Friday, June 1, 2012

Upper Deck's Way to Celebrate Father's Day

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Upper Deck announced this week a great promotion for Father's Day.  Who doesn't like a giveaway!!

Upper Deck is trying to find someone they can crown Father Of The Year and they have some incredible prizes to go along with it! Not only will the winner be posted on Upper Deck's Facebook page on Father's Day, they will also receive 6 boxes of Upper Deck 2011-2012 product and win a trophy!!! How cool is that!

You can nominate yourself, a friend, your father, etc.

You just need to tell them eight sentences or less in the email containing the pic you include on why collecting with dad is fun and why the dad shown should be Upper Deck’s “Father of the Year.” You must have your emails submitted to them by Tuesday, June 12 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific.

Do you or someone you know deserve to reign as Upper Deck's Father of the Year?

Even if you don't have already won being a great father (or having one) and being a collector!

Here is a link to the blog story:

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Panini 2012 Father’s Day Set: Elements Insert

Panini released these images for their upcoming Father's Day extravaganza. I can't wait to get my hands on some of those Father's Day packs. The jersey and autograph cards look great. And look below at the two images of the insert Elements. Wow! The link below has more of these images:

Panini America Father's Day Elements 1

Panini America Father's Day Elements 8

If you missed our original write up on the Father's Day promo presented by Panini...check out our link below. As they continue to release more info on these we will continue to update.


I had to choose this card. It's a Panini Black Friday Pro Bowl jersey Card of Drew Brees. I find this card sweet in design, piece of jersey and just looks nice. You could find these in Black Friday packs. I bought it off from eBay. Another reason to post this card if the fact the NFL brought back the Pro Bowl for next season.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!!

I would like to say Happy Memorial Day to all of my readers. And I would like to Thank all of the Armed Forces around the world for all of the sacrifice and all that you do for us everyday. Thank You!

I will now share some of the photo's that Upper Deck posted the other day as a tribute to the Armed Forces. I will also be using this as a tribute as well.

These cards will be in their upcoming Goodwin Champions 2012 brand.

And once again thanks to all that serve this country!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Panini Redemption mailday..part 2: Panini's CS is the Bomb!

If you don't remember us getting a redemption mail day a few weeks ago here is the link:

In the write up we question the value of the card we got in return compared to the one we were supposed to get. After some research...we found the values were not equal. So I called Panini CS and this is what they mailed me to make up the loss. They mailed this card out and it got to me within 3 days! John Taylor National Treasures Ring of Honor autograph numbered to 50. I thought it definitely made up for the value.

Panini's customer service continues to improve and with that being one of their former weak spots...the company now is rising even higher to me as the best. I am not the only one who is thinking so. I have seen a lot of compliments recently on their improving customer service.

How do you feel about them? Have you had a good or bad experience recently with them? Let us know in comments!

Do You bust on the road?

Upper Deck wrote up a pretty funny and serious article on their blog the other day. Here is the link to it:

Now, I have got to admit. I have been seen opening packs behind the wheel. My wife can also say she has. It's just so tempting if you have packs sitting next to you on the floor or seat. How can you wait? How can you have the patience to get home and open them? What happens if what you open has junk and then it leads you to disappointment then road rage? Or what if your biggest pull is in there and you are so distracted you drive like a NASCAR driver to get home to protect it and check its book value.

Now, I haven't ever gotten in an accident. But I have come close to not paying attention when I am on the road attempting to do this. Will this turn out to be like texting and driving and be banned??? Probably not. But, I haven't attempted to bust behind the wheel in awhile and probably will never again because of the distraction. The one key I have found to stop you from doing so, is putting your cards in a bag and sticking them on your backseat. Yes, you can probably pull beside the road and bring them up front or just reach around to get them. But please don't. Wait til you get home. You never know...your patience could pay off.