Saturday, March 17, 2012

What other stuff do you collect?

Some of us collect cards. Some of us collect memorabilia. Some of us collect both. And then there is those of us who look at everything as a collectible.

The one definite spot I can put myself in on that is cards. I do have some memorabilia. Not much though. And I do have other collectibles such as bobble heads, magazines, newspapers, mugs, glasses and other unique odd and ends pieces. But overall, my main focus is in card collecting.

I did at one time have quite the lineup of McFarlane and Starting Lineup figures...but I traded most of them away mainly to land these....

I thought it was a great trade. The only problem was the Nolan Ryan auto baseball didn't have the certificate of authenticity but the card shop guaranteed it was authentic. I mostly did the trade for the Super Bowl winning qb.The baseball has is no longer apart of my collection.

This is what I have left of my starting lineups:

Couldn't let my Lawrence Taylor and Phil Simms go.

NY Giants Free Agent pickups

The Giants haven't made a huge splash in Free Agency, which is their typical thing, but they have picked up needs. They signed Tight End Martellus Bennett and Safety Chris Horton so far. Bennett they need badly after losing both of their tight ends to ACL tears in the Super Bowl. He is also a young and upcoming player and I can't wait to see what he can do on the field. Having an extra safety around isn't a problem either and with Deon Grant getting older a younger one helps. There also has been talk of Jeremy Shockey possibly making a return. And a battle on Twitter between Shockey and Amani Toomer about it. I don't know how I would feel if Shockey returned. His exit wasn't the best. But if he still has anything left in him like he did when he played his best in Big Blue, well, that wouldn't hurt the offense. I still see their biggest need as a Linebacker and a couple of offensive lineman especially after letting RT Kareem McKenzie try free agency. Hopefully they will address those issues in Free Agency or the Draft.

The Bracket has been busted

With huge upsets of Duke and bracket has been busted. All 3 of my pools have now been devastated. Also didn't help with the other couple of  upsets as well.

How did the rest of you do?

Friday, March 16, 2012

A big thanks to Panini!

Like to give a shoutout to Tracy Hackler and Panini for putting us on their Knights Lance BLOGROLL.

Hopefully this will give us more exposure which will lead to more contests!!

NCAA Brackets!

Not a bad start in the 3 brackets I am apart of! Only 2 wrong! And the 2 I got will not have any affect on my future picks! I am a bit concerned that in all 3 I chose the same winner and the same matchup:


Who did you guys choose? And how did you do on the first day?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

SI For Kids Cards

I don't know how all of you feel about these, but these cards are very collectible. If you go to ebay, you can come across a ton of these for sale. Especially the "rookie ones" of players that haven't played yet.
Andrew Luck's going for around $20

This has been a fad I believe since the 1996 Tiger Woods one. That one is still selling for an amazing amount. I found one on ebay going for $200! This is a magazine you can easily find and buy for either $5 or a subscription for $25 a year.

The one I believe started it all!
If you haven't seen how these cards come...

Full uncut sheets like this one that has a Tim Tebow "rookie" on it can go for $20 or more dollars as well

To be honest, I actually have a subscription to this magazine because of the cards. The reading isn't bad either and SI's photography is always nice to see even in a kids sports magazine, but the cards for me was the main draw. I would consider my 3 year collection in perfect mint condition. The card sheets are still in their magazines. Do I put a value on them? Probably not. But being the collector I am, everything is a collectible. Guess you can call me a Hoarder to some extent. But that's the kind of hoarding I like.

Upper Deck NPN mailday!

Awhile back we posted on Favorite Card Thursday about a World Of Sports autograph that was in Taiwan, but we didn't show what else came in that envelope. We are also going to re post the autograph card as well.

This was the bonus card with the autograph. Once again apologies on the sideways pic. But these pics can be clicked on for a closer view!

The autograph that we had posted that came with it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NFL Free Agency and Your Collection

There has always been a rule for me, I watch my good rookie cards like a hawk. And watching NFL Free Agency to see if that certain player I have or a player from the team a player signs with has any effect on the value. So far this NFL Free Agency, I haven't had any concerns. The one I do right now is the Peyton Manning situation. First, I would like him to sign with a team that can help his value and maybe help him get back to the big game. Second, I don't want him in Tennesee. I just got a great Jake Locker auto/jersey rookie card (look at my review of Plates and Patches) and if Peyton signs there....well...that Locker goes down the drain for a few years. If not overall. So please Peyton, sign elsewhere.

Do any of the rest of you do this...or am I just crazy?

Innovations I miss....

This is something else I will post every so often...Upper Deck had a creative idea by putting cards and CD ROM disks together. The set was fun as well. There were base cards and inserts but they also had counterparts of the same card on the disks.  I think it was a great concept and looked great. What are your thoughts....

This may be Akili Smith, sorry Bengals fans, but still has a place in my collection

Tips collecting on a budget/fullest extent collecting Part three:Getting the most out of what you buy

In part one I gave you tips about shopping online and also buying hobby. In part two, I told you some places to buy cards where you might or might not expect to be able to buy from. In part three, I am going to tell you what to do with the purchases you make to get the most out of what you buy.
                I will break this down into sections. The first one is giving you tips on how to sort your cards out. The second one I will tell you what to do with those annoying thick white blank cardboard inserts and then what to do with your wrappers and empty boxes.
Section 1
                I like to split my cards up into parts. I take all of the rookies, my favorite players, my favorite teams, inserts and jersey and autograph cards and I put them into a pile. Next, I take the remaining cards otherwise to known as commons and I separate them by brand, sport and year. Then they get sorted by number, doubles getting put into another pile, and then I put them into a while 800 count box and use an index card to mark what they are.
                The pile of rookies, favorite players, favorite teams, inserts and jersey and autograph cards gets sorted. I take each section and sort them into piles by sports. After getting them into piles, I take a quick look through for doubles and put them next to the double pile. The only ones I don’t mind having doubles of are rookie cards because I feel this hobby is completely built around them and always has been. They are the one consistent thing to go up and down in value.
The next step is putting the inserts and the favorite players into 9 card page sheets then into binder for each sport.  Then my favorite teams each get their own binder. The jersey and autographs get put into special snap down cases (which I find more efficient then jamming them into soft and hard sleeves) and later placed into a safe no matter the value. I have also seen people put them into 9 card page sleeves and into a binder but I don’t recommend it. That’s how you damage corners. Then the rookie cards get put into binders by sport and by team to make them easier to find.
                Of course there is one exception to what you put into the binders. I find that any card from any of the piles valued $10 gets put into a penny sleeve then into a hard sleeve. I put those into Tupperware containers or a box. It depends on what resources you have. Then the cards that have a value of $25 that are not jersey or autographed also get put into soft and hard sleeves then get placed into the safe.
                This can also be ten times easier when you only collect a sport or two and not everything out there such as myself. My sorting ways can be used the same for non-sport collectors as well. These are just some ideas that you may or may not use, everyone collects their own way. That’s what makes the hobby so special.
                Now after sorting these out, you are left with the pile of doubles. These are how I get more cards. I use all of my doubles to sell in a yard sale. But, I am not greedy about it. I want to help those are cannot afford to be in the hobby and I mark most cheap. I figure it’s the best way to keep the hobby alive.
First I take the common double pile and sort through for any popular teams or players and put them into the other doubles pile. Then I take the rest and put them into any form of box that I have. Whether it’s a shoe box or an old 800 count box, and when the box is full I tape it shut and mark it between one to three dollars depending on the size and what type of cards they are.
I then go thru the second pile, putting popular teams in a pile and then placing them into Ziplocs by piles of six and marking them a dollar a bag. Then I take the inserts and popular players and I put them into soft and hard sleeves and mark them one to four dollars each depending on the value and the player. Any card in this double pile that is valued ten or more I use to trade with other collectors. If you don’t know any other collectors, go to the closest hobby shop you have and trade them there. You could still try to sell those ones at a yard sale, but if too high priced they won’t move.
 Another idea would be to randomly put one or two of those into a common box and make a sign guaranteeing there would be one box containing a card valued at ten or more dollars. This also helps move the common boxes faster because people would be willing to spend to try and find it giving you more room in your house and some money in your pocket.
All of the above ideas I do and they are very efficient.
Section 2
                The fresh smell of an open pack makes its way up your nose. You quickly sort through your cards looking for “the one”, then you stumble across a thick white blank cardboard filler. You are still excited by what you got, but disappointed and not having a clue what to do with the filler. Well, I have an idea for you.
                A few weeks ago, my son and I were going to do an arts and crafts project. I had a bunch of those cards sitting around thinking someday I will find something to do with them. Then it hit me…what is more exciting then finding your favorite player on a card…finding yourself!!
                I grabbed the pile of fillers and decided we were going to make our own autographed and jersey cards. The only supplies you need are, a sharpie marker, a case cutter, an old beat up shirt, glue, a pair of scissors, and a couple of pictures of yourself you don’t mind cutting up.
                To make the autograph card, I cut the picture of myself to fill up half of the filler card. Then I glued it down, don’t use too much glue or it will wrinkle the picture, then I just signed the below the picture. Really simple! The jersey card took a little more muscle. I did the same thing with the picture. But this time I had to cut a square using the case cutter a few inches below the picture. Once, the hole is cut, you place that card to one side and grab another filler. With this one, cut a square a little bigger then the one you cut out of the first filler from an old t-shirt and glue this piece on the second filler where the first one with the hole will lineup on top of it. Now you must make a glue border around the second filler with your “jersey” piece is and place the top filler with your picture on top then you must place something heavy on top of that and give it a few hours to dry. When its dried, you will have your own autographed and jersey cards. Feel free to play around and try different jersey materials or combine your auto and jersey cards together.

A sample of mine. I threw these together as examples for the blog. I have nicer ones of myself.
However, you might be able to cut a better square then I did for jersey piece.

With that project just for daddy (especially using a case cutter), my son glued a picture of himself onto a card and I gave him different little craft things to glue onto it. Popsicle stick pieces, pipe liners, stickers, fuzzy balls. Whatever craft stuff you having lying around. The kids will have fun anyways and it’s a bonding experience for you and your child. Not to mention it may be a way to draw their interest to the hobby.

Section 3
                With the final section of this segment I will give you a basic idea of what to do with those empty wrappers and boxes. I use them to decorate my “card den”. I take the empty boxes and I put a tack on the inside of them and push it into the wall and close the cover after. I have also just taken the cover off and tacked it up and recycled the bottom part. If you don’t like to use a lot of tacks, sticky tack also works very well. That is what I use on the back of the wrappers when I hang them up. The most colorful and shiny wrappers look the best. You may also use the empty boxes for storing doubles in or storing the cards you put into hard sleeves as well.
                In the end, out of a box or even a few packs of cards, you will feel like you have gotten your money’s worth including the empty boxes or packs you paid for. All in all my ideas are now for you to use if you would like. You may already have your own ideas. I just wanted to share mine. I hope in this three part series you have read that it will help you get the most of collecting.
                Til next time, keep busting wax

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2011 Totally Certified Football

I am so stoked that Panini is producing this for football!! I saw that they did it for basketball, but now football. Can't wait!

Take a look back in time at the original. I still own some. I think they looked great back then and even better now!
Troy Davis Rookie card! Sorry that the pic is sideways. My camera has a habit of that

Here are some highlights of the 2011 version!
Totally Certified has 236 card base set with 100 Commons, 50 Immortals, 50 Freshman Phenoms and 36 Rookies including a jumbo piece of event worn jersey with ON-CARD AUTOGRAPH!
Certified Future Materials: 36 Cards that include Event worn jersey of top rookies that attended the 2011 Rookie Premiere!
Totally Certified Immortals: 50 cards total and all are Autographed!
Pieces of the Game: Includes 75 cards total of Game worn jersey from today's top NFL stars!
Heritage Collection: Game worn jersey for some of the most collected retired players in the history of Football
Totally Certified includes Panini HRX! The industry's video trading card makes its football debut!
There are 50 of the HRX Cards, 10 will be Autographed!
There are also 1-of-1 GOLD AUTOGRAPHED HRX CARDs to be found!

Release Date is around 03/21/12

Each box will contain (2) Autograph Cards and (4) Memorabilia Cards!!

The Time That I...met some NY Giants!

I must have been around 8 when the NY Giants came to our local College for a basketball charity for the college. They had done it the previous year, but I had missed out on going. So this time my father this time, my father made sure we got to go. It was an awesome experience. Watching Dave Meggett attempt to dunk (for those of you who know him, he's not the tallest guy around) and a few others interact with fans in the crowd calling the little kids out to play with them. I wasn't lucky enough to be chosen, but did get seats up front.

At the end of the hoops, each Giants player sat at a table and everyone had to wait in lines to get autographs. I managed to get autographs of Dave Megget, Ed McCaffrey (still not sure about this one) and Chris Calloway. Was a great experience. I wished they still did that here. But it was only just for those 2 years. But I was glad to had been able to go once.

Review: 2011 Topps Chrome baseball blaster

We are going to post our review of this blaster. However, the pics were done awhile this break will not be as of a thorough of a review as we like to do. We are even going to be more thorough after we review a Topps Football 2010 value box which is next weeks agenda at this point. For now, we will get on with the review of this blaster...but look forward to more in depth reviews of an entire product in the near future! For now enjoy this one!

Base Cards: They are chrome versions of the regular base. But still look very nice. The only problem we seem to have with this product over and over is the warping of the cards. Other than that...very nice

$$$ out of 5

Inserts: Its all about the refractors!! Tons to chase! We got a purple as our big hit of the box of Cameron Maybin. Some of these are numbered and some are not. But they are a ton of fun to chase.

 $$$ out of 5

Memorabilia: N/A

Autographs: N/A. But they are very nice when you do pull one!

Overall: This is a fun product. Especially for retail. You can spend the $20 on a blaster and know that no matter what with so much content with the refractors that you can easily get your money back. Not to mention with that chance to get an rookie autograph that are sprinkled throughout .. a lot to look forward to with a retail bust.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Ken Griffey Jr Upper Deck rookie card...most iconic card ever?

If you were to go back in time and think of the most iconic cards in history...this one comes to mind immediately. But, the question is, is it the most iconic card ever?

You can put up an argument for it. It made Upper Deck who they are and this is the card they are most famous for or thats the way I at least see it. This is also one of the most sought after rookie cards of all-time that everyone adds to their collection. It is also by far Griffey Jr's best rookie. Not to mention, you see this card posted everywhere. As an example, isn't it posted here?

I don't have an exact answer on whether it should be or not, but would love to hear your arguments on why it should or should not, and if it's a not, what card do you think should be the most iconic card ever?

Panini NFL Sticker Albums

This is another fun way to collect. For those of you who like to collect stickers and love the NFL, Panini has combined both of these worlds together for you. They produce other sports and non-sports as well, but due to my love of the NFL this is the one I focus on collecting the most. And it is also a fun way to collect with your children as well.

Do any of you collect these?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Was Jeremy Lin built up Hobby Hype?

It's been a few weeks it feels like since Jeremy Lin owned the television set and every channel and highlight. Now, he is not on there anymore. ESPN's Sportscenter even mentioned his autograph Panini rookie card and what it was going for and how much it had increased.

Now, all feels like history. The dust has settled. The hype is over. Why I think this has happened, he has on and off games, has way too many turnovers, the Knicks are on a skid. However, despite the hype ending, his autographs still command way over $100 and plain rookies like Prestige still command a big penny.
I can say that I didn't buy into the hype. I didn't run out and buy up all of his rookies. I still don't own one. Not that I don't want to own one, I just feel he was built up too much and prices were way to high for a guy who hadn't completely shown himself yet. The best thing to do is wait for the prices to drop, the buy some.

What are your feelings about Jeremy Lin and do you think the hype will make its return? Did you buy into the hype and buy up all of his rookie and autograph cards?