Saturday, May 5, 2012

Products I miss: Flair '95 Football

I really loved the design on these. They were first previewed as an insert in the regular Fleer brand. To which I immediately bought them up and made sure I got the set. Then I found out they were going to be made into their own product and I just knew I had to get them.

I like the layout design done in landscape. The sparkles on the card and the player both shown as his face and in a field position really looks nice.

Did any of you used to collect these?

Design/Products I miss: 1998 Ex 2000

Just look at its beauty. The card made on plastic. The shiny reflective look. The player jumps right out at you. If only all base cards now-a-days can be made like this. Set collectors might return. This product was only made for a couple of years but still stands out in my collection as a favorite.

Designs I miss....Spx Baseball 97

Love the base design on these. The die cut. The color design. The hologram of a player. This is by far one of the best base card designs in history.

What do you guys think?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Mail Day!!! Sweet # to 25 Football jersey card!

We won another contest from a blog we have been following. This time we landed this sweet Ryan Mallet Topps Supreme Jersey card numbered to 25.

We found another thing interesting about this card. Its what the back states : "The relics contained in this card are not from any specific game, event or season"

I don't think I have ever come across a card that says that. Hopefully the jersey is at least from the player :)

Products I miss: Sportflix

SportFlix and their uniqueness were around for a few years. You can move the card back and forth and the player's photo would be two different shots. As for the card above, you can move the card and the name goes from little to big. I believe 1995 was the last year they produced this product. I think the type of innovation used in this would look great with memorabilia or autographs in today's hobby world.

What do you guys think?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Card Company Ratings (in my opinion)

Alright. I thought I would break down all 4 major players in our hobby. I will put them in order and give them a overall rating of 1-5. I will also break down their strengths and weaknesses.

Panini America

Strengths: They own the hobby in licensing. They produce nice product and are always trying new innovations. The customer service is getting better. They have great fan interaction on their blog and most of the time will answer emails in a timely manner. They also hold a good amount of contests as well.

Weakness: Tons and tons of redemptions! Customer service is a working process. Not much fan interaction on Facebook. Need a MLB license still (not that they probably won't get one soon).

Overall: I like Panini. I am not just saying that because they are our sponsor. They have nice products. They are fun to talk with.They hold contests. I do wish they would work on the redemptions a little, but every company has them. And redemptions are another topic for another day. But I feel that is their biggest weakness. Other than that, they rock the hobby right now.

4 1/2 out of 5

Upper Deck

Strengths:  Upper Deck has good customer service (at least they did the times I have used them). They own licenses for NHL, NCAA, MLS, and Golf.  They do random giveaways on their Facebook page, communicate with fans on there and answer questions and they also do Hockey Card Day in Canada and now even in the U.S. where they give packs of hockey cards away at participating Upper Deck Diamond Dealer shops. Upper Deck also has something called the Upper Deck Volunteer Alliance where you can "work" for them and in exchange you could earn yourself a tremendous mail day.

Weaknesses: It's all about the lack of licensing. It has hurt the once Giant in our hobby.

Overall: You have got to like Upper Deck still. They still have popular products like Sp Authentic and bringing back some old classics like a Fleer brand in their basketball card lineup and Spx for football. If only they could get back the licenses they lost, they could once again be a powerhouse in the hobby.

4 out of 5

Press Pass

Strengths:  Press Pass has licenses for Football cards (no NCAA or NFL) and their biggie NASCAR. They produce some incredible on-card autographs in their products and they rule the NASCAR card world. They also produce non-sport cards such as Elvis (awesome stuff) and Yo Gabba Gabba. Their customer service is good. They hold random contests on their Facebook page and are pretty good about getting back to their customers who have questions.

Weaknesses: Lack of licenses.

Overall: They do well with what they got. And they have great contests . Not to mention, they do things for our solders overseas. You just can't go wrong with Press Pass. They will get a higher rating because of the little things they do. For us customers and especially for those who protect us overseas.

4 out of 5


Strengths: Topps has exclusive licensing to MLB cards. They also product NFL, UFC and some minor league brands. They produce decent products. Some of the popular ones are their Chrome lines.

Weaknesses: Lack of customer help. They don't answer emails. They don't answer you on Facebook. They don't really do any contests. Probably by far the worst service between all of the companies.

Overall: I originally had them at a 2. The lack of customer interacction can destroy a company. Maybe others have had better success than me. I must admit, that I am a Chromie and love the Chrome. The biggest reason why I bumped them to a 3. But they have some definite work to do.

3 out of 5

Do you agree or disagree with my ratings? is there one you would have marked higher or lower? It's always fun to get into a hobby debate. So, if you have an opinion on whether you agree or disagree, please feel free to comment!!!!

Game Day Recipes: Mashed Potatoes

Now this may sound, oh boy, mashed potatoes, and who doesn't know how to cook them. Yes. Making them is easy. I am just showing you what else you can add to make them the best ever! And to go with the meat loaf recipe we posted last week for a complete meal!

Mashed Potatoes:

A generous amount of potatoes, usually around 2 to 2.5 pounds depending on family size. Scrubbed, but unpeeled and cooked.
1 stick of butter (margarine preferably)
1 cup of milk or heavy cream
1 tablespoon of sugar (my grandmothers secret)
1 tablespoon of parsley

Cook the potatoes with the peeling on til they are done. Mash them up with the stick of butter. Add the milk and the sugar and parsley. Serve and enjoy!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Review: Upper Deck World Of Sports 2011

First off, we want to thank Upper Deck for providing us with this box to not only review, but to be able to do some giveaways from :) Look for those in the near future!!

                                   $-$$$$$ Rating System

Box: The box design has premier athletes on the outside of it such as Michael Jordan and Landon Donovan.


Wrapper: Matches the box. Shiny. Kinda Catchy.


Base Cards: Clean. Good photography. Upper Deck has always done a great job with this and with not covering the cards with borders. And this brand covers all sports from Lacrosse to Golf to Football. Some of the base cards also have SP versions to them. We got 5 in our box.


Inserts: The only insert this brand has is World Of Politics. We got Newted. Some of these, not ours, are short prints.


Memorabilia: It, just as the title of it states, covers all sports. We got an Lacrosse swatch. its pretty cool.


Autographs: The autographs were nice. Some people don't care for sticker graphs, can't say we can complain. However, the only complaint we have is the dullness to the Athletes Of The World autograph. No pic of the person. Not very creative. And we didn't really hit it big with big name autos. Some of whom you can get is Michael Jordan, Cam Newton, and Landon Donovan.

Overall: A very, very unique product covering a ton of sports and over the world athletes as well. We beat the odds and got 4 hits instead of the stated 3. But, don't really know if the value is there. At least for the box we got. Maybe others did better. But still is a nice product and should you have a chance, give it a try if you like to go outside one sport and looking for something new.

2012 NFL Draft: Thoughts on the draft

First off, I will start talking about the Giants Draft. I was shocked when they drafted a RB in the first round. Then a WR in the 2nd. I like the CB pick and the TE pick. They seemed to have been looking for offensive weapons for this draft. I think they could have used an MLB, but just my opinion. We will see how this Rb turns out. I have heard he had trouble holding onto the ball. But Coughlin should be able to help with that like he did with Barber.

The Randal pick will help replace Manningham. 

Giants Draft:
1st: David Wilson RB VT
2nd: Rueben Randle WR LSU
3rd: Jayron Hosley CB VT
4th: Adrien Robinson TE Cincy
4th: Brandon Mosley OT Auburn
6th: Matt McCants OT Auburn
7th: Markus Kuhn DT NC State

Overall I will give the Giants a draft grade of C+. They filled some needs at CB. But late round o-line help might not turn out that well. And a surprise RB pick that I don't think was a need.

As for the rest of the draft. A couple of things stuck out to me. Why did the Browns trade up to get Richardson? He was obviously going to fall to them. Not unless they bought into the Jets trading up to get him. But, it cost the Browns extra picks they could have definitely used since they have a lot of rebuilding to do. And speaking of the Browns, they had a good qb already in Colt McCoy. Why draft another?? What a waste of a pick. What they needed was another weapon to help him. Not a qb to replace him.

And San Francisco stuck out to me as well. Why draft a Rb. Yes, he was probably one of the best players left on the board. But they could have used the help elsewhere. Now with a crowded backfield, how do you give everyone a chance to play?

Teams like Dallas, Indy, New Englad were teams who had great drafts. Especially New England, who filled a ton of defensive needs. As much of an enemy they are to me and my team, they rocked the draft and the Free Agency I think as well.

I liked this years draft overall. Teams moving up and down. Like a game of chess. Trying to outplay their opponents. It's why football is the number one sport in America. And it shows that the season never truly ends.

Monday, April 30, 2012

A nice Panini Redemption mail day!

I had called and got a redemption card replaced. My original card was supposed to be a Asante Samuel Panini Certified prime signature materials card numbered to 25. They replaced it with this Ausin Pettis National Treasures auto/patch rookie card numbered to 99. Not too bad of a trade off. I just hope it's equal value. Will have to wait til the next Beckett comes out. But either way, it's a nice card!

What do you guys think?

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Brands I miss....Upper Deck Black Diamond Football

This particular card was produced in 1998. They made the brand for a few years then it fizzled. I enjoyed the design and found it fun to chase down the many levels. One diamond was the base. There was also double, triple and the one that is pictured is a quadruple diamond. Each level was also a different colored background making it easier to distinct which one you have.