | Pensacola
Strike Zone | Port St. Lucie
T&K Sportscards | Vero Beach
Card Collector's Heaven | West Melbourne
On Deck Sportscards | Lawrenceville
J&J Sports | Snellville
Bases Loaded | Sylvester
Dizzy Dugout | Collinsville
Gizmos Sportscards | Davis Junction
Michael Hooper Cards | East Dubuque
Dean's Dugout | Naperville
Galaxy Stores | Naperville
KFL Sales | Shorewood
Country Sports Cards | South Beloit
Clem's Sports Cards | Marshalltown
The Rookie | Windsor Heights
Steve's Sports Cards | Bowling Green
collectibles&more | middlesboro
Village Hobby | Russell Springs
Rays Cards | Vine Grove

Bear Den | Accident
Barney's Cards | Cumberland
DugoutZone | Ellicott City
Cards Express | Brockton
The Dugout | Brockton
CCARDZ | Leomister
J&J Card and Coin | N. Attleboro
L/J Sportscards | Southbridge
The Stadium | Bay City
Grand Slam Sports | Sterling Hts
Fun 4 All | Ypsilanti
The Fan Zone | Willmar
Rookies | Saucier
Show Me Sportscards | Blue Springs
Galey's | Fredericktown
Centerfield Sports | Springfield
Action Cards | Great Falls
New Hampshire
New Jersey
The Hobby Shop | Aberdeen
Triple Play | Emerson
New World Manga | Livingston
The Sports Page | Morris Plains
A&S Comics & Cards | North Bergen
Perfectly Centered | Roselle Park
Bob's Cardpark | Roselle Park
Attack of the Baseball Cards | Union           
New Mexico
Noble Coors | Albuquerque
New Dimensions | Las Cruces
New York
Montasy Comics | Forest Hills
Rhino Cards | Hastings
Card Shack | Lynbrook
Diamond King | Merrick
Dugout Sportscards | New Rochelle
The Bullpen | New Windsor
Mind Games | Oneida
J&B Sportscards | Staten Island
North Carolina
The Batters Box | Greenville
E & E Card Shop | Rolesoille
Greg's Cards | Spruce Pine
North Dakota
JJ Sports | Chagrin Falls
Over the Fence | Eastlake
B&B SPORTS CARDS | Fairview Park
CARDS & GAMES INC. | Painesville
The Locker Room | Springfield
S&S Sports Cards | Broken Arrow
Kirby's World | warr acres
Play at the Plate | Clearfield
Card Stadium | Harrisburg
BC Sports | Havertown
All-Stars | Langhorne
Sportscards Etc | McKees Rocks
Funtastic Cards | New Brighton
D&D Sports Cards | St. Mary's
1st & Goal Sports | West Mifflin
Rhode Island
Sports Heroes | Cranston
AJ's Quality Cards | N. Providence
South Carolina
Hooked On Cards | North Charleston
Grandslam | Rock Hill
Baseball 17 | Surfside Beach           
South Dakota
B&M Amusement | Chattanooga
Webb's Cards | Knoxville
The Dugout | Pigeon Forge
Autographs Ink | Colleyville
Gil's Infield | Duncanville
SMP Sportscards | Grapevine
Triple J | Lubbock
Gene's Dugout | Arlington
J & L Sportscards | Charlottesville
Cavalier Cards | Charlottesville
Card Cellar | Fredericksburg
Big T's | Salem
Rick's Cards | Stephenson
Comic Cubicle | Williamsburg
Valley Sports Cards | Spokane Valley
West Virginia
Bay City Cards | Green Bay
Balls & Strikes | Manitowoc
Latest Craze | Sun Prairie
Sports Alley | Sheridan

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Since we are always posting on Twitter and Facebook and on here about these bad boys...well here you of the actual tickets (actually we just printed off another so we had an example to show you since our friend randomly stuck them into prizes and sealed them up to make it more fun for us as well!) The real tickets will look like this except they will have a code on them.

And if you are extra curious by the piece of paper that is taped down...that is the prize list with corresponding codes found off from the tickets! That will be turned around and revealed when ALL tickets are found (we don't want anyone cheating and giving us a code that they don't have).  Remember to look for these GOLDEN TICKETS in your weekly prize packages (2 GOLDEN TICKETS in those) and if you have participated weekly in our weekly promotion and didn't win a weekly prize there are three of these to be found in the end of promotion envelopes that contain either a rookie, an insert or two, a auto, or a jersey card! And possibly one of three GOLDEN TICKETS. So remember to participate weekly for a shot at a GOLDEN TICKET! Even if you don't win a weekly prize, you WILL WIN something as long as you participate!

Weekly winners can also get an end of promo envelope by sending us a picture of themselves with their weekly prize for us to show Panini and everyone else. As of right now, the daily Player Of The Day promo (NOT apart of the Golden Ticket find promo) is set to end on November 2nd while the weekly one is set to end on November 9th. We are hoping to have all prizes mailed out by November 12th. So if you see your name on as a winner, try to contact us immediately with your address!!

To once again see the list of prizes check out this link for prize and rules and how to get a GOLDEN TICKET:

Random Card Of The Day: RG3 Rookie and Stars Pepsi Max Rookie Of The Week Nominee


I voted for RG3 for Pepsi Max Rookie of the Week!! Who will you vote for?

30,000 View Post

Just wanted to thank everyone who has been apart, visited or entered our contests on this blog and help us get to 30,000. It's not quite where we hoped to be, but we are glad to be there. When the blog first came together back in March, I didn't really know much about blogging, contests and what to post about.

I think we have done a great job on here. There are some improvements to be made as a rookie blogger and some have been made throughout the year. There are still some to come! Such as more card related articles..such as top ten products from different eras, top cards, and having you guys be more involved as well. But we haven't completely figured it all out yet. But we hope to grab more eyes and viewers. And as always, we are open to suggestions.

So thank you Sport Card Collectors fans for the last great 30,000 and here is to another 30,000 and more!