Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Project Pedro Trade Recap Part 25:Running With The Best

October has officially been named, Cards I Got From Project Pedro Blog Month.

Well, here it is. The big card of the trade a 1997 Pro Line autograph numbered to 200 of Emmitt Smith.
I know it's not very often that a Giants fan wants a Cowboys auto, especially of a player they despised and a player that always put out his best effort against the Giants but I really had to respect the guy. He truly is one the greatest running backs of all time and I had the pleasure and displeasure of watching him.
I was super stoked to land this to add to my autograph HOF football PC. I have been trying to land all of the big players of the 90s autographs and this one is a biggie. Hoping for Barry Sanders, Jerry Rice, Troy Aikman, Steve Young, and Brett Favre still. Those will be a tough tackle especially in Favre whose autographs are really expensive.

Tomorrow is Part 1 of 2 of the final box break with the big hit. Stay tuned!

Thoughts on today's card and what autographs you are chasing are welcomed in comments!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Project Pedro Trade Recap Part 24:Shadowboxed

October has officially been named, Cards I Got From Project Pedro Blog Month.
One of the cooler innovations to me in the past 5 years are Shadowboxes. They are much different in card form then what we would use to shove junk in to display. I think it would actually be cooler to have had junk from the player displayed in them too! Cut up jersey pieces, shoes, etc.
The cards are thick and have a square cut out in the middle that is "in-depth" compared to rest of the card. 
Some may be signed and some may not be. 

Sadly, with the tough odds on these, these are the only two I own (trading off my only other one but these are staying)

First up, one of my favorites from the 90's, Barry Sanders.

Secondly, my first signed one. Charles White.
We are coming down to the final three days of this series and the monster of the trade will post tomorrow. I know you will be back to see that.
As for closing out today, your thoughts on Shadowbox cards in comments below.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Winner Of The 2016 Five Star Baseball Contest!

We close out yet another contest and have another lucky winner.
 Someone was within four of the 59 until this person snatched it away....
Scott N.October 19, 2016 at 12:43 PM

Congrats to Scott N on bringing home the prize. Please email sportcardcollectors@hotmail.com with your address and the subject line, Five Star. You will have 48 hours from now to claim your prize or it will be re-given away in a future contest. Please give a shout out when you get the card so I can continue to host contests like this in the future.

Thanks to everyone who entered. More contests coming soon especially some big ones that I have been quiet about :)

Project Pedro Trade Recap Part 23:A Sweet Reggie

October has officially been named, Cards I Got From Project Pedro Blog Month.

I wanted this card for a couple reasons, I like Wayne and these Sweet Spot panel sigs are pretty slick.

This one is numbered 11/15 so it's also a bit tougher of a pull and I noticed on eBay that Wayne autographs go for a decent amount so this was the only way I was going to add one of this future Hall Of Famer.
The autograph is pretty sharp and on-card, well I mean on-manufactured football.
Thoughts on today's card and if you own a Sweet Spot Panel Sig (baseball or football) and who below in comments!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Bump And Run Trade Mail Day!

Recently I was contacted by Trevor over at Bump and Run Football Cards Blog about doing a PWE trade. It took me awhile to get some stuff together for him as the searching can sometimes be a process, but I was able to send him some stuff and was blown away yesterday by what he sent me.

It was one of those moments I hoped to had sent enough as the amount of cards I sent really differed. It appears I need to be taught the ropes on how to send a well packed PWE of goodies. Something he and Gavin both know really well.

Up first, some G-Men. I really liked the Gridiron release. I wished Panini could had done that again. The photography in the set was amazing. The Fleer Sherrard brings me back to when I first started buying more football. I bought a ton of that product. I owned every insert set because of it.

Shiny and NY Giants, SCORE! New Randle for my PC as well. Wonder what he is doing this year??..Anyways, marks Randle number 105.
More Giants and a well fitting parallel in Rookie and Stars with True Blue. I surprisingly didn't have the Jason Seahorn or the Tyrone Wheatley from the 90's.

Speaking of the 90's, loved these! Phillips never really panned out, unless you are talking prison, but the card is really cool. The Hilliard/Westbrook insert not only rocks, but it's shiny!

This is an insert I have wanted a card of for years!! I saw it on Trevor's box break of 1997 Zenith Football and had to request for it. Very cool lenticular motion!

I also went and checked out his cards for trade. I never realized I lacked this Griffey from my collection. 1997 New Pinnacle. Griffey number 828.

And to close out the mail day, I really needed a Shane Vereen auto. It's in that bloody awful Patriots uniform, but I still like it. Just gotta put my thumb over their helmet as I am right now.
A big thanks goes out to Trevor for these awesome card adds and for expanding my trade circle.. I look forward to another trade in the future and next time I plan on sending a few extra cards.
Be sure to check out his blog as well. Great stuff going on over at Bump and Run Football Cards Blog.

Thoughts on my mail day are welcomed below!

Project Pedro Trade Recap Part 22:Hall Of Gold, Well Brown

I don't own a lot of vintage or vintage players for that matter, so earlier in this trade when I added Walter Payton I decided I needed more vintage players so why not Jim Brown of the Browns?

The card also looks nice and is numbered. Not to mention, you don't find much of his stuff out there.
Thoughts on today' card and Jim Brown are welcomed below!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Project Pedro Trade Recap Part 21:1999 Topps Gold Label Football Hobby Box Break

Elegant. Shiny. Appealing. Collectible. Rare.

These are just some of the words I can use to describe Topps Gold Label. I bought a good amount back in my day but never a box. The product was way too high end for me and my wallet. But, now, prices are a bit more steady and taking a risk on something like this is worth it.

It also seems fitting that I put this up today as Topps has revived the brand for baseball which releases today.

Every box of 1999 Topps Gold Label football hobby comes with 24 packs of 5 cards. Boxes run under $40 so it's a good buy especially if you pull some of the rarer cards or just like the shiny goodness cause....

Even the wrappers are shiny.....

The base cards can be a bit confusing at times if you are new to Gold Label with the many different levels. But, it's really easy to tell the difference, just look on the back. Class 1 are the base, Class 2 are tougher and Class 3 are the toughest. I put them in order from left to right. Each player has a card in each class and each photo is different.

Base cards as a whole however, look amazing and are printed on some nice thick card stock.

You can see that here in the beginning of my Tim Couch Class Rainbow. This is Class 1 and 2.

The base cards also have parallels. These are Black Label. It's hard to see it, but the gold names are darker or what they call Black. Got a McNabb so that was a pretty solid find not that Johnson or Flutie are terrible.
Here is a base card parallel next to a black to help you see it better. It's also a nice PC find for me. On the left is the base and the Black Label is on the right. There are also much tougher Red Label variations to find that I believe are numbered to 100 or less depending on the Class.

The inserts are pretty snazzy in the product to as it follows suit of the rest of it.

These also have parallels and all have a theme of chasing someone's records.

Chasing Walter Payton is here. Barry and TD, not going to complain.
Chasing Jerry Rice. I think I know a Packers fan that may request this card.
Eric Moulds is an parallel Black Label that falls 1:40 packs also alongside the base version.

Chasing Dan Marino. Can't go wrong with Brett.
Jake Plummer is the Black Label parallel that falls 1:40 packs next to his base. Wished it had been the Favre but I was always a fan of Jake The Snake so not too shabby.
Overall, I think I got my money worth. It's sometimes not always about the money either. Just the nostalgia and the fun is more valuable then anything else which is the way I feel about the hobby as a whole. For those of you who haven't gone back to break something in the beginning of your collecting career, I strongly recommend it. It's really refreshing and puts a perspective on how much collecting has changed to today.
I am not saying I started collecting in 1999 as I started in 1993, but just busting this simple product was fun but made me realize how much emphasis everyone puts on hits in a product today. It's actually quite sad.

Thoughts on today's break or Gold Label in general are welcomed below.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Project Pedro Trade Recap Part 20:Printing Plate Autographs

October has officially been named, Cards I Got From Project Pedro Blog Month.

Today's 2-card lot are a continuation from when I discussed collecting Printing Plates. However, this time they are autographed and mark only my 2nd and 3rd like this.

I also said I collect them no matter the player.....

But, sometimes it's nice to add a good player too. If you can't tell who this is, this is Ryan Fitzpatrick back when he was QB for the Bills.
Was excited to add a couple more of these to my Printing Plate PC.

Thoughts on today's cards and whether you own a Printing Plate autograph and who are welcomed below!

Another box break coming up tomorrow!