Saturday, March 24, 2012

Donruss Preffered: Brand I miss!

I always loved the creativity of the 90's, this brand for example. Each pack of cards were packed inside this tin. Every tin had a different player on it so that alone you tried to collect. Which I did, but never did get all of them. They produced this product for both baseball and football.

The outside packaging was just as amazing as what it held inside. The cards had different tiers to collect as its base, bronze (common), silver (uncommon) and gold (rare). You could also have a shot at Precious Metals!

I wished this product could be revived. You never know with the incredible people at Panini could bring back since they have revived the Pinnacle brand and brought back Totally Certified.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Biggest Error Card of All-Time?

So it was about a year ago when I purchased a few packs of Prestige Basketball 2010-2011 and really liked the product. Which is why getting it for my birthday this year in blaster form was awesome. However, it was sorting through them last year when I noticed something wasn't right. When putting the cards by number, I noticed in small writing that the card was autographed!! Then the next one too! I was very excited! 2 autographs in 6 packs!! At a retail outlet at that! What a pull! I didn't originally see an autograph when busting but I had heard enough stories with cards being stuck together so I thought I hit it well. But when I flipped the two cards around. Autographs were not found. I went to the back again and read it. The looked at the front. Then the back...then the front...then the...well you get the point.

I waited til the next day before calling Panini customer service about it and they told me nicely that the cards were printing errors and that there was nothing they could do and no replacements would be shipped. I must admit at first I was a little furious, but then I came to realize that errors are made. And that these cards were still pretty cool and unique in their own way. Though the cards have no added value from the error since so many were made, I found it a collectible and look at them time to time.

Here is an example of the cards:

The card front. Obviously missing the autograph it claims to have had
As you can see the small writing claims there is an autograph to be found
I have also included a link to the Knights Lance about these if you want more information on them!
I now the biggest error in sports cards history?? Or is there one that tops it?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Odd Ball Collections=Hallmark Ornaments

I was once into collecting Hallmark ornaments. I would wait til they were marked down after Christmas and scoop up the good ones. I have three copies of the Willie Mays that I got for a dollar and they are worth around $30. I have NY Yankee ones, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Barry Bonds, George Brett just to name a few. The Cooperstown collection are the most collectible and carry the most value.

Do any of you collect these and who do you got?

Stephen Strasburg Opening Day Starter

Stephen Strasburg was named opening day starter for the Nationals.

What kind of season do you expect from him?

I hope he picks up where he left off. He looked incredible and this is a franchise who could really use an uplifting player and dominant pitcher. They have a ton of young talent and could possibly make a run in the playoffs a few years down the road. But I believe it starts with Stephen. And hopefully he stays healthy and on the field for them.

Favorite Card Thursday

2 Great pitchers. I always enjoyed watching Randy Johnson pitch. What a fast ball he had. And not to mention, some crazy hair sometimes. And Chris Carpenter is fun to watch as well. And he is like fine wine, he gets better as he ages. Sad to see he isn't the opening starter for the Cardinals this year because of an injury, but when he does get out there, he will dominate as usual.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Football Stories of the day..

So Tim Tebows a Jet and today is the day that Press Pass Football 2012 is released and the NFL hands out big hits on the bounty hits from the Saints.

The Jets paid a 4th and 6th round pick for Tebow and a 7th round pick. To me, they got a pretty good deal. If Sanchez doesn't pan out...well Tebow can bring excitement. They also most importantly bring in someone who can uplift their locker room.

The bounty issue from the Saints hit the team hard today as final decisions from the NFL about the problem were handed out. Sean Payton is suspended for the season without pay. Gregg Williams coaching career pretty well done and their GM suspended for the first 8 games. The NFL did what it should have. It came down hard on a pretty serious issue. I applaud them for it. Putting bounties on knocking out the other teams qb and other key players. I am not down with that. Football is already a rough sport. I know. I played. I blew out my MCL and ACL from a cheap shot hit.

And the final topic is Press Pass Football 2012. Have any of you run out to pick some up? Have you gotten LUCKy? Have you been chasing down RG3 or do you have another favorite this season?

Feel free to post to our Facebook wall any hits you get from the product. We would love to see them!

NY Giants Super Bowl Sets

As I look forward to whatever set they come out with this year for my Super Bowl Champion NY Giants, I reminisce back to Super Bowl 42 and the sets that were created after that huge upset win.

I would say however, the Topps set was more creative. And to me, much more collectible. I own 2 of these. Each set comes with an authentic Super Bowl stub relic from the game. A pretty awesome piece to my collection.

The Upper Deck set is nice too and has a oversize card for its bonus. But it doesn't top the Super Bowl Stub relic. Probably one of the nicest Super Bowl team sets ever produced, from the greatest Super Bowl game ever played.

Finding more in collecting then just card values and intro to “Card recycling”

Like most collectors, I find myself looking at card prices in Beckett every month to see which player is hot, which cards from my collection went up or down, and what values the new brands have to help me decide whether to purchase the product or not. However, sometimes looking at the values can be your driving force to or worse, from the hobby.

I thought I would give you some insight on how to look beyond the value. To find another kind of “value” in card collecting.

As a kid starting out in the hobby, I became obsessed with collecting Ken Griffey Jr. If it had his face on it, I would get it. Cracker packages, cheez whiz cans, Oreo wrappers, you name it. I bought it. I didn’t care that it didn’t have value, because to me, it was valuable. I still take that same mindset today. Except I don’t buy all of the extra stuff now. I am just strictly a card collector. Even though I still have temptations to buy other stuff. However, I still held onto everything I did have.

Card values can be fun and chasing the most valuable ones is all a part of the hobby. But in order to really enjoy collecting, you have got to move past the card values. If not, you will fall into a hobby depression (meaning the interest you have in collecting would decline) and the only thrill you would get from the hobby is if you get a big hit. But that thrill would only last until the value declines. And the cycle would start all over again. However, if you collect just to strictly sell, then the values mean everything to you especially if you are using the hobby as your income.

If you collect, just for the fun of it, then you must look inside yourself and find your reasoning for collecting. Do you collect for player, for team, for the inserts, for the memorabilia or autographs or simply just for the fun of the bust? Once you have answered this question, it may help you see that value isn’t as important. Just as I did with Ken Griffey Jr. Despite his many injuries and declining values, I still saw him as my hobby centerpiece and moved pas t the value decline. I also looked at it as an opportunity to be able to pick up some cards for a much cheaper price.

Some other questions you may not have thought of while making your decision are, did someone important in your life get you into collecting or did they give you a certain players or teams cards and that’s why you have been collecting them? Do you get a bonding opportunity with a loved one? Is it your favorite team or did you run into the athlete somewhere and made a connection? I collected Griffey because of the man he was on and off the field and it was a bonding experience between my father and me. The thing with card collecting if you are not into it to sell, you must think outside of the box on why you collect and dedicate yourself to that reason. Once you do that, values won’t be as important even though it would still be fun to see them go up.

Another thing to remember, especially if you are a big wax buster, that every card has its place in the hobby. If it’s a no name player, not a player or a team you collect since you have figured out why you collect or you just simply don’t want the common’s kicking around collecting dust that there is someone out there who does want them. It’s fun to collect cards for yourself, but just as much fun helping others out. Giving cards away that you don’t want to those in need or sick, those who collect a certain player or team or those who want to start up in the hobby but can’t afford it is what I like to call “Card Recycling”. It cleans out the clutter (sort of like when you are tossing away boxes, milk jugs, cans and etc) from your collection and also helps out others. In the end you feel so good about doing so.

Some places to give cards away are Children’s Hospitals, card forums like the great one on or for a creative idea to draw more children to the hobby start giving some out on Halloween and watch their reaction.

In the end, the hobby is fun. No matter how you collect, who or what you collect or what you do with the cards once you have them. Remember this phrase.. Just enjoy the hobby.

Til next time, keep busting wax.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Big Bang Theory Trading Cards!!!

Configuration:  24 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

The Big Bang Theory is now being made into cards! For those of us who love the show, ME!! ME!! ME!!, and for those of us who collect cards, ME!! ME!! ME!!, the best of both worlds combine for these trading cards.

I know I will say Bazinga about them!! There is also a binder set you can buy that comes with a bonus Sheldon Cooper Pajama card (pictured below). Check em out!

Autograph and memorabilia cards will feature a CZE hologram to guarantee authenticity.

Confirmed Autographs so far!
- Johnny Galecki
- Kaley Cuoco
- Simon Helberg
- Kunal Nayyar

To find even more images of these Banging Cards, search our blog for Big Bang Theory Trading Cards part 2!!

Box Review! Panini Prestige 2010-2011 Basketball Birthday Blaster Boxes!

My Birthday box review!! I didn't get a hobby box, but did get a couple of these from a relative to bust! The first part new way to review will start with the outside. I like cards from the outside in. So in order for me to feel like I did a good job with a review, I am going to start doing it that way. Because sometimes, I do judge a box by its cover.

A full Box review of Prestige Basketball 2010-2011:

Box: I like the design of the box. It matches its cards. I will say one negative thing, I didn't know the box came with a jersey or autograph card. And sometimes when I buy blasters, I buy them for that purpose. This one didn't have it listed anywhere on the front where the store stocks it that way. The words were hidden on the side. If it wasn't for my love of Prestige and it was another brand, I might have ignored it without a hit. Other than that, a nice box with the top pick of the draft as the lure in. If Panini had known ahead of time, I am sure that Mr. Lin would have been on the cover as well.

$$$ out of 5

Wrapper: I like companies that match the wrapper with the box front.

$$$ out of 5

Base Card: Love the clean crisp design! Great stats and write up on the back as well!

John Stockton, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird are just some of the Legends!
Adding Legends to the base card set is a nice twist as well.

Thought we did well, getting John Wall, Evan Turner and Paul George as our best rookies. 8 rookies per blaster. So we got 16 overall! But did not get Linsane!
The rookies have 2 cards of each player. Makes the set challenging, but fun!

$$$ out of 5

Inserts: Some parallels of the base cards to be found.We got a light blue draft pick of  Erik Bledsoe. The Hardcourt Heroes looks great from the angle the picture was taken at. Right at the rim. Doesn't get any better. The Prestigous Pros...look great. Shiny and numbered. A nice pop!

$$$$ out of 5

Memorabilia: We got one of these per blaster. Nice touch to add the jersey piece to the already nice shiny looking Prestigious Pro's.

 $$$$ out of 5

Autographs: N/A

Overall: A lot to be found in one of these blasters. Makes the $20 you spend well worth it. With 8 rookies and a jersey or autograph guaranteed. You cannot go wrong!

$$$$ out of 5

Let us know what you think of our new box break system!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Flashback cards: Upper Deck Rookie Premiere sets

Did anyone collect these?

Usually each set came with 30 cards.  Some had parallel gold or silver versions cards that fell one per set. And if you were really lucky, you could get an autograph. The odds were hard, but you could land one that were randomly inserted in the sets. Some of these sets were very popular. 2004 seems to be the one most sought after. The rookie class that year containing 3 great qb's (E.Manning, Rivers, Roethlisberger) and other great players is probably why.

But, since the loss of their NFL license, Upper Deck doesn't produce these sets anymore. So their value to me, is more now because of that.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Vintage Sports Cards...are these real?

Is this really Jason Kidd's jersey?
I saw another blogger who wrote about this and I found it interesting myself to give my own take on them, Have any of you ever made a purchase for one of these at a retail store? There were 3 sports of them, MLB, NFL and NBA (I don't know if they made an NHL one. never have seen one) and usually were on hangers for around $5. Some of them came with packs and sold for around $20. They feature top players from their respected sports on the outside, but usually the inside gives you a different take.

They come as a frame overall piece that has an embedded card and jersey piece and guarantee that the jersey is authentic. Now they are unique pieces that you can use them like a picture frame and use the backing to stand them up next to your night stand where you and your significant other can appreciate it, but I question whether the jersey is authentic. Yes, they make is seem real with different colored pieces and sometimes a stripe or patch thrown in, but how do we as collectors truly know? Its just a little strange to see a jersey just glued into a picture frame and randomly put there. But, I guess that doesn't mean they are not authentic. Just makes you question it.

And yes, I own a few myself and call them collectibles. They are a different form of jersey card and a different kind of card to own which is why I bought them in the first place, but once I opened up a couple I began to realize that maybe these are not what they are cracked up to be. So, I gave them up. 2 for me is enough.

If any of you have ever purchased one of these, what did you think of them? Do you believe the jersey is authentic?